Precision combat crew

Our homeland will not allow the military defeat or in real life or in cyberspace There is no hesitation that now and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin expressed his agreement with concern Dmitry Rogozin, who a couple of weeks back the announced severe backlog of in the development of certain kinds of modern non-nuclear weapons. The Head of State at the last meeting of the Russian Security Council stressed that «precision instrument according to his abilities have not actually inferior strategic, and this has an impact on the global balance of power.» In this case obviously not in our favor. Recall,

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Thousands of refugees in Tbilisi and South Ossetia

In refugee camps now been a photojournalist for the Associated Press Sergei Grits. By him, number of refugees in Tbilisi goes to a thousand. In the town center there are three registration of refugees who rassyalyayuts them in 170 locations around town: at boarding schools, kindergartens and schools."In the refugee registration Fri town crowds … People very many, with the children, very often without things, what were, in fact, and fled … Who week back, who almost went out yesterday from Blaze due to the fact that there came Russian military convoy with tanks. "According Grits, some refugees say that

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Independent: The U.S. and Europe have been humbled

South American political scientist Eugene Rumer writes in "Washington Post", nowshnyaya situation reminds him the situation of the Russian Federation Russian Union 30 years ago."30 years ago, well-fed from the oil and gas revenues Russian Alliance threatened Europe and threw a challenge to the United States. In 1979, Russian tanks in Afghanistan … vkatsilisya West was not able to stop the monster capital without risking nuclear destruction of the world" — says Rumer. "Russian invasion of Afghanistan drove the last nail in the coffin adruzhannya — shy policy of rapprochement between East and West. She also founded one of the

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NATO to strengthen the control of ships of the Russian Navy in the Atlantic and Mediterranean

NATO intelligence services have increased control over the movement of groups of ship of the Navy of the Russian Federation, we are headed to a campaign in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, said to RIA Novosti source in the influential Russian Defense Ministry. Last week, some media said that the board issued in march Russian warships to Syria has renewed military equipment, but the «Rosoboronexport» categorically denied these data, noting that this technique be placed on board the ship «Alaed» which was canceled insurance. «NATO reconnaissance aircraft» Orion » a couple of times to increment the frequency of

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Problems of the Caucasian War

What consequences newcomer Caucasian war will have on other neighbors of Russia — Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus?On these topics in the program "Prague accent" Russian political analyst argue slutszhby our radio Ira Lagunina and political analyst and journalist Alexander Fyaduta.

Drakakhrust"What are the goals in front of him posing Our homeland, continuing combat actions in Georgia, when Georgian troops have already left the midday Ossetia? Our homeland wishes quite separate midday Ossetia from Georgia wants to join her for herself, she wants to occupy Georgia, she wishes to be removed from Misha Saakashvili government, what clearly hinted Russian salting the

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The Western press about the Russian-Georgian conflict

English weekly "Times" article of its own South American correspondent Gerrard Beykera argues that Vladimir Putin’s own relations with Georgia uses a split of American policy toward Moscow. Beyker draws attention, except that rather restrained criticism of Russian military operations in Georgia, official Washington has not made any other steps to assist Tbilisi."Although U.S. maintain excellent working business with Saakashvili ordinary Realpolitik requests to maintain good relationship — despite numerous provocations — with Moscow, "- writes Beyker. According to the correspondent, metropolitan Washington’s position in support of Iran’s nuclear programs from either the neutrality of in other fundamental issues for

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WAR AGAINST SYRIA ALREADY STARTED: Are the Turkish army to the intervention?

«Towards the Syrian antiaircraft batteries are oriented South American missiles» Stinger «. These are the titles of the current Turkish newspapers. In the border provinces of Hatay and Mardin, in southeastern Turkey, there has been persistent movement of military equipment.   Star newspaper reported that in the region of Kızıltepe (K? Z? Ltepe) and Nusaybin (Nusaybin), in close proximity to the Syrian border, within 20 4:00 ply military helicopters. In the adjoining province of Şanlıurfa, which has the longest border with Syria, more than two hundred miles, dispersed a large group of armored vehicles, about two hundred tanks, motorized

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Russian troops — in Tskhinvali last fights

In the area of operations deployed tank, artillery, and intelligence matastralkovyya Russian troops from the regular military equipment, said a spokesman for the Russian command Igor Kanashenkav. By Kanashenkava in the upcoming group of Russian troops will vzmanyatstsa. At night Tskhinvali was again fired from rocket launchers "Grad". Were later beaten by at least two Russian aircraft. Georgian authorities said that Russian aircraft bombed various parts of the country, namely bambardavali port of Poti. There are victims. Paavedamlyayuts from Tbilisi that Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili decided to impose martial law. Strategic targets, such as the Ministry of Defence and the

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Information warfare for freighter

Already a few days last story freighter Alaed («Alaid»). This ship in late June set sail to the coast of Syria with a special cargo. Almost immediately after the release of «Alaid» from port to press reported that still all the same is in the holds of cargo ship. It appeared three combat helicopter Mi-25. Just a few years back the similar announcements almost nobody would have amazed. But at the moment, more than a year when the Syrian army is fighting with so-called opposition, the apparent flight of the ordinary merchant ship for themselves attracted a lot of

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Exercises in front of borders, or you want peace …

The Roman historian Cornelius Nepos decades before a new era defined normal and clear principle: If you want peace — prepare for war. Nepos passed since the time of two thousand years, and the phrase so far has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, in the second half of the XX century, it acquired a «second life». Then cool war ended and started a relatively peaceful period in history. Yet, countries continue to prepare for a possible war and train its troops. Laudatory endeavor. If, of course, it is not at odds with one’s interests. In the midst

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