War 08.08.08 Part 2

War 08.08.08 First of its mysteries says General Hrulev.

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VS There is a report that they were giving your army artillery targeting.

AH Maybe they gave them, leaving a group of command and control at CBU. The fact that Special Forces teams are ordered by the senior military commander. They have their own specific problems. If they have a need — they interact with us through the center of command and control, but I was working with a group of officers in advanced combat formations, and my staff has worked for many

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Combat training 201 military bases

This morning, the three cities — Dushanbe, Kurgan-Tube and Kulyab under fire drill signals to landfills moved columns of military equipment from each of the military garrison 201 military bases. Thus began the company tactical exercises (RTU) with live fire. Exercises are held at three test sites 201 Russian military base in Tajikistan — Lyaur, Momirak and Sambulov.

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In the RTU will be worked out new methods of detection, blocking and destroying the imaginary enemy in mountainous terrain. Also, the military will work out the issues of interaction with the attached and

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Tula paratroopers tested locators Accordion

Office of the Press and Information on airborne troops reported that in the army air defense Airborne began trial operation of new small radar detectors (MRLO) aerial targets "Accordion".

The first 6 samples were received in the office management of MANPADS anti-aircraft missile batteries military units of air assault and air-desantnyhsoedineny Airborne stationed in Novorossiysk, Ivanovo and Tula.

Locators "Accordion" (Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Engineering) designed for the detection and identification of at least 3 hklassov purposes against jamming, coordinate measurement and determination of the nationality of the aircraft objects.

In addition to the complex structure of

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It is ready to fly!

United Aircraft Corporation is preparing to resume production at Ulyanovsk heaviest cargo aircraft.

The main domestic producer of commercial aircraft "Aviastar SP" (Ulyanovsk, part of the United Aircraft Corporation — KLA) announced that it had signed a contract with the Ministry of Defence for the modernization and life extension of AN-124, belonging to the Russian military-transport aircraft. For three years, according to the contract, the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory will upgrade six aircraft An-124 "Ruslan", two of which have already arrived in Ulyanovsk. According to the CEO "Aviastar-SP" Sergei Dementieva, this contract will provide additional plant capacity utilization,

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How Novosibirsk preparing equipment for the parade

In Novosibirsk, the finalized military equipment, which will be taking part in the celebrations to mark the 67th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The process of preparing military vehicles includes maintenance and minor repairs, if necessary, removal of old paint, degreasing and application of three-color camouflage. Total for painting military vehicles involved in the festivities will take 4.5 tons of paint.

For more information and additional photos can be seen in the blog MIC

Creation of private armies in Russia?

Russian Prime Minister and President-elect Vladimir Putin considers it possible Russian companies to the market of private military services.

"I believe that it is indeed a tool for the implementation of national interests without the direct involvement of the state. Believe that you would think about it and see", — Putin said. "As for the application of the relevant institutions in the country, we have developed it. Now the Ministry of Defense is implementing it," — said the prime minister. He added that "it’s a little bit trying to hold back because it’s just expensive, require significant

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57 Estonian covered bond

The Russian military exercises on the covered bond tropospheric area equal to 57 Estonia

Fundamentally new system has been successfully tested connectivity in large-scale exercises, which take place in the three regions of Russia, the head of the press service of the Western Military District (WEST) Colonel Andrei Bobrun.

"During the exercise, the military signalers autonomous region established a multi-level network nodes and communication posts that linked all kinds of indoor and outdoor communication units and formations of the land component of the cooling zone, the Baltic and Northern fleets, as well as the Air Command. To solve the

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In Sevastopol for Euro 2012 are preparing fighters

In Sevastopol Brigade Combat Air Forces of Ukraine has already trained 11 pilots for permanent combat duty in the "Euro-2012". 9 more pilots are learning to dogfight at low altitudes with low-speed targets, and more than a dozen pilots are ready to fly at low altitude in the clouds. Pilots fighters learn to fly day and night, in simple and complex weather conditions. After repair of the military airfield of Lviv "Bel’bek" returned two MiG-29. Combat vehicles will provide security to the air during the finals of the "Euro-2012" and be alert.

Lviv aviaremontniki completely disassembled aircraft, checked

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In the Armed Forces of Russia is about 3 thousand women officers

Currently, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on military service officer positions are about 3 thousand women, among whom 28 have the rank of "colonel."

1.5% of female officers hold primary positions of command, the rest of this category of personnel is on the staff positions as professionals involved in health care and financial services, Signal Corps, etc.

Among the officers of the female 1.8% have higher operational and tactical military training, 31.2% — full of military-trained, and 19% had received military training in the military departments of civilian colleges and universities.


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Prospects of development of the Russian Air Force.

Part I

At present, the Russian Air Force undergoing major changes, primarily related to the military reform. A big role in these transformations plays modernization combatant aircraft (AC) Air Force and delivery of new aircraft. After the crisis of the 90’s, when the combat capability of the Air Force dropped to a very low level, military aircraft passed through the restoration of combat in the 2000s. The second decade of the XXI century will be a period of re-equipping the Air Force with new equipment, which will greatly enhance the capabilities of our military aircraft and meet

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