NATO will shrink

NATO plans reduce four command base in Europe that will leave no work almost five thousand people, said the leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance. At a meeting of ministers of foreign affairs NATO in Brussels, it was about how to make union more militant in the criteria, when defense budgets are shrinking and growing challenges of the military temper.

NATO's presence in Europe will decrease. Number of command should reduce from 11 to 7, and auxiliary agencies — from 14 to just 3. With all of this will be reduced by 4,900 jobs. Land, sea and air

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Mari El. When we stop to shake


13.12.12.Grohot explosions sounding from the military range in Krasnooktyabrsky, recently again began to bother people. And not only in the surrounding communities. Sometimes these explosions rocked and Mari capital, but not yet at least once a day.

Calls readers to the Editor "MP" similar. Now residents of Yoshkar-Ola and Medvedev's district complain not only of the fact that they live in peace as in the front line. They are worried about the state of emergency that has not happened, similar to what happened in the fall on the ground in Donguz wrote about "Mari's true." Two years ago, when

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Chinas army offensive ability increases Tank Type 99A2

The new modification of tank type 99 got adopted the 112th elite mechanized divisions of the 38th Army of the Beijing Military Area.

First information about the latest modification of head battle tank began to appear in 2007. It was said that 99A2 will develop a more severe multilayer armor. It will be reinforced newest dynamic protection that can protect against a tandem warhead anti-tank systems.

It was assumed that the tank commander will receive a multi-channel panoramic sight. Planned significant revision laser system active opposition. Before the Chinese objective was a task to increase the firepower and

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Legacy of the cold war

"Arms Race" — a phrase repeated with annoying frequency and 20, and 30, and 40 years ago, in every program there "Time. "

Two superpowers tens, hundreds riveting nuclear missiles that could kill the whole planetoid. Deadly charges hung on strategic bombers, were placed on nuclear submarines, mounted on an armored train and hid in the silo — silo-launchers.

In Kostroma region were dug 98 such silos. On combat duty there stood intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20, which the Americans and a staff member of NATO, not without reverence codified as "Satan." The power from them was really diabolical. Each rocket

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How firmly the unity in the NATO alliance?

And can it be considered as only South American instrument? These issues do not rise up to the occasion one more anniversary of the creation of NATO. A number of countries — members of the North Atlantic contract did not support military action against Libya. Very revealing the attitude of Germany, the largest, after the U.S., militarily member of the unit to the military operation.

Germany at the beginning of the military operations against Libya refused to bombard the area of the country. Obviously, the failure of Germany could explain the fact that Libya and Germany davneshnie partners. It follows

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The Peoples Liberation Army of China opened the curtain of secrecy about some of their own abilities

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is being improved. She acquired an aircraft carrier, has developed a very little one drone and stealth fighter and gain experience in public relations (PR).

During a trip to China the French military reporters in September last year, General Chen Zhou, the founder of the Chinese defense official report (white paper), deployed in March, said: "We are trained military transparency, but it can not happen overnight. Also She has a limitation because we can not expose the threat of the government. " For example, during a tour of journalists there was no mention of Taiwan,

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Open letter to the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation

Open letter to the Minister of Defence to award the title of Hero of Russia Major Solnechnikovu (posthumously)

Background: "The battalion commander instantly bearings in the atmosphere, and closed a soldier than saved his life … The wounded officer promptly taken to a military hospital. More than one and a half hours of military doctors fought for his life, but the injuries were too severe to save him failed … "

Minister of Defence of the Russian FederationAE Serdyukov

Dear Anatoly E.!

On behalf of the veterans and war, veterans of military service and law enforcement

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Geared to brand new U.S. military doctrine against Russia? (Agora Vox, France)

January 5, at the Pentagon Barack Obama unveiled the latest details of the defense strategy of the United States. No surprises left. In today's era of budget cuts (including those in the South American Department of Defense) change of values has become imminent.

Barack Obama's speech confirmed what read as much of the geo-political professionals. It should be divided into four main points. So, America must:

— stay of strongest military power in the world

— to bring military resources more towards Asia

— reduce the ranks of the military

— reduce its role in Europe

In the

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An attack on Iran would be criminal stupidity («The Guardian», England)

Own rhetoric of U.S. and Israeli favorites involve themselves in destructive conflict which Iranian nuclear weapon will turn into reality.After all of the ill-fated wars that led the West in the Middle East over the last decade, appeared on the horizon very naizloveschie signs that we are drawn into a new conflict, which promises even more nightmarish consequences. Hard as it is to believe, to justify an attack on Iran put forward all the same discredited arguments that have previously been used in order to prove the necessity of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan — and specifically the presence

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Taxable neoboronosposobnost

Writer Dmitry Drobnitsky — the implications of introducing dopnaloga for draft dodgers

On the days of the faction "United Russia" in the State Duma, has announced that is preparing to introduce a draft law that all people who have not passed military service on an irreverent reason, will have to pay extra income tax (plus the 13% of earnings) contribution to their 60 years of age.

I must say the idea is not to take money from willing serve in the armed forces is not new. At the time, the LDPR faction proposed a one-time payment for the "refuseniks" in

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