Perhaps the most marketable aircraft currently held by AMARC is the F-16. Various governments from around the world have opted to buy or lease F-16s previously stored at AMARC following retirement from the US Air Force under a Foreign Military Sale. A Foreign Military Sale starts with government to government agreements. The Secretary of the Air Force for International Affairs will approve a sale and the specific hardware, software and weapons which can be released. In most instances, the customer will send out an advance party to AMARC to go through the records of individual aircraft available within AMARC to

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Exercise Stabilo Due

Monday, 7th May 2012, 1345 Imfl hours — “Due to the current news-official situation from military intelligence, the stand-out situation FURST or SEE is likely to happen. The move of major parts of the brigade into staging area Uster and of Infanteriebatailllon 61 into the staging area Wil to be undertaken immediately.” — this was the initial order for Panzer Battalion 13 to start the Field Training Exercise (FTX) ‘Stabilo Due’.

Between Monday, 7th May and Wednesday, 9th May 2012, the Swiss Panzer Battalion 13 of Panzer Brigade II conducted a Field Training Exercise in a civil area around Uster-Wil,

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Head 22 minutes regional VAI Eastern Military District Colonel Alexey Dzyuba:

«We control the entire territory, including the island …»

Alexei G., 22th military motor vehicle inspection is one of the largest in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. As you know, she is responsible for the organization and respect for road safety in the territory of the Eastern Military District. Which regions are in your area of ​​responsibility now, after measures to bring the army to the new look?

— Currently, inspection of a harmonious system, operates on a territorial basis. The structure of the 22 th VAI VAI includes 10 territorial located in five regions of the

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Classic Plant

We look at an emerging branch of the military vehicle collecting hobby

Although there have always been those who have had an interest in plant and construction equipment, in the main it has been confined to civilian equipment and supports a thriving hobby, but in recent years the level of interest in military plant and equipment has risen to a point where it can be considered to be an emerging branch of the hobby today, with more and more vehicles attending shows. Over the last few years we here at MMI have been watching the growth of this area of

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You need strategic skills, charisma and political savvy to lead armies. Here are ten standout commanders

William the Conqueror

FRENCH CIRCA 1028-1087

In 1035, William became Duke of Normandy, but his detractors preferred to call him William the Bastard. He used his political and military skills to put down a series of rebellions between 1046 and 1055. By far his biggest success was the invasion of England in 1066. After a day-long battle against Harold II’s army on 14 October at Hastings, he emerged victorious. Harold, the last Anglo-Saxon king, was killed and his army fell apart. William crowned himself

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PENTAGON ANNOUNCES DATES adopting a all three versions of the F-35

The Pentagon announced that the F-35B fighter aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps will gain initial combat readiness in December 2015, F-35A for the Air Force in December 2016, F-35C carrier-based aircraft for the Navy in February 2019, Defense News reported May 31.   Gaining status initial alert comes after childbirth when these troops will be formed by a single squadron drill with quite qualified personnel and equipment, providing application fighters in hostilities. Number of fighter squadron ILC is 10 machines, Air Force — 12 Navy — 10.   U.S. plans to purchase a total difficulties fighter 2443 3 variants,

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F-35 hit another their development milestones

June 5 fighter F-35A with the ordinary takeoff and landing (for the Air Force version) for the first time launched SD AIM-120 AMRAAM class «air-air» over the sea polygon Mugu, reports ASDNews June 7.   The test was conducted as part of the testing unit software Block 2B. Aircraft F-35A reached the significant progress, including their start pilot training based Eglin (FL), delivery of the first test of combat aircraft to bases Edwards and Nellis (Nevada), the first in-flight refueling and flights at huge angles of attack.   «These facts testify to the success of the entire military industry. Thousands

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MIG 1.44 continues to be on «top-secret military base» — SATELLITE PHOTO

Big Maps company continues «to open a top-secret military information» gizmodo.com reported June 27.   Big Maps photographed Russian stealth MiG 1.44, which was «shrouded in mystery» to «top-secret military base» (Russian media reported that the only flying prototype aircraft is on the ground Flight Test Institute (LII) them. Gromov in Zhukovsky — approx . «VP»). This aircraft was the first attempt of Russia to make a «stealth fighter» and had to be the answer to the South American F-22 Raptor.   Website says that the MiG 1.44, may have been used to «launch Chinese stealth programs.» Plane developed using

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Existing fleet of USAF bomber fails to cope with new challenges, when the background of aging American bombers countries such as China improve its air defense system, reports defense-update.com July 27 (article provides with some cuts — approx. «VP»). Failure to do so could ultimately lead to severe military troubles, writes in his own report, available research center Lexington Group and addressed to the Pentagon, a military analyst Lauren B. Thompson (Lauren B. Thompson).   Bombers and do play an important role in actual military conflicts from the Balkans to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Libya. Fleet of heavy bombers far


Citations past: to order the bans to sell and promote separate editions

"Free Belarus" in 1917 reported: "At general meetings nationwide t-va editors daily newspapers uniform approved resolution states that freedom of the press, which is the property of the revolution, was in nebyazpechnastsi. Press was harassed by different organizations, councils and committees. Already Eats Publishing with the inscription: "permissible revolutionary censorship." Makes a decision to sell and promote bans separate editions. Close newspapers for unruly impact and direction. Rekvizuyutstsa Publishing. The resolution calls on protest violence against expensive principles of press freedom. ""October 2, the residents Luzhnyy witnessed extraordinary festive event — the consecration of newly built bridge on the river

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