The Ministry of Defence plans to acquire Italian trial batch BMP and BM

According to First Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin, Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defense in talks and has already signed a protocol with the Italian side in Russia for the supply of 2-infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) "Fretstsiya" and 2-BM languid "Tsentauro" for their tests .

In the coming probable purchase small lots of these machines for the Army.

BM B1 «Centaur"

Italian modern heavy armored car, often classified as a tank destroyer, created concern Iveco FIAT Oto Melara commissioned by the Army of Italy as a reconnaissance vehicle, able also to fight against enemy armor. Serial creation "Centaur" was

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The Ministry of Defence has lost Rosoboronzakaz

The Federal Service for Defense Contracts ("Rosoboronzakaz") is out of control of the Ministry of Defence RF and now directly subordinate to the government. This is stated in the decree "On the structure of the federal bodies of executive power," signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 21, 2012. With all of this Federal Agency for the supply of arms, military and special equipment and material means ("Rosoboronpostavka") remained under the control of the military authorities.

So makarom ability to control placement of municipal defense contracts remained with Russian military department. "Rosoboronzakaz" is responsible for control performance defense procurement,

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Bluffing and reality. U.S. aircraft carrier type «Nimitz»

Impact nuclear aircraft carrier «John C. Stennis» together with ships outposts oriented to the Persian Gulf … Nuclear aircraft carrier «George Bush» thrown to the coast of Syria. 3rd … U.S. aircraft carrier arrived in the Middle East. From the information in the last year Despite the obvious danger from their own shores, the Islamic Republic of Iran coolly announced the launch of 180 centrifuges to enrich uranium. South American carrier battle groups do nothing to twist off the coast of Near East and headed to his native Norfolk Naval Base … Every time the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers

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Geophysical weapon — the threat of global catastrophe


In January 2010, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused the United States in the testing of tectonic weapons near Haiti. He said that the U.S. "organized" this terrible earthquake. But is it possible?

Chavez's accusation

According to the president of Venezuela, the United States created a kind of tectonic weapons for war with Iran. The tests of these weapons and led, says Hugo Chavez, to the earthquake in Haiti. A similar test, according to the president, was held the week before in the Pacific Ocean and caused an earthquake in California

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Million for arbitrariness

The American company was punished for selling military technology of the Russian Federation

A U.S. company Rocky Mountain in Colorado District Court admitted the sale of military technology over the limit without the consent of the U.S. State Department. The company was sentenced to a fine of one million dollars — specifically as company earned in two years of supply. Turn the company to the State Department, she will most likely would have received permission — in the list of countries — partners, except Russia and China were allies of the coming U.S.: Turkey and South Korea.

Management of the

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Billion for the Navy

Worthy of every kind of regret that the national defense consciousness as before catastrophically weak consistent with a variety of reasons sufficiency in defense building. This feeling remains and from the statements of our control on the topics of defense building, suspecting that the "emergency funding", declared a recognizable size and the recognizable term, completely solve all the problems in the field of defense. Arguing, apparently, according to the Western image and likeness: for all the funds available. Together with the experience of the enlightened world population, as well as our own Russian experience, gives a hint that success

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Secret Belarusian arms deliveries to the Middle East

Society The Russian newspaper "Novye Izvestiya" writes about suspicions of secret arms shipments from Belarus in the Middle East, from which weapons fall into the hands of radical groups.

In Minsk yesterday refuted the common foreign media reports delivered anti-aircraft missile systems S-300s from Belarus to Iran. Israel has so far refrained from official statements on the subject, though in a closed session of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Knesset has already discussed the issue of the Belarusian military supplies to another country — Syria, through which weapons, according to Tel Aviv, get into the hands of the radical

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The new look of the Armed Forces of Russia. . .

So, I would like to consider the future shape of the Russian soldier. Whenever possible, try to consider the full set of equipment a soldier of the future. Right now I want to start with the production of body armor "NPF" Tehinkom "St. Petersburg:

Order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation № 950 of July 14, 2010 combined arms assault vest 6B43 adopted to supply the Defense Ministry.

Is the means of body armor 6A class according to GOST R 50744-95 and an element of military equipment of all the soldiers

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The New Face of an army vehicle

I want to demonstrate to the public uvazhemaemoy little stuff about perspective KAMAZ machines at my humble authorship. Has already been written about them a lot, but here you will find and something new.

A significant part of the fleet of the Armed Forces of Russia are machinery KAMAZ. In the army, there are over 50,000 units. On the chassis of the domestic auto giant is mounted more than 350 models of weapons and military equipment. Today JSC "KAMAZ" offers a number of brand new troops machines are distinguished by higher performance characteristics.


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UFO crashes in Pakistan. Residents in fear and panic

December 2, 2012 5:45

Fragments of an unknown body fell in some regions Dadu province in Pakistan.

Fear and confusion swept the inhabitants of some regions Dadu after fragments of a mysterious object fell in a number of villages late at night.

The largest piece weighed 187 pounds and fell in the village of Allah Zhurio Lund, 30 km from Dadu. Other parts were scattered in the villages nearby.

The fall did not result in injury or property damage.

According to news reports, the military authorities took possession of "heavy pieces of the engine and other metal

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