Defense Ministry official has sold for a bribe military airfield


In Bryansk criminal case of the sale of the military airfield. The prime suspect — the head of the regional center of the Ministry of Defense Andrei Usok, said "Russia 24". According to the investigation, the officer authorized to dismantle commercial organization from the runway more than 4 thousand concrete slabs of a million rubles. As a result, the state suffered damage to 48 times more, and the airport is disabled. Now the military is charged with embezzlement adventurous and accepting a bribe.

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Leonid Ivashov: We were able to learn from the failures of the war

President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems — about the origins of the victory in the war majestically Russian

According to the views of the President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems Leonid Ivashov, high jump, which made the Reddish army compared with plainclothes war, almost everything was likely due to the socialist system of governance.

— How do we overcome? To answer this question it is necessary to make out the very system of socialism. Our system allowed to throw huge amounts of money on weapons and military equipment, and create mobilization capacities. Our army in 1921 and

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Unsurpassed Armour

Prokhanov 28.03.2012

Instrument Design Bureau — KBP Tula Arms Factory, the pearl of the defense-industrial complex of Russia. Clot matter of will, engineering designs, mental and muscular effort of thousands of people. As is visible in the tree rings of life of the tree, fat and lean years, fires and droughts, in the chronicle of the plant are seen its ups and downs, his struggle with the devastation, when there were dying brilliant military enterprise, going into oblivion, leaving the defense industry in the Tula gaping holes .

This factory secretly present the great gunsmiths last of

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LM Dovator — the famous leader of the Cossack cavalry

Unusual case, but even in the age of metal machinery and huge lumbering war machines, which fought on the fronts of such forces, the practice of implementation which would seem to have long since had to retreat into the past. So, during the Russian majestically preserved cavalry troops, and not only preserved, and successfully fought the war, led by their heroic commanders. One of these officers was Lev Dovator.Leo Dovator Born in 1903 into a poor farming family, who lived in the small village of Vitebsk.

The horsemen of the 2nd Guards Cavalry Corps of the 16th Army of the

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REASONS close military ties between Saudi Arabia and PAKISTAN

Hereditary Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz (Salman bin Abdulaziz, pictured left), who is also deputy prime minister and defense minister of Saudi Arabia, who had just graduated from own visit to Pakistan, reports February 19. Some experts believe that the increased military cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan goes to a new dimension — to counter Iran, which could make a nuclear weapon. Riyadh fears that a weakening of economic sanctions against Iran could allow Tehran to move faster in their own nuclear ambitions. «Iran is trying to become a nuclear power, and Saudi Arabia, which is a

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Course — to his native shores

Pacific Fleet ships, among which the major anti- ship "Admiral Tributs" tanker "Pechenga" and seagoing tug MB-37, graduated from the military services to ensure the safety of navigation Horn of Africa. At the moment, OBC (squad warships) is sent to his native shores.

According to the press service of the department of SBI (Eastern Military Area) of the Pacific Fleet, at the moment the ships are in the waters of the Indian Ocean. From 4 to 7 April OCB docked at the port of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, where necessary replenish supplies. And in the 20 days

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Kuriles arm

Russian authorities for a long time, in fact the case, did not direct attention to the severe state of the Kuril Islands. And this fall, the situation has changed. The Ministry of Defence has decided to mark the Kuriles modern weapons. Namely, on Kunashir and Iturup is a large-scale movement of armored vehicles (T-80) and anti-aircraft missile systems ("Buk-M1"). And this increased Russian dalnevostostochnom groups in this region, according to defense officials, is still far from the limit. Namely, recently in Kuriles will be delivered to the same MRPK "Armour-S1" air defense system "Buk-M2", and "Tor-M2", and the whole

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Kurganmashzavod release experienced a standard BMP Kurganets in the spring

JSC "Kurgan", included in the engineering-industrial group "Concern "Tractor plants" (Chuvashia), plans this spring to let first experienced the standard floating lightly armored battle and infantry "Kurganets-25", reports the press service of the concern.

Create machine is commissioned by the Ministry of Defense. Earlier it was reported that the armored vehicles based on the latest platform "Kurganets" will enter the army after 2015. A fundamentally new family of armored vehicles are unified in the framework of the state armament programs from 2020.

"First experienced the standard battle and infantry "Kurganets-25" should be made in the spring of this year, "-

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«Raytheon» presented a new remote control system MODULAR WEAPON

The conference, which will be held September 18-19, Raytheon Company will present the latest remote control system with modular weapons encompassing electro-optical infrared and visual sensors, precisely defining goal beyond maximum range shooting, reports ASDNews September 17. Brand new system twice the competing standards.   «This system provides the commander of the combat vehicle overestimated the ability to perform tasks. The system can simply be installed in various combat platforms, «says vice president of network-centric systems sensors sensing instruments of Glyn Reimer (Glynn Raymer).   The system is designed to equip tracked and wheeled combat vehicles, providing a 360

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Murderous development 2010 — th

Security and safety are always moving mass science forward. The most original and incredible military innovations of the year make up the final score "Ytra."

Flying "Mace"

The long-awaited breakthrough of Russian military technologies — a strategic missile "Bulava" — in 2010, he successfully took off, twice in a row. Development of an intercontinental ballistic missile sea-P30 3M30 "Bulava-30" began in 1998. The missile can carry up to ten hypersonic maneuvering nuclear warheads individual guidance that can change the trajectory altitude and course. Has a low-altitude flight profile. Maximum range — 8 thousand km, inertial control system, throw-weight (payload) —

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