Documentary investigation. Capturing Asia Watch online

After the action of September 11 for the world to establish brand new era of geopolitical redistribution of territories. USA got a nice opportunity to establish military bases throughout Asia. At first, the twenty-first century, the United States began actively placing its troops in the area of the former Russian republics. Block NATO is a closer fit to the borders of the Russian Federation, arguing that the expansion of the bloc needed to effectively combat international terrorism. What can turn to the Russian Federation, the U.S. presence in Central Asia? What is more important: to be partners in the

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Zadar is not bad fighter not find

The consequences of large and weighty avarice error

The development of a modern army in Russia by Western Swatch permanently rises our community and Russian media almost two years, the 10-ka. Boris Yeltsin was still in the early 90's, said that we need the other armed forces. And in 1996, going to the presidential election, confidently promised that by 2000, Russian troops would be absolutely staffed by contract. And of course, the need for recruits disappear. But what a shame it did not sound …

A couple of years after the premature voluntary resignation of Boris Nikolayevich was put into

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Load recruits physical training will be based on their health

Defense tried out a sample program from the latest fitness fighter-conscripts.Its main objective — to organize sports activities, so the load on the guys matched their physical condition.

It's no secret that the crosses, training in the force and the city on the obstacle many recruits just knock out power. For the guys, do not bother to run the civilian and inflation of the muscles, the army of mandatory 25 hours of physical training per week are converted into flour. Men would be happy to show excellent results on exercises Fizeau, but can not — health does not allow

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Mysteries of the Trident

General: … was successfully conducted a test of a nuclear device ranging from 5 to 50 megatons.Reporter: Why is such a large range? You just can not count? Well — says general — we are counting on the 5, and it is to-a-ak explode

According to the company Web site Lokheed Martin Space Systems, 14, and April 16, 2012 The Navy United States successfully conducted a series of paired launch of a ballistic missile submarine-based "Trident". It was the 139th ,140-th, 141 th and 142 th in turn successful launches of SLBM Trident-II D5. All missile launches

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The Americans will beat the enemy lightning


The U.S. military tested a new superweapon. At this time we are not talking about military lasers and railgun, whose successful tests made a lot of noise, but about the very real lightning. According to LiveScience, weapon of the future can literally cause lightning on the battlefield. With the help of the military will be able, for example, undermine the hidden enemy mines or even destroy enemy armored vehicles.

It works as follows: a laser, a special air channel through which the electric discharge. The military, in fact, can now manage lightning and

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Tomorrow and the day after fighting bots

One of the most promising fields of military technology to the current time is robotics. By the time the true already made automatic machines capable of doing different tasks. True, today's unmanned aircraft and helicopters as ground track machines, with all their possibilities, still can not work quite independently. Almost always, the autonomy is limited by certain activities that do not require what is called, a huge reason: Move to the item, the tracking of the location, search for objects that stand out from the crowd, etc. With regard to decisions on Fri route or if the detected target of

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Opened a case on the General SOUTH went out on a forgery to fire officer honored

Chief Staff and first deputy commander of the Southern Military neighborhood became involved in the case. Gen.-Lt. Nicholas Pereslegin suspected of abuse of possibilities: presumably he forged a feature on the 1st of subordinates to fire him.

"He is suspected of having committed a crime under Part 1 Article 285 of the Criminal Code (abuse of official capacity)," — said the press service of the Head of the military investigation department of the RF IC.

The grounds for criminal prosecution complaint was involved in the fighting, Colonel Alexander's Stores Verigin — former Deputy Commander of the North Caucasian Military Area

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Allies (17 issues) watch online

Reconstruction of events, exclusive information and unique video — all in a military television magazine "allies". New items of military equipment, military routine, the fight against drug trafficking, emergencies, anti-terror, counter-intelligence work and law enforcement agencies throughout the country of the Commonwealth — for correspondents applets are no boundaries!

1st edition. Allies (efir_05.03.2013) In this issue: — to survive at any cost: hazing in the army of Kazakhstan — svehu I see everything: a report from the Test Center Gallakticheskih Troops — Snow White captivity: Rescuers Tajikistan expressed as assist a person who has fallen under an

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Exoskeletons for the future

The project PISCES (Performance Improving Self Contained Exoskeleton for Swimming) is dedicated to creating a suit that will help a person to swim as simply and directly as do the penguins, sea turtles, dolphins and other animals, feels at ease in this element.Military Researchers have long mechanical design suits (exoskeleton) that provide super power and superhuman endurance:

XOS from Sarcos (Raytheon)

HULC from Lockheed Martin

Next step: underwater exoskeleton that makes the owner of a huge fish or penguin cyborg.In this underwater version may offer more benefits in the short term.

If you believe the military engineers, then this exoskeleton

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During that trial Kvachkova?

The arrest of Vladimir Kvachkova for the next day after the final justification in the case of the so-called the "assassination attempt on Chubais" for more ludicrous and absurdly accused brought wide circles of the patriotic public in some confusion.

On the one hand, it became clear that the system of Kvachkova not so easy to fall behind the other — many have the courage to condemn the indomitable Colonel for "adventurism and recklessness", taking at face value the frank information stuffing (Tipo based on secret investigation materials), carried out a number of media.

This is an unfortunate event

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