The Libyan government began to arm the population

Libyan authorities announced a distribution of weapons a civilian population of the country. As reported by Reuters, citing a statement by the official dealer of government Moussa Ibrahim, the decision was made in the event of a ground invasion of NATO troops.

"The inhabitants of many cities have organized vigilante groups to counter the intervention," — said the bureaucrat, adding that small instrument will receive all the inhabitants of the country.

"If NATO tries to put him in Misrata or any other town of Libya, we razverznem hell underfoot invaders. This will be a sea of

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The American company Aydin Displays, Inc., One of the favorites in the production of secure technology, constantly improving its products. Over the past year has been updated to meet the requirements of time-Series line of Rugged Ground Mobile. This allowed the company to enter into a multimillion-dollar contract with the military. Within the next 6 months protected monitors Rugged Ground Mobile will be delivered for control systems tactical missiles Tomahawk (TTWCS). The original contract amount of this scale is 1.8 million U.S. dollars. With all of this means that the supply will last three years and the total amount


Hidden behind a sealed

February 13, 2013 3:59

Recently, astronomers have determined restless and caught a very distant star, which is 13 billion years ago exploded and died. Since our universe almost as it turns out that she lived in the early creation of universal peace …

To us it is hard to imagine, almost impossible.

That's why we always have so many questions arise on any unknown to us about it. And, perhaps, one of those which still have not answered: Why is hidden from us reliable information about UFOs?

The fact that such information is — is indisputable. This

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The Liberals opposed the military-patriotic education

Well-known public figures were opposed to a Russian school program notes appeared the subject of mandatory "Military and Patriotic education. "

"Formally, such education is to prepare for service in the armed forces of their country. But in fact, it provides for the formation of right understanding of the world based on the cult of the country, civilization and the army," — said in a statement civilian activists of Russian society, vserasprostranennom in Moscow.

Document, namely, signed by the head of the Metropolitan Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alexeeva, a widow Andrew Sakharov, Elena Bonner, the fund manager Andrew Sakharov,

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The experiments were classified as «top secret»

Most mysterious experiments of people, full of rumors, speculation and controversy. But no smoke without fire is not known to happen ….

EXPERIMENT "MILLER"First of all, with the exception of the work of alchemists who tried to bring an artificial creature in vitro, truly scientific experiment in this area conducted in the 1950s, the American student chemist Stanley Miller. He suggested that life began in an atmosphere of ancient Earth thanks to the synthesis of complex molecules during lightning discharges. Stanley Fill a large glass bowl with water, methane, hydrogen, ammonia, and began to pass through the medium discharges.

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New Form for civilian personnel

A new form of civil personalaVse we have already seen photos and footage from the news, where the Defense Ministry generals appeared in a new form of unusual species. As I have wrote earlier — it is a new form of Shtabnaya modeled on that used in the MOE


But walk in it will not only officers wear a uniform provided for ministry officials and military personnel for civilian agencies. While wearing this form are not regulated by the proper order, but there is a desire to minister, and it is running. At the moment,

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Flight and tactical exercises in the East military environment

At the air base of the Eastern Military Area, located in Khabarovsk Krai, under the command of Colonel A. Connection Duplinsky now begun tactical flight teaching units bombers.

This LUT is carried out according to the plan of military training Eastern Military neighborhood and contains both theoretical and practical parts. The crews of bombers Su-24 in the unit will need to perform a tactical flight mission, to make protivoistrebitelny maneuver, then make bombed targets on the range and in the end, landing on an unfamiliar airport.

On the flight teaching involved flying and engineering technicians and experts at the

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Flight and tactical exercises of Army Aviation WEST

The fight against subversive groups simulated enemy army aviation pilots have worked in the Leningrad region. Crews E-24 and E-8 acted as a singly or in groups — up to 10 pairs of helicopters at once. Apart from firing rockets, pilots trained to mine certain areas of land directly from the air. During the maneuvers, which according to legend, were the criteria of border conflict, you had to kill a few hundred targets at a distance of 500 m to 5 km from various heights.

In just a training exercise on the range Kingissepp yelled produced more than five

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Flying tanks

In fact, immediately after the occurrence on the battlefield of a new kind of weapon — tanks — was a question of increasing their "operational mobility." At first he tried to solve by means of motor vehicles — special trailers and bodies. Later combat vehicles are equipped with an additional driver of car types — so there were wheel-tracked tanks. But for all that was needed road. But if there are no roads, and the enemy is very necessary to get it? Military different states back in 1930 directed his own view on aviation. And tanks … flew.


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New equipment from Russia at a military parade in Venezuela

Evening, April 19, 2013 in the capital of Venezuela held a large-scale military parade in honor of the 203 th anniversary of the declaration of independence at the same time and held on the same day of the inauguration of President-elect Nicolas Maduro — "heir" who died of Hugo Chavez. At this military parade were first introduced a number of new weapons systems, recently received from Russia, including anti-aircraft missile system S-300VM "Antey-2500" AAMS "Buk-M2E" on a wheeled chassis MZKT-69221 and 300-mm MLRS "Smerch" .

Propelled puskozaryazhayuschaya installation 9A84M with two missiles 9M82M from the AAMS 9K81ME

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