MZKT-6922 — one of the best chassis in the world

No money problems and turmoil should not affect the military industry, especially when it comes to the Defence sector. In this case, refers to Belarus, where the policy of the military industry plants is determined by the state. Coupled with the fact Belarus continues to intensively cooperate with Russia, namely in terms of supply special chassis for the installation of various types of weapons. The creation of the chassis is engaged Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

Since the 80s of the twentieth century, has become a classic, installation of air defense base on the caterpillar, although the 60-70s in the

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A new set of military equipment soldier presented at the MAKS-2011


At the international air show MAKS-2011 Klimovskii Central Research Institute (CRI) of Precision Engineering in cooperation introduced a superior set of similar foreign soldiers fighting equipment, including a system of destruction, protection, management, life and energy supply.

In the development of military kit was attended by over 20 companies, including ZAO "Breastplate", JSC "Center Armokom", JSC "Cyclone" and concerns "Constellation" and the "Izhmash".

"Special attention was paid to the development of the control system, because it provides increased opportunities soldier on the battlefield … Now he (the soldier) is connected to a network-centric system and

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For future laser weapons

In favor of the popular Russian film in the fantasy genre is one of the magicians claimed: «Everything that is created by our imagination, should exist in the universe.» In 1927, in his own fantasy novel «The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin» AN Tolstoy described the history of the creation of the device emitting the «death rays.» Maybe the idea of ​​the existence of such a device appeared after the creator of the examination, with the placed abroad, in 1924, the work of the British inventor Grindella Matthews. Or on the idea of ​​a miracle weapon in AN Tolstoy came

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Metals in the military industry

After the collapse of the Union of Russian, many have ordered the production of long-life. Objects military industry or locked, or subjected to a process of conversion, when the tanks and planes were melted on a spoon and pan.

Now the military industry gradually reviving. For its full revival requires huge investments, the presence of Prof. personnel, funding, materials and technologies. If we talk about the materials that are used in modern military industry, is one of the leading non-ferrous metals are doing here, in common — nonferrous metal.

Let's understand what specific metals now used in high-precision

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Stillborn Monsters

It was the autumn of 1944, the last military autumn in Europe. Nazi Germany started World War II in order to assert the rule of the Nazi Reich over other peoples' at the Millennium ", now she was on the brink of disaster. On the Eastern Front Russian Army finished the expulsion of the Nazi troops from the territory of the Union of Russian and began the liberation of the peoples of Eastern Europe. Allied forces in France, Belgium and the Netherlands came to the borders of the Reich. Those sounded improbable October 27, 1944 speech of Hitler's propaganda minister

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Memoirs of a hanged man

Wilhelm Keitel was born on September 22, 1882 to a family of landowners Karl August Wilhelm Keitel and Louis Apollonia Keitel-Vissering. The childhood of the future field marshal was held in a 650-acre family estate Helmsherode, located in the western part of the Duchy of Brunswick. The family was very shy, barely paying for the estate purchased in 1871 by his grandfather Wilhelm Carl Keitel. William was the first child in the family. When he was 6 years old, his brother was born Bodevin Keitel also recognized leader. During the birth, the mother — Apollonia Keitel — died of infection

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International artillery calculations teach classes at the site CVO

Students gunners from 23 foreign countries began military training at the training ground of the Central Military Totsky neighborhood (CVO), told media spokesman of the CVO.

"In the Orenburg region Totsky landfill began field exercises with cadets Penza Artillery Engineering Institute (PAIiIZ). Among them are representatives of 23 countries — Algeria, China, Cuba, Laos, Mali, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, who are trained in a special faculty of the University of the military "- he said.

According to him, are participating in the exercises more than 300 people. In the program — performance standards for the change of indirect fire, artillery systems

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International arms exhibition opens in Nizhny Tagil

Eighth International exhibition weapons, military equipment and ammunition, which participates in the 270 and zabugornyh Russian defense companies, disclosed Thursday in Nizhny Tagil, reports to the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) of Russia, RIA announcements.The exhibition will run until September 11. In total, there are participating 250 Russian organizations and 20 foreign companies from 7 countries: France, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. According to the organizers of disk imaging, confirmed the visit at 32 official delegations from 17 countries.

According FSMTC, all on the Nizhny Tagil exhibition will feature 1,102 standard products for military purpose, including

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Between the barracks and bunks

"Derailed" from the army — not the usual task, but totally doable. Secured city dwellers pay around $ 3 — 5 million and a quiet life couple — three years before the problem will not go away by any other way. No — still accumulate denezhek, and up to date. The province is more difficult, of course, with earnings, but there is a shortage, and at times less, still works the myth that army makes a man out of a guy.

Poor refuseniks until now had to run from voenkomovskih agendas, because under the law, that fall under article 382

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The Civil War in the United States watch online

In Washington, a huge number of monuments. As in the world, the most prominent of them, the military. They are dedicated to people who died at home and abroad. But the most eminent — the Lincoln Memorial. This is the president ruled the state during the war, civilian clothes — a terrible period in American history. The split of the country took place in 1861 and lasted four years. North fought the South, and the Yankees with the rebels. This war was the main story in the United States. We'll leave in the wake of the war civilian clothes,

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