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For the military, have created tablets

Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov, examining the international exhibition of arms and military equipment, which is being held in France, offered to send the Finns in Russia to test their newest armored vehicle Patria Nemo Plus.This conceptual and significantly advanced version of the well-known family of wheeled armored vehicles Patria. She even put up weapons and salons like to sell, but the Finns themselves to possible supply of armored car outside their country are too anxious. And on the proposal of the Russian general they answered evasively, think, talk and decide.

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Layman instead lieutenants

By this result, apparently, will the reform of military education

By writing this article, we have induced the next scene. From the mouth of Russian control sound and positive assessment of the results of the reform of our Armed Forces. But coupled with the fact as before and not decreases the number of critical expressions on the same occasion the officers and generals of the supplies and retired professionals. Why is this happening? If really all that great, why are people who have given 10's years of military service or pay close attention to the dilemmas of the army and

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Didgori — Georgian tachanka

"Anyone can take your own car and hang on to it in the armor shop. They never do. " With these words, experts have estimated the novelty of the Georgian defense industry represented at the parade in Tbilisi. The main objective of innovation — a demonstration of the massive industrial capacity of the Georgian defense.

In Tbilisi, on Thursday held military parade, during which for the first time demonstrated the Georgian military equipment production.

As reported by "Georgia-News", a festive march in front of the government departments and the guests were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd infantry brigades of the

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Divisional autonomous self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system Osa

The development of autonomous military unit self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system "Osa" (ind 9K33, the development stage TTT complex was awarded the title of "ellipsoid") was launched in accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dated 27.10.1960. The complex was designed to hit targets, hovering at a height of 50-100 meters to 5000 at a rate of 500 meters per second at a range of 800-1000 m to 8,000-10,000 meters for the first time posed little problem to create autonomous unit with accommodation for a floating self-propelled chassis not only all weapons of war, including the

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Division of bad weather. Missile Corvettes of the Soviet Navy

Not once seen that in the Navy of the USSR was a mind-boggling relationship: the smaller the warship, the more of it was useful. Until now, it is not clear yet what were the languid Soviet Navy aircraft carriers. Large ships with displacement below 50 thousand tons left behind only bitter disappointment: the highest complexity and overhead, lack of coastal infrastructure for their deployment and, in general, made a vague assignment TAVKR ineffective and, simply put, worthless — neither one of them initially assigned to tasks TAVKR could not solve, and those tasks that they were in force, were

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Jeeps for the U.S. missile-commando

Here and there on the ground in East Africa or the same in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, a few years later a jeep stopped at the roadside, open the window, and the passenger seat is commanded to launch a rocket. This rocket proparhaet 100 km, and then … I guess you figured out. Terrorists are the same that are moving in their own cars at a distance of 100 km from the machine, which is a rocket launcher, did not even have time to realize how … You all right again realized.

The usual conditional

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In the army, there was a control system simulator

CJSC "RET Kronstadt "(founded in 2000, the founder of the company" Transas ") — a leading Russian company in the development and delivery of aviation and maritime simulators for the power ministries and departments of the Russian Federation, as well as for export.


Virtual simulator placed in Taman Division, where the third year are testing the Unified tactical control (ESU TZ). As told to "Izvestia" CEO PET "Kronstadt" Eugene Komrakov, the simulator cost the Department of Defense to 100 million rubles. Now the soldiers and officers will be able to "fight" without leaving the staff.

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Inexpensive and severely — city armored compact car Tata MBPV

Small car Tata Nano, which was supposed to be the cheapest kind vehicle in the world, did not live up to expectations «Tata Motors». Even car sales in the country of origin — India, did not come to the limit of the company's statement. This state of affairs the company decided to improve with new developments. One of their armored car with electric drive for the police or military forces we now make out.

Tata Micro Bullet-Proof Vehicle appeared at an exhibition of military equipment and weapons «Defexpo 2012". Project armored runabout did together «Tata Motors» and «VRDE-DRDO» — Military

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In Angarsk 185 military families received new flats

Strangers in the 20th house of the 32nd district will not. All floors are given military brigade of internal troops. According to Major General Duginova, contractors Siberian regional command is now provided with housing by about 80 percent. And we must continue to build a new service apartments because their shelf ever arrives.

Almost two years Angarsk Construction contract to erect a house for the money on the Ministry of the Interior. In the 4-block sections of varying altitude for employees Angara garrison surrendered 185 apartments.


Strangers in

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10 years of triumph. About the loss of the military the most victorious

As with any country at war, the U.S. military statistics, of course, false. In Afghanistan, the Taliban, according to the press, destroyed hundred square meters each month, and no losses of the Amer. Americans have seen enough movies about trolls and goblins, and therefore know that the villains live in caves. And not in the villages and the villages. Because amers else first war in Afghanistan attacked the caves of Tora Bora. And there have killed more than 800 Taliban. No one was lost from their own. Taliban they say about the losses in the operation of the 8

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