Iran launched a new anti-missile system «SAYYAD-2»

November 9, Iranian Defense Minister Hussein Dehkan (Hossein Dehqan) took part in the opening ceremony for the production of industrial band missile defense system «Sayyad-2» (Sayyad-2, or «Hunter 2», pictured), reports New Straits Times. «To counter air attack, we began to create a system of» Sayyad-2. This solid-propellant missile capable of destroying various types of cruise missiles, bombers, drones and helicopters, «said the head of the military department of the Municipal Iranian television that aired footage system commissioning. Minister did not specify the firing range of the system, the first test launch which was held in 2011. SAM is an

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Footcloths or socks in the army

The question of the transition from foot wraps on their toes in the Army Russian Federation discusses the quite rapidly. This is justified by the fact that the foot-cloth — a part of the Russian fighter's outfit, which is already used more than one hundred years. In addition, leg wrappings are the soldiers of mandatory element of folklore and humor. For many, the transition from foot wraps to wear — it's a progressive step, but people are not the first year of serving in the military, usually feel differently. And they nostalgically recall the foot bindings that are perfectly protect

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Indian portfolio of orders — seven billion dollars

Moscow remains the main partner of New Delhi in military modernization and writes a meaningful contribution to the increase in the country's defense

In the town of Bangalore last week ended Air Show "Aero India 2013". The head of the delegation of Rosoboronexport Viktor Komardin knows about the prospects of the upcoming military-technical cooperation between Russia and India.

— Victor M., India is indeed a naikrupneyshim importer of Russian weapons and military equipment?

— At the current time, India — one of the largest global importer of military purpose. In turn, our home continues to be a major exporter of

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Goodbye, Japanese pacifism!

Japanese defense budget gradually reduced. Together with those residents of the rising sun very well suited to economical embezzlement defense, purchasing only the most modern and the most necessary — in the criteria of increasing tensions with China. In the context of island disputes with Beijing for the rising sun as ever important issue of modernizing weapons. Meanwhile this puzzle no government able to solve for a year or two. Japanese analysts (publication «Yomiuri») write that in the budget for 2013 for the purposes of defense laid 4.5851 trillion yen (1.3% less in relation to 2012). 2013 — this

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U.S. surpassed Hitlers Germany

The world situation is worse now than it was in 1938-39. Stop the war can only Russia

June 22, we remember the tragedy. We mourn for the dead. We are proud of those who took a swipe at him and answered, — as well as the fact that, after receiving this terrible blow, the people rallied and crushed him who struck. But all of this is drawn in the past. And the society has long been mindful of the thesis, which is 50 years of keeping the world from war — "Forty-first year must not be repeated", and

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Much less hardship and deprivation …

On the proposal of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation in Armed Forces for conscripts will put a five-day working week with 2 output, and for the production of food for the personnel, cleaning areas and facilities in the cities will take military civilians face. The Defense Ministry also want to change the current schedule of day or in the army, making the climb to 7.00, and the all-clear — at 23.00 (currently — 6.00 and 22.00, respectively). In addition, all parts will be allocated additional hour for a relaxing afternoon. In the distant garrisons of soldiers,

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The U.S. military is adapting to homosexuality

The first-ever event in honor of the Pentagon's military gay lyric passed on a wave and was filled with memories of the more difficult for gay and lesbian times, but did not suit everyone present.

"Three years ago, many of us, and myself included, it was hard to believe that in 2012, homosexuals or lesbians serving in the armed forces, will be able to speak honestly about their sexual orientation," — told the crowd of several hundred at the Pentagon is a main Defense Counsel Jay Johnson.

His speech was preceded by appeals to the audience of President

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Poland is at war with Russia and Belarus

13 years have passed since the time when Polish flag was raised in front of the headquarters of NATO. This meant that Poland joined the most powerful military organization of the world. The Polish government was confident that now the country's security is assured. Warsaw defined its strategic task — to enter into the structure of the Western world.

Implementation of plans of integration of Poland into the world of Europe contributed to the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the country in September 1993. From now, all the statements of the Polish administration to cooperate with

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Falling into the abyss of Washington intends to bring a whole world

In a recent article (Psychopaths and ** udake that prevail in Washington are leading the world to the death), I promised to look into the question of whether the U.S. economy will collapse before Washington in its quest for hegemony will lead us to a military conflict with Russia and China.

Washington is in a state of war since October 2001, when President George W. Bush came up with a pretext for the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. This war has receded into the background when Bush came up with one more reason now for the invasion of Iraq in

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The Polish newspaper came up with explosives on the ruins of the Tu-154 Kaczynski

Thirtieth day of October, the Polish media referring to the Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet said on the ruins of the Tu-154 Lech Kaczynski, which crashed near Smolensk in April 2010, have been found traces of explosives.

Polish prosecutors and experts who worked in Russia, have found an explosive similar to TNT or nitroglycerin on the wings and 30 passenger seats Tu-154, is also in place to fall, wrote newspaper Rzeczpospolita. On detection of explosives, according to the publication, reported Polish Prosecutor General Andrzej Seremet and Chief Military Prosecutor Jerzy Artemyaku. Seremet, in turn, said the findings of professionals of

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