Leon Panetta said the danger of state security for Israel

Head South American Defense Minister Leon Panetta said the threat of the current situation in the Middle East region. According to him, at first there is a threat to the Jewish country, which recently time spoil the case with virtually all their Muslim neighbors. Ultimately diplomatically isolate Israel could jeopardize national security of the Jewish country.

South American Defense'm in the military superiority of Israel. But, in his opinion, it is necessary to raise the question: "is it enough benefits" if Jerusalem isolates himself on the diplomatic arena? After all, the real security of the country "can only be

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Lieutenants returned positions

Last Saturday at the Red Square in the capital fired officers graduate of the Metropolitan Higher Military Command School. Diplomas of the prestigious University Defense handed 270 lieutenants, 5 of them were awarded gold medals. Their badges got the best of the best from the Commander of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkina. After the release of the first officer guys will part of the garrisons.

In this case, the fate of some senior colleagues, who for the last three years, lieutenant began service on the sergeant's office, graduate-2012 is no longer in danger.

At the end of last week, the

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Light Amphibious Tank Type 63/63A

The period since the second World War in August 1945 to mid-50 — the XX century was characterized by the polarization of forces in the socialist and capitalist camps, "muscle building", increasing "arms race" and the ever-increasing confrontation of political systems. It is in this period were formed two antagonistic political-military NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) in the late 40's, which included naikrupneyshie countries of the capitalist camp and the Warsaw Treaty Organization. It was formed in the middle of the 50s and connects voedinyzhdy half the 10-ka of the socialist camp. Several previously established military-technical cooperation with China.

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Ukrainian Air Force is increasing grouping off BORDERS CRIMEA

Due to the difficult situation on the border with the Crimea, Ukraine has taken steps towards building up their military forces in the south, reported defense-aerospace.com April 7.

During the last week of March in the southern Ukrainian city of Nikolayev arrived four modernized Su-27 fighter from the 831 th Brigade Combat Air Forces of Ukraine. The main base in Mirhorod (western Ukraine) are combat ready 9 more Su-27 and Su-27UB 5.

At the landfill, near Kiev accomplished demonstration of new military hardware, communications and personal protective equipment, small tools, absolutely made Ukrainian military industry. Some of them were

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Belarus and Syria are hiding weapons in buses

Society Under this heading the Russian "Kommersant" magazine published an article on the Belarusian-Syrian cooperation in the military sphere.

Raw is one of the main buyers of Belarusian arms. Since the beginning this year exchanged several delegations discussed the subject of military-technical cooperation. This is a serious concern in the West, where Syria is among the countries supporting terrorism, says the Russian "Kommersant".

The other day visit to Minsk finished Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has signed a number of agreements on bilateral cooperation. For example, Minsk plans to establish an assembly in Syria city buses. Agreements on the development

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Latvia — Our homeland: the military, the scandal

From the Editor: It's hard to say how true is the information posted yesterday evening on several online resources. It would be possible and ordinary newspaper "duck", and the truth. In any case, it warms the soul of everyone who is familiar with the concepts of "fascism", "patriotism", "Homeland" …

"Ambassador of Russian Federation to Latvia, handed a note of protest in connection with the daring prank Russian special forces. Military an incident that threatens to turn into the most amazing international scandal in the recent history of our countries, there was now NIGHT MODE.

Force reconnaissance and sabotage company

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Laser strike

Of course in twenty years or thirty Boeing-747-400F Freighter («Air Truck"), filled most experienced laser aviation system ALTB (Airborne Laser Testbed), will be perceived in the same way as we see it now plane Wright Brothers — archaic and sometimes even awkward. But at the moment it is — a super-weapon of the future.

February 11 this year 20 hours 44 Minutka PST (at 07.44 on February 12 — on Moscow time) Boeing-747-400F with the ALTB, taking off from the airfield at Point Mugu Center for the Study of hostilities and the U.S. Navy aircraft guns in California, struck

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Laser distance in space

When we talk about Laser rangefinders, you first have in mind the so-called NLS or terrestrial laser scanning — a modern high-precision measuring system. Practical application of similar range finders in the "earthly" matters with nedavneshnih has become a matter of ordinary and usual — no harsh construction, surveying, or geological exploration work can not do without this excellent in its own simplicity, an indispensable measuring tool.

The theme of rangefinders actually quite disclosed in acres of popular science articles and marketing of laser measurement. Now hunt to talk about another kind of use of the device, and specifically

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Camp fees intelligence units

At the sites of the Central Military Area and the 201st military base in Tajikistan began on February 6, camp fees for intelligence.

According to the press service of the neighborhood, the soldiers, sergeants and officers spy on 5 educational complexes will be doing combat training tasks in different weather criteria at different times of day, on the cross-country in a changing environment. In the process of improving field training will be used combat experience reconnaissance units acquired by them in hot spots and local conflicts.

According to the military, in the process of gathering more attention will be

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NATO intervention in Syria: Possible Scenarios

The failure of the Anglo-Saxons with the anti-Syrian resolution at the UN some time delayed NATO intervention. Possible scenarios: 1. Pucker Syria into a regional conflict, first with Israel. Reasons: — Air strike on Syrian military bases May 3, 2013, to deprive Syria effective ability to counter NATO’s anger. — Statement by Israel’s readiness to apply and further air strikes against Syria and conflict escalation to full-scale war in the case of local resistance in Syria. After the war began, NATO can intervene in it on the side of Israel is without any UN resolutions. 2. Most military (weapon,

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