V. Levonevsky KGB officials complained to the military prosecutor

Levaneusky explained our Radio, May 7 2004 KGB broke down the door to his apartment to conduct a search. He notes: house were only two minor children — his daughter Catherine and scion Anton. They did not say that they will find, although the law — it is an indispensable requirement. Late evening Catherine brought in for questioning by the KGB. All this — the violation of the law, according to the last political prisoner. Valery Levonevsky not lozhit great hope that by checking the military prosecution against KGB officers be instituted criminal case. He says: maybe, but that will

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New fighter for the Russian Air Force

Su-30cm pilots receive less than a year after ordering design Company «Irkut» and Sukhoi began flight tests of functional fighter Su-30cm created for delivery of the Defence Ministry. September 21, 2012 at the airport of Irkutsk aviation plant — branch of JSC «Corporation» Irkut «- took the first flight of the aircraft of this type. After a day or four tests to join the second Su-30cm. In both cases, the first flights were quite lengthy — about 2-hours and passed without comment. As the president of the company in August «Irkut» Oleg Demchenko, customer deliveries of aircraft will begin

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Or purchase of Iran to Belarus air defense system?

Visit of the Minister of Defense nedavneshnego occurs after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Belarus, which was in the second half of May.Just during his visit to Minsk hosts international exhibition of arms and military equipment. But during a meeting of heads of Iran and Belarus, as they delivered the official sources, not a word was said about the military-technical cooperation.Currently Alexander Lukashenko, Taking Iranian Defense Minister, said that all the agreements signed with the Iranian side will perform.Business with Iran in the military-technical sphere, according to the head of Belarus based first on the development of high technology.Iran’s defense

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  Despite the fact that many systemic problems continue to exert pressure on the development of China’s military aviation industry, this branch of the defense industry continues to modernize rapidly, writes researcher at the Institute of Defence and Strategic research Michael Rask (Michael Raska, Nanyang Technological Institute) October 18, on pages eurasiareview.com.   Over the past 10 years China’s military aviation industry has systematically reduced the technological gap with the advanced countries of the world. Occurrence of 2-latest-generation fighter — J-20 and J-21 — along with the modernization of the J-10 (pictured) and the J-11 indicates the country’s ability to


Chavez will adopt Indian arrows and Belarusian radar

Subject brutal U.S. goals and be independent in relation to the oil-rich Venezuela sounds soon almost every public speech Hugo Chavez. Senior Marine and today the Venezuelan army commander ordered his military to prepare for guerrilla war. In this war, according to Chavez, will be used a variety of means of weapons, including classical Indian poisoned arrows. Chavez himself says that he personally has this excellent Indian instrument, but for a real South American resistance to the aggressor that is not much. Coupled with the Belarusian ruler, whom Chavez calls his "friend and brother," Venezuelan favorite going in Minsk to

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Chavez goes to Russia and Belarus tool

"Gazeta Wyborcza" writes that before the flight to Russia, Hugo Chavez, speaking during a huge military parade in the capital of Venezuela, again reiterated that he wants to "fight against imperialism," while the word "war" was used in this speech "in every capacity.""Before the war Venesuela preparing, buying an unlimited number of guns — 100 thousand Kalashnikovs, the fighters — in Russia, and now plan to buy in Belarus sytsemy missile defense (…). Due to this, Venesuela converted to naisilneyshy militarily country in Latin America although it is smaller and poorer in Brazil or Argentina, "- writes Polish weekly. The

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Liquidator died without waiting registration

As said "Freedom" association chairman Alexander Volchanin, a military doctor Shynkovski participated in the aftermath of the Chernobyl tragedy on May 2, 1986. He was the commander of a special military medical company.May 19 2007 Chernobyl activist participated in the founding congress, which decided to make public association liquidators.In his speech at the congress expressed Shynkovski protest against planned termination of Chernobyl related benefits. "This is a disaster of the people" — read Chernobylets Vitebsk.Register a new association? Justice, on Volchanin must answer before July 12.

Brest: military is often violate traffic rules

The last such incident took place in Drogichin area where the military who served in Brest, drove a car and shot his father 76-year-old resident of the village of silicon, which rode a bike. Pensioner died on the spot, and the soldier was gone, because, as it turned out later, was deprived of the right to drive a vehicle.Soldier detained in Ivanovo region during a special operation "Interception". Instituted against him criminal case.

Test pilot F-22: BET ON stealth fighter too wasteful and, in fact INCORRECT

The Pentagon simply can find people who are critical with respect to the stealth fighter fifth generation F-22 cost 358 million U.S. dollars per car (total price programs from 67 billion dollars), writes nation.time.com November 2. But before nedavneshnego time it was hard to find a criticF-22midst of fighter pilots, but one such is found.   It turned out to not only the pilotF-22but once and test pilot of the fighter and the squadron commander of the combat aircraft Niemi Christopher (Christopher Niemi, photo — Niemi giving an interview during a visit to group of fightersF-22Australia, March 2011), published

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Lithuanians shared experience of military doctors

Hedid it a special seminar on the role of military doctors in multinational operations. The seminar was held at the Lithuanian Embassy, particularly since it plays the role of NATO contact embassy in Belarus.

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