The U.S. Army is conducting exercises in case of operations in Syria

U.S. military units involved in the maneuvers for a possible intervention in the Syrian conflict, passed on Monday, inter-Arab television channel Al Jazeera.

Telegrafistreports that the United States will not impose its troops to Syria. In this connection, these exercises are aimed only moral support to insurgents in Syria and the countries of the Gulf monarchies. In the case where military intervention in Syria would still be made, it will force Turkey, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia, and everybody, but not the U.S.. Limited to a maximum cover of U.S. air and sea space.

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If tomorrow the war!

For years, inflamed the minds of worried man in the street hypothetical military conflict between the two powers Russia and the United States. Submit a military conflict between these two states in its pure form is almost impossible. Can hardly be assumed that the military confrontation between the two countries will not embroiled neighboring states. Besides the United States, as a NATO member, may rely, if not on the full support of the alliance, at least on the support of its main European allies — Britain. But all the same just try to analyze what can oppose each

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The General Staff said a new phenomenon — for the sake of the students take akademotpusk


More than 2.5 thousand Russian students in the autumn of last year specifically went to a leave of absence to serve in the army, told RIA Novosti on Monday, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (VS) Colonel General Vasily Smirnov.

The spring conscription campaign was launched on Monday in Russia. During the spring and summer launched the call in 2013, which will end on July 15, will join the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation 153.2 thousand young people.

"Recently, a very interesting phenomenon, where students are

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Production of military products at KAMAZ. Answers

Replies experts "KAMAZ" to your questions posed duringOnline conference:

(40 questions and answers, advise) 

1. Does the "KAMAZ" to create on the basis of "Typhoon" a family of armored vehicles?

Plans. This is stated in the approved Defense Ministry tactical and technical task for the family. Protected family of vehicles designed to perform combat missions, including those with mounted weapons and military equipment, and tasks of combat, logistic and other types of support: transportation of personnel and military cargoes. The structure protected the family car "Typhoon" includes: — Skid secure car chassis

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Return of the Transfiguration celebrated and Semenov regiment

The names of famous Transfiguration and Semenov regiment will receive the 154th Separate curfew Regiment and the 130th separate brigade, which was created by the former Minister of the connection of the military police. The Defense Ministry assured that on May 9, they will take part in the Victory Parade under new names.

On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said the decision to assign the two military units honorary names of famous regiments of the past.


"In the Russian army two military units — 154-th separate commandant regiment and the 130th Motorized Rifle

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Started, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

I guess that is how Putin said the launch of the "war," North Korea and South Korea. And this match is not lit, but very close to it and is just one of those … things first.

Let me remind you of an armed Venezuela Hugo Chavez died. The country’s population believes the U.S. involved in the death of his el-president.

In Syria, for the third year wielded by gang of terrorists who are sponsoring mongrel dollars in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Side by side is Iraq, which survived the U.S. intervention in

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In the Black Sea began teaching

Putin ordered a night exercise in the Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin last night ordered Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to launch large-scale military exercises in the Black Sea. About RBC said Head of the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense and Information Major General Igor Konashenkov.

The exercise will be attended by Russian Black Sea Fleet, part of the special-purpose airborne troops. The military were suddenly put on alert last night and started to perform the assigned tasks.

In practical actions taken more than 7,100 military personnel, 250 armored vehicles and

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Center for Special Operations at Kubinka

In the suburban village of Kuban-2 began the creation of Special Purpose Center of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.   As expected, the center has 500 contract-commandos. According to the current schedule the formation of a special-purpose center will be completed in late 2013. In the Kuban-2 will undergo additional training in a special program NCOs groups of special-purpose military districts and fleets. On the construction of housing for contract plans to spend about 700 million rubles. Submits a new command center directly Special Operations Forces of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. On the

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Products UCK well represented at the air show in Malaysia

New photos and videos!  

TSAMTO, March 26. Pilotage Su-30MKM flight program opened today the 12th international exhibition of aerospace and marine engineering LIMA-2013.Production of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation" (JSC "UAC") are widely represented in the salon of military equipment, one of the largest in Southeast Asia, the press service of the corporation.


Successful exploitation of Russian Su-30MKM and MiG-29 in Malaysia creates prerequisites for progress in the region and civil products corporation. The day before in neighboring Indonesia airline Sky Aviation has started commercial operation of the first SSJ

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The New Face of an army vehicle

I want to demonstrate to the public uvazhemaemoy little stuff about perspective KAMAZ machines at my humble authorship. Has already been written about them a lot, but here you will find and something new.

A significant part of the fleet of the Armed Forces of Russia are machinery KAMAZ. In the army, there are over 50,000 units. On the chassis of the domestic auto giant is mounted more than 350 models of weapons and military equipment. Today JSC "KAMAZ" offers a number of brand new troops machines are distinguished by higher performance characteristics.

KAMAZ military career

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