Herod, hell, angels and military — in the office of the Belarusian Popular Front (video)

In today batleytsy classic religious motifs woven into the realities of modern Belarus. Actors — the ruler Herod, hell, angels, military, Baba Yaga and others. Samples for many of them became famous people of Belarus. Den (16Mb)

By tradition, the other day Christmas Commission for Culture BPF arrange den. It is accompanied by games, table and sweet pleasures. Kids who came to behold den, received gifts.

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NATO Russia added to the main kiberprotivnikam

NATO has included Russia, Iran and China are among the major states kiberprotivnikov alliance, «Kommersant», citing its own sources in NATO headquarters. C 13 to 16 November NATO countries hold military exercises Cyber ​​Coalition 2012, within which will be practiced likely scenario cyberattack on NATO countries and retaliation. Under this scenario, the attack exposed the two countries: Estonia and Hungary. Acts burglars lead to the fact that the livelihoods of Estonia is one hundred percent paralyzed. In addition, they manage to destroy the system of military-transport aircraft of NATO, with the result that it is wrecked. After that meeting,

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The average annual volume of imports of the Russian Federation on military bands «Rosoboronexport» in the past 2-3 years is 100-150 million dollars. On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS, the general director of state-owned Anatoly Isaykin. According Isaykina, these volumes «are not really such a large sum,» especially in relation to military export of.   According Isaykina, betrothed their programming military Russian imports ignores the contract for the supply of landing ships docks vertoletonosnyh type «Mistral», concluded with France in June 2011. The amount of this transaction amounted to 1.2 billion euros. «This is a separate type of import,»

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Taman Kantemyrivs’ka and armored divisions recreated in Russia

Decision of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation on the basis of military units stationed in Moscow, recreated Taman Guards Order of the October Revolution Red Banner Order of Suvorov Motor Rifle and Kantemyrivs'ka Order of Lenin Red Banner Tank Division.

Currently, the personnel of these compounds is actively taking entering their armament of new weapons and military equipment, the ministry said.


"The basis for their formation are, respectively, the 5th Separate Motorized Infantry and the 4th Independent Tank Brigade, which will include a number of other military units.

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Responsible officer of the Defense Ministry arrested

The officer is accused of lobbying for funds in the commercial interests of the company that supplied the officer to form ties. According to the military prosecutor’s office, the loss is measured amount exceeding 40 million rubles. This is not the first for recent years corruption scandal in the Ministry of Defense. In May to 11 years in prison was sentenced Colonel Vladimir Talay, who commanded control missile and artillery Ministry of Defense and the court fee for currency traders sold cheaply military cars.

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Franak Vyachorka forcibly put in a military hospital

Franak Vyachorka said, "Freedom", which came on the agenda of the recruiting office for a consultation with a doctor in a military hospital. As he entered the office, he took all the things dressed in his military uniform and put in the infirmary in the Department of Traumatology at the examination. Franak states that it was his sudden, because no one warned that he must spend several days in the hospital. Quit the infirmary, which is considered the territory of the military unit, is unrealistic. Visit youth activist able only ancestors to give him things and toiletries.Previously, the district military

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Our homeland, imposed a moratorium on its role in the Treaty on ordinary Armed Forces in Europe

Gen. Nikolai Cherginets — Chairman of the international affairs and national security of the Council of the Republic, Chairman of the Commission on foreign policy Parliamentary Assembly of Belarus and the Russian Federation — in an interview with "Freedom" on November 8 after the adoption of the bill by the State Duma as the situation has caused:"Well, this thing of. Her need to be aware. Her own, to be honest, really obdurachil Europe and America, which initiated the adoption of the" Treaty on ordinary weapons in Europe. " I understand Russia as the West failed repeated real advantage in weapons.

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Convicts 4 KGB and the Security Council, who beat Z. Lomat

All four found guilty of abuse of possibilities.Sergei Narkevitch punished 5 years in prison in the maximum security prison. He also stripped of his military rank. Alexander Orlovsky got 2 years imprisonment in the colony, Yuri and Sergei Manayeu Zagorski — one year limit on service. For the first time in the history of the Belarusian public verdict journalists have seen. They were invited only to the disclosure of disk imaging, which came from the mouth of the Press Secretary Supreme Court Anastasia Tsimanovich. Were not even called military ranks and names of arbitrators convicted Military Collegium• Stepan Sukharenko summoned

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Afghanistan as the U.S. military cemetery unaccounted for

This fall, one of the most discussed topics of the American segment of the Internet has become a topic of growing casualties in Afghanistan because of the attacks on the soldiers and intelligence personnel of NATO member states from the "friendly" Afghan police and military. As of September 2012 only officially recorded 60 such cases, killed more than a hundred American soldiers, almost as many were injured to varying degrees of severity. Because of this, the CIA was forced to hastily initiate a review of the amount of compensation to the families of their dead employees, until recently, is

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Belarusian peacemakers limited training

About it now, said Lt. Col. Andrew Tsarik from the Ministry of Defence of Belarus at a seminar in the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk. He noted that, under current legislation, permission to peacekeeping operations gives the President.Venue of the workshop was not chosen by chance. Lithuanian Embassy function makes NATO contact embassy in Belarus. Lithuanian military, which is already 15 years in peacekeeping operations, now shared their experiences with the Belarusian military.Where to send peacekeepers Belarusian?, 21.09.2007

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