Where to go MRAP?

In the military there is the usual rule. You can not resist the enemy in the open field — start partisan. Mine the road to ambush the enemy and fired from a great distance. You can not even try to put a clear strokes. The main thing that you did not get a bead on the enemy, but dealt him some damage. By such methods in the past 100 years there has been not one war. And until that time, a strong participant in the conflict was obliged to delay or force from the front to fight the guerrillas, as

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Sky astronauts / 100 th anniversary of the Air Force is dedicated to

August 12, 1912-the year the War Department of the Russian Empire issued a decree on the establishment of the first aeronautic parts. More than 50 years of 100 military aircraft closely related to outer space. Of the best military fighter pilots was formed the first group of space explorers, code-named "Air Force number 1". Today, those who conquer the stellar spaces, are called — cosmonauts.

Kuban first tested the latest generation of helicopters

First party, new Mi-8AMTSh ("Terminator"), consisting of 10 items, entered service in battle Regiment Army Air Corps in the Kuban.

On this occasion, on the ground of a military airfield 393rd helicopter base Korenovsk, where he placed the regiment was organized a festive ceremony, which was attended by officers of the regiment, officials and journalists. Military pilots even had time to test the fighting during the flight from the factory (Ulan-Ude) to the place of destination in Korenovsk, proparhav In total 1085 km.

393rd helicopter base

Aviation Regiment commander, Colonel Ryafagat Habibullin generally praised the reliability and

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Who is the owner of the Black Sea

Who and who should be afraid of the water area from Batumi to Varna and from Istanbul to Novorossiysk?

26 February, NATO Secretary General's Special Simmons said he was not particularly worrying about the statements of the Russian Federation to strengthen the Black Sea Fleet frigates and submarines, as Moscow said after the decision of Romania's position on its territory the U.S. missile defense.

— There Montreux Convention, which regulates the composition of naval forces of different countries in the Black Sea. And a member of NATO in the face of Turkey, which controls the Straits, as you know,

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Who has killed more than 120 fighter Syrian security forces?

Syrian state television said that more than 120 military Syrian security forces have been killed in the fighting in the Sun with "armed gangs" in the town near the Turkish border. But local human rights activists and analysts fear that the question about the cover for the next bloodshed, which plans power.

Speaker of the Syrian government Adnan Mahmoud said that the government "for the time lost control" over the town of Jisr al-Shughour, which is 20 kilometers from the Turkish border. He said that the residents were asked to government for help, because the military government were killed,

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Crimea could obtain nuclear status

Enabling Peninsula Southern Military District will significantly increase the defense capability of the Russian Federation

Presidential Decree Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city included in the Southern Military Area (JUVO). Signing the document coincided with the intensification of NATO forces on the eastern flank and increased U.S. military forces for crisis response in Europe. If we consider the transfer of significant powers Ukrainian army to the borders with Russia, the threat of military conflict in the region is growing.

Russian military experts believe that Moscow in order to be critical to increase the defenses of the Crimea and its

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Invisible War (2009)

The film collected a lot of material from documentaries and investigative journalism, allowing a close look at the situation in which we find ourselves.

Tracked details of reform of the armed forces, revealed details of the destruction of nuclear submarine "Kursk", locomotives BRZHK, flooding the space station "Mir", conversion of military production to be affected by the outbreak of the true causes of the two Chechen wars and details of terrorist attacks, including the bombings of apartment buildings.

The substantiation of the United States permit the problems of the world economic crisis by unleashing a major

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Russian expert: Thanks Ming China takes the hood west Russia

Society Russian political analyst Yuri Solozobov Minsk accused of undermining the national security of Russia. Belarusian expert Alexander Alesin calls these statements next coasting under the current information war between Belarus and Russia, and recalls that Russia itself has sold a lot of military secrets to China."Belarus and China, there are legitimate agreement to host the cellular system, and a system of dual purpose. They are great finds low-flying targets such as cruise missiles, naval, air facilities. Their capacity is much higher than that of the same stations, which are now in service Russian army in Belarus, "- said the

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Military rhetoric plays into the hands JAPAN CHINA

In the Land of the Rising Sun is a debate on the military buildup after coming to power of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Shinzo Abe, pictured) in response to the increasingly brutal policy of China for control over the Senkaku Islands, writes Defense News May 28.   But even the neighbors of the rising sun, which receive generous Japanese investments relate to politics Abe «with mixed feelings.» They welcome Japan as a great regional power, which has built a powerful military potential, but are afraid that «persistent nationalism» Abe, who denies or justifies the terrible war crimes of the country

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Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko. 02/04/2013

"Military Secret" — everything related to security and defense capability of the state: the secret services, secret pages of history, unique archives, new developments in the field of military technology. Their secrets with the lead and correspondents programs are divided politicians and the military, scouts, spies and saboteurs, terrorists and the security services. The authors of this program always know more than they can tell the viewer, but each of their story — a sensation and a revolution.

1. 100 days in his new post: How did the Russian army after the change of the minister? 2.

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