Ancient Special Forces watch online

The current Special Forces, this elite troops, experienced fighters who are struggling in a particular proximity of the enemy. Is there a strategy and implement these consummate warriors, the product of the modern era? Either they have appeared in ancient times? Maybe the oldest special troops, were much more sophisticated than we thought? The mission of the old fur seals was to save Metropolis. The gun in the tropical undergrowth, which changed the course of the war. Dogs who have fought wars in the Roman army. The sharpest blade in the world and armor, surprisingly, made of

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From the Baltic Sea would lift the rare German bomber

German military would lift from the bottom Baltic Sea remains of Nazi bombers JU 87 Stuka, Associated Press reports referring to the captain Sebastian Bangert (Sebastian Bangert), which controls the operation on behalf of the Museum of Military History in Dresden. Now in the world there are only two unique instances of the military aircraft, which are represented in museums in London and Chicago.

JU 87 Stuka on the days of Baltic Sea was found in the 1990s. But the work of raising the aircraft started only at the moment — first of June. During this time, the divers

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Run away from the army recruits

Of the units of the Western Military recruits are fleeing neighborhood. They run on the way to the unit. Run, not spending the day on the ground and parts. They run without taking the oath. Accomplices in the shoots often serve ancestors who recruits blackmailed by telephone suicide. According to the "Fontanka", in the last two weeks willfully left their part five.

After a week in Russia ends the spring conscription campaign. West military District states on the implementation of the plan for more than 90%. But spring-2011 indicates that it is not enough to simply type the required

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Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko release 02.09.2013 watch online

The armor is strong. All of the best tanks in the world. Sniper Rifles of the U.S. Army. Exclusive report from the military ranges of Kansas. Of all the instruments. When the fighters will equip laser aerogun. Robin Hood in the vast seas. Mind-boggling story of the most respectable pirate. Fiery Colchis. In the footsteps of the old Protz. Beware of land under supervision! Kozel'sk. The courage and heroism of the ancient Russian town. The PM. Secret of success gun legend. Maya. Secret Lost Civilization. Dragons. Wonderful parable or truthful byvalschiny.

The military secret — a series of

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Yemen has accused Ukraine of misappropriating funds for tanks

The nephew of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh — Tarik Saleh — arrived in Ukraine to reach from "Ukroboronprom" compensation for unfulfilled contract the supply of the main battle tanks. According to the newspaper "Kommersant", the agreement was signed before the revolution in Yemen, but after the change of regime in the country Ukrainian side disrupt the deal "for technical reasons". Details of the agreement were not disclosed.

In time Saleh's government, his nephew commanded the 3rd brigade of the Army of the armed forces of the state of Yemen. According to the Yemeni newspaper Al Ahali, which

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Why did the army find Caucasians problem?

State Duma deputy from Dagestan called upon the Ministry of Defense with a request to increase the conscription of the Republic to 3-5 thousand people in 2013. The authors of the initiative argue their request that in Dagestan military service is honorable, besides an army of young people lack experience makes it impossible to continue to work in the security services. However, it is believed that in the Defense Ministry did not take much long for the service of the republic. According to the military, Dagestanis poorly controlled, they have problems with the implementation of the orders.

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Toys in uniform

There were times when on the shelves, "Children's World" prevailed toys manufactured in Russia. With all of this in the middle of a lot of them were frankly toys and military orientation. Now the shelves of toy stores virtually inundated with Chinese products, which differs remarkably low price and low quality. For buyers verbovaniya shops use the distribution of leaflets in mailboxes. Leaflets with marketing text and colorful illustrations of toys that the cars are delivered to Russia and apparently do not add to our children's health.

In this regard, the Government of Russian worried about the fact that it

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The game of skittles

The Defense Ministry did not behold the great catastrophe in the debate, which now and then appear in the transmission properties of army civilian authorities.

Managing the Department of Property Relations of the military department Olesya Podgornaja given to understand that you shoot with the balance of the Armed Forces gorodki and objects of social and cultural purposes at some point will go to the local administrations.

Delay this process, the ministry clarify with 2 reasons. First — the huge scale of the operation. In the coming years, the state property must be set 180 thousand military apartments,

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Ivashov: at MAKS not novelty

On Airshow MAX is not Russian competitive new products, said in an interview with "Relevant comments" President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov. According to him, «Superjet 100" assembled by 90% of the western units, and it's more "Boeing", what, indeed, the Russian aircraft.

"Again, the Tu-204, Tu-304 has been repeatedly shown, but not in demand in the domestic market, that's what we show, and the novelty will not be there," — said the source of AA. He noted that Airshow will show the "process of destruction of our civilian aircraft industry."

"The situation is somewhat better

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The Price of Freedom — Chechnya watch online

The movie tells about the first and second war in Chechnya, also briefly — about the history of Russian-Chechen relations in the past centuries. Russian media inspire the viewer that such tragic acts as the "Nord-Ost" and Beslan, are manifestations of the fabulous "international terrorism." In fact, it is — the investigation of war crimes Straseni Russian troops in Chechnya. President of Ichkeria Aslan Maskhadov throughout the military conflict appeared to advocate a peaceful settlement, the Russian government also does not want to hear it, and in 2005, when it declared unilateral cease-fire, he was killed. Civilized dialogue Kremlin

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