Georgian Military Road is closed due to snow again

Georgian Military Road, connecting Russia and Georgia, is closed for vehicles from 7.30 MSK Monday because of snowfall, said Emergency Situations Ministry.

"From 07.30 MSK on January 28 due to bad weather conditions (heavy snow) closed Georgian Military highway in both directions in the area Vladikavkaz — Lars town until further notice," — said in a release authority.

Current winter road already closed several times due to snowfall. The last time this happened over the weekend.

NATO base in Russia — treason

On the agreement between Russia and NATO on the so-called transfer points NATO in Ulyanovsk.

Currently, Defense Minister Serdyukov introduced to the State Duma the agreement with NATO on Ulyanovsk, which is bezpretsedentnym case! NATO cargo aircraft will be delivered from Afghanistan in Ulyanovsk, and then tossing of trains in Europe.

It is noteworthy that the agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States reached amid growing controversy on European missile defense, Syria and Iran.

This agreement promises great political risk! Even with the best scenario, the following picture emerges.

First, the threat of subsidence of weapons and drugs,

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Death berth

The database Polar 50 years ago there was an accident. Her accident until now been kept secret

In the harbor of St. Catherine-based Polar Fri January 11, 1962 exploded and sank a diesel-electric submarine B-37. With the PL-350, standing side by side with her, also received significant damage. As a result, PE killed 78 people. Records of the investigation and trial of war survivors Anatoly Begeboy, captain of the second rank, the commander of the B-37, were on the long years kept secret (like not so long ago, it turned out, not too far in the judgment of the military

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The German armed with anti-Iranian sight

Berlin expands the supply of arms to the Middle East. Right behind submarines to Israel's nuclear missiles and tanks to Saudi Arabia is now on the agenda of day or the German military-industrial complex and submarines to Egypt. About their future sale said the new commander of the Egyptian Navy Osama Ahmed al-Gindi.

According to the admiral, placed the Cairo newspaper Al Ahram, it will allow to raise the defense of Egypt and the Mediterranean reddish at the current level. In Israel immediately sounded the alarm, fearing infringement regional military balance. Retired Brigadier General, and now military Expert Tel

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German self-propelled gun K-18 — a worthy opponent KV-1

Shortly before the outbreak of war with the Soviet Union in 1939, the German company to manufacture battle the heavy equipment and tools «Krupp» receives the order of the military command to create a self-propelled unit with a great tool for the destruction of enemy bunkers and fortifications strengthened. Design and construction of the prototype does not take much time to the German professionals, 18 months, at the end of March 1941, two instances have been demonstrated high management in Germany. After the successful test, the command of the Wehrmacht, led by Hitler, it was decided to start batch

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Area 51

One of the most mysterious places on the planet is the so-called Area 51, also known as "Paradise Ranch", "Land of Dreams" and "Watertown area." Zone 51 is an American military base, where, according to unconfirmed reports, is developing new aircraft and weapons systems. Is so top secret military facility in Southern Nevada, about a hundred kilometers from Las Vegas, on the southern shore of dry salt lake Groom Lake.

picasa / Osama Ali

The world first heard of Area 51 and 27 January 1951, when there was made the world's first explosion of a

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Germany completely stopped the military draft

The members of the Federal German consulate grounds — the Bundesrat — April 15, the government approved the proposed law on the suspension of mandatory military service in Germany, reports Deutschland Funk. Earlier, the bill was supported by members of the German parliament — the Bundestag.

Bundesrat approval was the final step in the implementation of the most ambitious in the postwar period of reform the German armed forces. In accordance with the adopted law on July 1 of this year conscription suspended for an indefinite period.

With all of this of mandatory military service is written in the constitution,

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Germany vorachivaetsya on arms markets

Grim Teutonic military-industrial genius can not smuschyatsya own reputation in the market deadly machine: a functional combat aircraft Eurofighter, the main battle tank Leopard, the submarine project 214 — these products, according to Der Spiegel, Germany brought into third place in the global list of favorites arms exports . The Government did not much: To make up for the loss of industry lowering the municipal order, the authorities could significantly weaken export control. A.2 gives a unique translation published in the German journal.

The first, according to the publication, the French began. When a couple of years back the

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Geostrategic importance of Turkey by the end of the second World War. The eyes of the military attaché of Romania

During the second World War, Turkey to its geo-strategic position, attracted great attention of the warring parties. Allied effort on verbovaniyu it on its side for a long time did not give the expected result. Stalin allowed for this, even the use of force: the Tehran conference, he said that "We need to shake them, if it is necessary." Despite the long-term pressure on the Turkish government, Ankara managed to maintain neutrality (proclaimed June 26, 1941).

In the Turkish political circles dominated by pro-German sympathies, and the economic factor was decisive in strengthening these sentiments (in 1936, 50% of

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Jora Borodin guests from Colombia, El Salvador and Kosovo: U.S. prepared in Azerbaijan and Central Asia, death squads

Now under the refrain of "anti-drug" U.S. priklnnye try to form a group in the security bodies and special purpose units in the states of Central Asia. One of the devices of this process is CARICC — Central Asian Regional Information and Coordination Centre for combating drugs. All this is done in the United States in Central America in the 1970-1990's: there training counternarcotics police then turned deadly death squads and civilian war decades. Creating a drug in the meantime has grown in proportion to the South American intervention. Now the process of "afghanization" Central Asia is gaining momentum

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