Medvedev bestowed the Order of Kutuzov special purpose Airborne Regiment

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave the order Kutuzov 45th Separate Guards Order of Alexander Nevsky regiment Special purpose Airborne.

Supreme Commander, who arrived in shelf placement in Kubinka, attached merit and sash to the regimental flag. According to the decree, the credit awarded for the successful performance of combat missions and for displaying it all the personnel of the courage and heroism.

"Want to say that in our modern history, modern history of this (award) is for the first time. Regardless of what is commonly awarded the Order for the personal rewards — and it will, of course, in the

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UFO helped Americans create a superweapon


Leading scientific expert of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the issue of anomalous aerospace phenomena Colonel Alexander Plaxin believes that the United States became a superpower because studied the "flying saucer" …

— Alexander, arguing: when readers see what the article, many pomorschatsya and will not be read? We all have been vaccinated against UFOs. I'm sure if tomorrow will land on Red Square aliens, about a month will have to prove that this is not a joke. Is it possible to blame the "yellow" press, swing problem? — Not

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Bee: weapons-phantom

The most genuine UFO

November 14, 2000 "Interfax" agency issued the following message: "On Tuesday night in the sky over Dagestan was recorded appearance of a UFO. Official daily report to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan, the resulting" Interfax ", said that an unidentified flying object was observed in 1 hour 45 minutes on duty outfits of the two frontier outposts of Derbent. According to the guards, they spent two minutes saw the lights quickly flying at an altitude of about 100 meters, "the goal." The fact that the UFO was not a shell or a missile

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Interior Ministry received more than a thousand pieces of equipment

MIA has taken on armament new standards of military equipment. On this, as reported by "Interfax", said Deputy Chief of the Interior Troops RF Major General Sergei Yarygin. Namely, the troops were supplied BTR-80 auto "Ural" and "KAMAZ" and other special equipment. In total, since the beginning of the year the Interior Ministry received over thousands of units for sale.The state defense order 2011 years in the supply of Interior Forces was implemented by more than one second. "New technology and armament are, first, our group in the North Caucasus, and in units of special purpose. Currently units stationed in

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Cars less, they are all over — Part I

On the potential of combat aircraft of the West — without embellishment and exaggeration

Plainclothes ended the war in Libya, a victory which gained opponents of Gaddafi who received support countries — members of NATO. First it was the attacks on the troops favorite Jamahiriya, which was applied to a number of NATO air force, which caused alarm and indignation in Moscow. Together with the fact there is reason to impartially evaluate the status of the fleet of combat aircraft unit. What it is now and what will be tomorrow?

Aviation U.S. military remains the strongest in the world. And

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Polygon 1-5 series watch online

In the program "Ground"Will not tarpaulin boots and combat training. But is all what every real man dreams from early youth — lots of guns and harsh military equipment. Russian army now — is not only automatic Kalashnikov and Sukhoi. Innovative development of the military-industrial complex open virtually limitless capacity. But civilian persons about their lot is not very clear. To fill this gap, the leading TV channel "Our homeland 2"? Ivan Lebedev, Dmitry Zadorozhnyj sent to the real military training grounds.

1 issue: C400 Triumph, Military boots, Night Hunters, a knife


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Birch camouflage cloak and his past

Slightly stories

Camouflage, like the rest of camouflage as a whole, appeared relatively recently. Least 100 years ago, the military form, on the contrary, is rich in colors and various decorative elements. A coloring allow a fighter to behold from afar, but because the means of communication when in fact there was, it was a visual inspection only means of understanding what is happening on the battlefield for the generals. However, the very principle of warfare was like faster on the game of chess. Closer to the 20 century, the military form of catchy and released, became invisible, with the

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Marshals troubled times. Tukhachevskiy

11 June 1937 A special bench of 6 commanders higher ranks on charges of komplote sentenced the Russian Union of Marshal Tukhachevsky and Misha's "group of traitors" to capital punishment. Destruction of the control of the Red Army as a clear "case of war" (case "anti-Soviet Military Organization").

June 12, 1937 the newspaper "Izvestia" published the following text: "Spies Tukhachevsky, Yakir, Uborevich, Cork, Eideman, Feldman, Primakov and travel, sell the sworn enemies of socialism, dared to raise a bloody hand on stosemidesyatimillionnogo life and happiness of the people who created the Stalin constitution build a society where there is

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Marshal of Artillery Vladimir Mikhalkin 85 years old

June 30, Marshal of Artillery Vladimir Mikhalkin 85 years old. He was born in 1927 Belarus. Celebrated military career began in 1941, 14-year-old boy, adding to himself years, he went to the front to defend Leningrad. Waged war on Pulkovo Heights, was wounded, took part in the liberation of Leningrad, in the battle of Vyborg, Victory met in the spring of 1945 in Czechoslovakia.

After the war, having secured front-line experience, Vladimir Mikhalkin continued to serve in the Armed Forces. At all positions from platoon commander to commander of the missile troops and artillery of the Army of his

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North Korean cyber attack

The acquired data of the official investigation of cyber attacks on South Korean banks in the past month they say that the responsibility for this Military Intelligence Service of North Korea.

Investigation of sources of attack and malicious code according to Management South Korea’s security (KISA), used in the attack, pointed to the military Exploration of the North.

«This was a deliberate, well-planned cyber attack by North Korea, «said Representative KISA.

«We collected a lot of evidence to find Exploration of the North, the attack was being prepared for at least the last eight

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