The ground shakes under Konev


* 8/15/11 * "Lord" — and only managed to say a pensioner Maria Ivanovna, before reflexively dropped to the ground, covering his head with his hands.

Terrible roar, from which, it seemed, and the earth heaving, completely stunned Nizhegorodka, came to visit the garden to his girlfriend. "Again, these military itching again, their guns loaded," — noted is located next to the bank of the Volga pensioner Alevtina Andreev. — Can you imagine living here for two years, but my heart is so far from the explosions stops. "

'Tra-ta-ta!"- Scribbling gunner …

The roar from which deafened quite

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The invisible flying object

The history of "stealth"

Stealth aircraft was the result of technological progress. In-1's, progress in the field of aircraft, in-2, the progress samoletounichtozheniya. For the U.S. stealth aircraft have such a "trick" for both the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation — highly maneuverable machine. "The private correspondent" continues a series of articles about the problems of modern military aviation.

Development of stealth (almost — a trick, a trick) to its birth to the development of radar technology. The emergence of radar very much influenced by the strategy and the strategy of the Air Force. In 1940, the locator

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Sky Ukraine in 2012 will be presented including the NATO Defense German Luftwaffe

Combat aircraft initially aggressive on the country, which is stately Russian War of 1941-1945. was the aggressor, and that killed millions of inhabitants Ukraine, and now threatens Ukraine and its management will be allowed to patrol the sky of Ukraine in 2012, during the UEFA EURO 2012 as the owner, with all this, do puzzles with combat fighting weapon and ammunition, it is possible that a core of depleted uranium. A NATO air defense will keep it under control of the sky from the ground or from the sea.

This was said by the radio "Voice of Russia" and

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India is ready to begin talks with U.S. COST military helicopter CH-47F «Chinook»

  India is ready to begin negotiations with the U.S. prices for the Air Force purchased 15 of heavy military transport helicopter CH-47F «Chinook». The helicopters will be purchased within the U.S. military programs from foreign aid FMS Foreign Military Sales.   As spokesman said Indian Defence Ministry Sitanshu Kar, helicopters «Chinook» were chosen based on the results of field tests of saturated after the South American side proposed for their lower cost. Tests carried helicopters in the northern regions of India, in the mountainous Kashmir and the western desert state of Rajasthan.   According to military sources disk imaging,

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Not those planting!

The case of a retired colonel Leonid Airborne Habarova — it's either the last degree of paranoia on the basis of the struggle against extremism, or attempt to fit the formal statements in this struggle for the planned outcome.

Suspected of making a revolution on the basis of the rarest collections of knives and bullets of various types of small tools, rusty shooting fountain pen, 50 thousand rubles and a first aid kit with promedolom thirty years ago, brought from Russian field hospital in Afghanistan — a sort of insult to the revolutionaries of all time . Still, the investigations

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The first combat aircraft took off from the new runway in Akhtubinsk

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was inaugurated on Monday a new runway flight test center Chkalov Akhtubinsk Astrakhan region, the first significant rise with a new band performed two new aircraft undergoing testing at the center.

"This object is extremely necessary for the armed forces to test new and upgraded vehicles," — said Shoigu told reporters after the opening of the runway. The minister recalled that in the near future in the sun must be received more than 600 new aircraft and nearly a thousand helicopters.

According to the builders, deposited object — it is the longest

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Not rejected by the sky

Name pilot Alexei Maresyeva perfectly clear, not only in our country, and indeed around the world. The fate of the strong spirit and not broken circumstances officer, awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union formed the basis of Boris Polevoy book "The Story of a Real Man".

One of the highlights of the immortal was a scene in the hospital ward, when fallen into depression after amputation of the foot regiment Alexey Vorobyov Commissioner Simon gives read an article in a pre-revolutionary journal, narrating about the pilot Valerian Karpovich, who lost in the First World War the

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SOUTH KOREA TO BUY 20 maritime patrol aircraft

South Korean military approved the plan for the purchase of 20 maritime patrol aircraft to strengthen capacities for surveillance Navy North Korea said Sunday in a military source.   Joint Chiefs of Staff recently approved the request for the purchase of 20 Navy maritime patrol aircraft in addition to the squadron of 16 aircraft Lockheed Martin P-3C Orion.   «Administration programm military procurement at the present time working on a plan, which will probably be buying zabugornoy applets», said the source. Price applets estimated at 1 trillion won (889 million dollars).   In the midst of possible candidates are considered

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I could not resist repair? In Primorye, a military plane crashed

Su-27 fighter crashed, pilots survive

Now the day at the airport Vozdviz in Primorye crashed military aircraft Su-27, which was held after the planned fly-repair. Crashed the car did not reach to the airport just 100 meters away.

About PE reported a representative of the Head of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations of Primorsky Krai. With all of this, but he did not specify what the agency owned plane.

A little later, a representative of the Far Eastern Army Air Force and Air Defense Sergei Grove said that the Eleventh Army Air Force, stationed in the region,

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Our defense even trillions of rubles not save

Exit — with foreigners in joint production of new weaponsRussian government has decided to increment is 1.5 times the amount of funding the state armaments program for 2011-2013, compared with the previously planned amount. Total to supply troops in the latest techniques and tools in this period will be spent 20 trillion. rub. first against the planned 13 trillion. rub. The numbers really are impressive. For many years, nothing like it on the modernization of the army and navy government did not allocate. The only way to significantly increase as a result of combat power of the Armed Forces?

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