Their customs-29 (16 — 30 September)

September 18. Revelation of U.S. presidential candidate in a meeting with private sponsors, recorded on hidden camera

Nearly half of American voters — the freeloaders: they do not pay income taxes, do not want to take responsibility for their own lives and believe that they must take care of the government, so never vote for the candidate of the Republican Party.

September 18. Military, police, doctors and civil servants U.S. will train the terrorist threat to the zombies — this idea occurred to the organizers of the Forum on Public Safety. Details of know-how company HALO Corp. did not

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On the Ukrainian military base fled fighting dolphins



Ukrainian media reported that a military base in Sevastopol lost three combat dolphin, equipped with weapons on top. It was reported, in particular, "The events of the Crimea." Edition published a document received allegedly from an employee of the research center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "State Oceanarium." In the report, addressed to the Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Dmytro Shakuro, said that on February 24 in the open sea were conducted combat training dolphins (they

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Their customs. Issue number 20. (June 23 — 30)

June 23. Gay activists of the United States during his visit to the White House were photographed against the backdrop of portraits of presidents

June 23. The Court of Virginia has sentenced 33-year-old Jesse Curtis Morton to 12 years in prison for publishing online threats against the creators of the animated series "South Park," reports Morton promised multipliers "to visit" after the airing of the series in which the Prophet Muhammad appeared in a bear suit.

June 26. In the park of the American Portland found two lesbians shot in the head.

June 26. Leading the Polish Radio

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Their customs. Issue number 14. (May 12-19)

May 14. Offended by Obama have ignored the evil G-8, Putin decided frostbite his ears, refuse to participate in the September APEC summit in Vladivostok.

May 15. Newsweek magazine has encouraged the U.S. president, placing him on the cover of the latest issue with the caption: "The first president — bugger." The article on the topic of Obama's endorsement of legalization of same-sex marriages browser edition masterpiece leads parallels between gays and Barack Huseynovich, "Obama was to open a black man's identity, and then find the common ground between her and the white family, just as gays discover in

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Their customs. Issue number 10 (14 — 21 April)

April 10. Young Britons went to eat McDonald's.

April 16. Edition «The New York Times» has published the shocking details — in the U.S. Army suicides are 25 times greater than the dead on the battlefield. Each year among veterans of military operations recorded 6,500 cases of suicide (1 suicide every 80 minutes). This is more than the total number of U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq since the beginning of military operations (in 36 hours killed one soldier).

April 17. Expert of the Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. Micah Zenko announced the results of a survey

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Hawaii under the yoke of American imperialism

Islands in the Pacific Ocean

Pacific takes more than one-third of the entire surface of the globe, and rightly called before the Great. On its vast area there are large volcanic coral islands that rise from the depths of 4 000-6 000 meters.

The most significant of the archipelagoes of the Pacific Ocean are Hawaii. Main group there are eight islands, whose total area is nearly 17,000 square kilometers. All of them are mountainous and have resulted from volcanic activity is taking place in different geological periods.

In the eastern part of the archipelago, and now from time to

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Stability in U.S.

Police officers killed in New York arrow that killed four people

64-year-old Kurt Myers started shooting, first on the walls in his own apartment. Then the old man went to a barber shop around the corner from a pistol and killed two visitors. Owner of the establishment and another man were taken to hospital with serious injuries. At that Myers did not stop and drove to a nearby settlement Herkimer, where a car wash was shot two more people. Later, he barricaded himself in his home.

In the morning the police stormed. First they launched a dog into a

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, The first set of cadets at the Air Force Academy in Voronezh, Russia

More than 450 students this fall will begin training at the head of the Military Training Center Science Center (VUNTS) in Voronezh, Russian Air Force, told reporters on Friday the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Vladimir Drik.

"There was a first set of cadets at the Air Force Academy Zhukovsky and Gagarin. Eighth of September, in the walls of the training center will take the oath and begin training more than 470 students," — said Drik.

"The Air Force Academy-Zhukovsky and Gagarin" was established on August 1 at the Voronezh Aviation

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In the Arctic, the U.S. Army under the ice cap is constructed top-secret base



In the late 1950s, at the height of the Cold War, the U.S. military built a secret base in the Arctic for "research" purposes. Some theorists argue that the building is actually used as a secret store of nuclear weapons and / or testing laboratory. Others make even more grandiose assumption — that this "Camp Century" was created to experiment with the weather … or for use by the U.S. military and their alien "partners" like a secret UFO base!

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Made from them — 33


U.S. military for almost the Japanese island of Okinawa banned from drinking outside the base. The ban was introduced after a series of (long-term — Ed.) incidents of drunken soldiers. Last occurred on November 30 when the driver-American, being drunk, crashed into three cars. Shortly before that, the U.S. military has been arrested for trespassing into someone's house (he was subsequently sentenced to a fine of 100,000 yen, while the military has admitted that drinking all night). In October, two American sailors were arrested on suspicion of rape, and in early November, the U.S. military pilot suspected of beating

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