Military aircraft in afterburner. Air Force identify promising FACE

Just over a month remains until when the Russian Armed Forces will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Air Forces of the country. What is the state of the military aircraft now, what are its prospects for the future and as military aviators are going to celebrate its own anniversary, learned «MK».   BBC hard preparing for the 100th anniversary of his own. Arrangements for the celebration are already in full swing, told the «MK» in the Defense Ministry. Training plan foreseen several scientific conferences. It’s like Russian and international conferences, inviting historical VVS commanders of all major global

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In Grodno noted day of the Polish Army — without invited guests

The event was held at the military cemetery in Grodno. Angelica Boris chairman unrecognized Belarusian authorities Union of Poles told the audience that Belarusian authorities Now do not let the country Vice-Speaker of the Polish Senate Krzysztof Putra also head of the party "Civic Platform" Donald Tusk.The event was Advisor to the Prime Minister of Poland Michal Dvorchik. He said that he must, unfortunately, throw Grodno, as he was detained by Belarusian police and warned that he immediately left Belarus.Misha Dvorchik said that Lately in Poland must accepted "Pole’s Card", which will facilitate visa for people of Polish origin living

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GETTING military trials PAK FA

Company «Sukhoi» in 2013 will make the fifth most experienced fighter fifth generation Test Russian perspective aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) are in accordance with the schedule in the next year to begin troop tests, the president said the United Aircraft Company (UAC) Misha Pogosyan. According to him, at this point in the trial will accept your role 3 cars. Until the end of the year to test connect fourth plane, and in 2013 — the fifth. The 2013 schedule will begin with the general MoD tests PAK FA. In the implementation of programs from the creation of

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History of leadership with some interruptions

Aviation Occurrence was perhaps one of the main achievements and landmark of the world population in the twentieth century. This fully applies to the Air Force, which has become not only an integral part of modern armed forces, and is often considered as a prime means of warfare. Leap into the world elite and back By the early twentieth century, after a long period of military test idea was prepared to accept the introduction of flying machines in warfare. Because the emergence of airplanes from the outset caused keen enthusiasm among the military departments of virtually all advanced countries

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650th flight of Su-35s

Martial functional characteristics fighter Su-35S passing flight tests in the Municipal flight test center of Russian Air Force to meet the requirements stated terms of reference to the press service of the company «Sukhoi».   «These technical accuracy and property surveillance and attack systems and modes of combat in the main implementation consistent with the stated technical specifications», — the press-service, received on Tuesday.   Currently, the Su-35S is undergoing flight tests with real combat use within municipal joint tests.   According to the report, during the time of the state tests made a significant number of flights to

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Last Su-30MK2 delivered to Uganda

«Rosoboronexport» and the company «Sukhoi» put Air Uganda last two fighters included in the contract, «- said the military-diplomatic source. He reminded Uganda purchased from the Russian Federation 6 functional fighter Su-30MK2under a contract for the supply of arms, totaling $ 740 million Su-30MK2 — plane with wide combat abilities destroy ground and sea targets with precision tool: guided missiles and guided aerial bombs. Fighter resettled modern avionics, new communication and navigation systems, control of equipment and crew actions. REP equipment provides automatic target designation entered in the armament of the aircraft anti-radar missiles Kh-31P. Thanks to the installation

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A flock of birds knocked FIGHTER F-16 IN BELGIUM

Recently the Belgian fighter-bomber F-16 crashed. Pilot with all this does not hurt, having to eject. «The pilot is safe and feels great,» — said the representative of the Ministry of Defence.   Plane fell nearby Air Force base Klein Brogel Belgium, located 160 kilometers from Brussels, in the districts of the commune Pier. Inhabitants of closely spaced houses had to close all the windows and doors, so as not to inhale noxious fumes when burning fuel.   Presumably, the tragedy occurred because of a collision with a flock of birds fighter, reports the newspaper Le Soir. This is

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Belarus will join the Russian maneuvers

Exercise plan "Stability 2008" on Saturday, September 20, the President approved Dmitry Medvedev, and now, September 22, maneuvers began. Declared aim of "working out security issues allied countries of Russia and Belarus." They extended until October 21. Overall management maneuver entrusted to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Anatoly Serdyukov. What will engage participants maneuvers? As reported by the Ministry of Defense, in a workout plan includes various scale war games and exercises in different regions as of, including the Far East and Belarus. Role of Belarus in the exercise called "Belarusian phase." The same actions in Belarus

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Chinese C-30MKK in desert camouflage

September 6 exercises aviation division Guangzhou Military Area seen Su-30MKK in desert camouflage. Militarily, the web appeared various hypotheses such colors Chinese Su-30MKK: Squadron aircraft belong type «aggressors», China is preparing for military action in the Middle East countries, etc. Another version (transcript characters) said that such camouflage adopted for aircraft operations from the seaside when used profile fly at low altitude for the application of stealth attacks on enemy ships.

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Belarusians will go under the NATO tanks?

According to the president of the Academy of Geopolitical outlook problems Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov, the country Contract CIS Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) "perceive the role in reflection of anger against the RF part of own resources. "" But Belarus is likely to be to beat all of its own military, economic, spiritual power "- he said.First vice-president of Russian Academy of problems of security, defense and law enforcement, Colonel-General Viktor Esin also believes that "in at least some situations are more significant military aid would RF Belarus (Slavic brotherhood)."Little differently assessed the situation vice president of the board of

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