Marine Ka-52K

Purchase of Russian Federation Government of the French ships, helicopter carriers "Mistral" makes a number of new abilities introduction of Russian combat helicopter Ka-52, which has already released a couple of years as a "series" and is produced by the "Progress" in Arsenyev (Primorsky Krai). Not so long ago, it became clear that the designers of this project began to develop naval modification Ka-52, which can be a full-time aircraft helicopter.

Combat helicopter transport ship "Mistral"

Ship calculation BTKV "Mistral" contains 160 sailors, the ship can accommodate 450 passengers in addition. Contract to supply the Russian Navy ships 2-type

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Maritime combat lasers prevents air

The U.S. Navy has long been willing to get a laser gun that could burn the enemy boats and aircraft, but in the way of adopting a naval battle laser is a severe obstacle — sea air.

For an effective impact on the target requires great focused beam of laser radiation. It is not difficult to achieve in the laboratory or in the criteria of the landfill, but in the open sea air is filled with water vapor, particles of dust and salt. This aerosol excellent scatters the laser energy, resulting in a defocused beam delivers even less energy purposes.

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Marine Icarus

The birth of aviation in Russia was made possible thanks to the initiative of the sailors. Specifically, the first explorers saw in aircraft principal means of increasing the strength of the navy and put a lot of effort and money for training of aviation personnel, aircraft acquisition and organization of the Russian aircraft industry.

First-ever proposal, in which the interaction was determined by the ship and aircraft, was also born in the Russian Navy. It was the creator of Captain Corps of Engineers Navy Lion Makarovich Matsievich. More October 23, 1909 in his own first memorandum to the Chief Naval

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The Sea Devils

"People-frog", "Sea Devils", "Knights of the depths" — but called frogmen who became very still enjoys popular half a century back. "The Sea Devils" skydive, faster other burrow into the ground, floating in the vast depths of … They say to these "universal soldiers" does not exist bottlenecking and impossible task.

The first period. Prerequisites (1930-1941gg)

Thought maritime sabotage goes back centuries. But as for the implementation of at least some ideas prerequisites are required. In this case, it is the availability of special equipment and breathing apparatus. Without going into the history of their creation in

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Pacific Fleet marines planted on about. Sakhalin

July 2, in one of the bays on the Gulf of Aniwa. Sakhalin held the next practical step command post exercises Pacific Fleet dropping sea infantry on unequipped coast.

After the end of the transition from sea to Sakhalin, Primorye Marines were tasked to win from a simulated enemy beachhead on the coast. The peculiarity of this landing, except for landing in a strange place, was the joint role of Marines from Primorye and Kamchatka. Total to maneuvering attracted more than 50 units battle equipment and about 500 troops marines. The operation was supported by dropping more than 10

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The history of the Marine Corps

Marine Corps traces its history to 1775. During the War of Independence, the second Continental Congress approved the creation of 2-Marine battalions for service on ships of the Continental Navy. In 1798, the 5th Congress of the United States formally organized the United States Marine Corps. During its 235-year history, the Marines have distinguished themselves in front of the state in almost all the battles — from the Battle of Belleau Wood to Iwo Jima, from the Battle of Chosinskom reservoir to the siege of Khe Sanh and the storming of Fallujah. Because

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Monopoly on trade instrument should be preserved

RF once again really in danger of losing maneuverability in the field of military-technical cooperation

In the near future, and in our country and abroad often sound judgments about the need to radically revise the existing system of military-technical cooperation between Russia and foreign countries, as de-monopolization of trade instrument is obsolete and abroad in the coming negatively affect the state of the Russian military industrial complex. Try to figure out whether this is a matter of fact.

But first it must be said: expressed about the present order of presentation of the PTS as a whole are reduced to

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Mongolia is about fifty armed with T-72 tanks

Our homeland since the beginning of 2012 , the set Mongolia large shipment of arms and military equipment from the Russian armed forces, reports blog bmpd. Namely, the Tatar side were transferred to 50 main battle tanks T-72A, 40 modernized BTR-70M and cars "Ural". Tank equipment, presumably, was a complete renovation to the 103-m armored repair plant.

Supply of military equipment is in a package of agreements concluded between Russia and Mongolia in 2009-2010. As the military blog before T-72 tanks and armored personnel carriers BTR-70 in service Mongolia did not stand. July 5 2012 the year of the

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Weapons that changed the world — M777 Howitzer watch online

Description: "The Cannon that changed World "- brand new transmission on the Discovery Channel (Discovery), In which a team of professionals, with the introduction of advanced technologies, tests, analyzes, and associated tool that changed the history of the military, from pistols to RPGs.

Firepower — no better than to determine military potential. Will Willis, the last U.S. Army Ranger and paratrooper-saver — it special op modern weapons, has a wealth of experience. In the group with leading professionals he would look firearm of all time and will determine — as a tool changed the world? Immerse yourself

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The volume of the Indian orders for Russian arms reached 11 billion

Su-30MKI Indian Air Force

Orders for Russian weapons, placed by the Ministry of Defence of India, is now about $ 10.8 billion. On this, as reported RIA Novosti, Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia Vyacheslav Dzirkaln. The total volume of foreign orders is about $ 35 billion.

In mid-March 2012 the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) updated database on global import and export of weapons. According to new data, the largest importer of arms and military equipment in 2011 for the fifth consecutive time India has become. In 2007-2011, India imported military production

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