Submarines of the Black Sea Fleet

History of the use of submarines in the Black Sea begins in 1907, with the order number 273 of the Maritime Office of the formation units submarine fleet. Detachment consisted of a floating base "Penderakliya" and submarines "Sudak" and "Salmon".

In the spring of 1908 a detachment of German U-boats filled with buildings, "Karas", "flounder" and "carp."

In the same year began working out of joint activities in the unit, and the ships based in the town of Sevastopol. Our homeland begins bookmark own new submarines, and in 1911 Nicholas plant begins work on submarines "Nerpa", "Walrus" and

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Degradantov army in the service of a progressive part of mankind

On the instructions of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States a study was conducted among U.S. military personnel of different types of troops. From the recently published report suggests that alcoholism, abuse of strong pain killers and suicide rates have reached crisis proportions.

According to the report, approximately 20% of all military personnel in the United States recognize that "they drink a lot." Almost half of the regularly participates in binge drinking, defined by experts as the adoption at a time five or more drinks of alcohol (one dose — a small

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Some details of the first combat use of the Su-34

New frontline bomber Su-34 was used in combat criteria and showed «good results,» reports «Air International» Frontline bomber Su-34 was first used in combat criteria as last year made several sorties against alleged concentrations of militants in Dagestan and Ingushetia, said in a blog BMPD with reference to the March issue of the magazine «Air International». Details of the type of operations and the use of precision weapons hitherto remained unknown. But representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense of drawing attention to the results of the introduction of new aircraft as «generally good», stressing that the criteria of

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Doctrine and practice of joint operations in the 21st century

The document «The fundamental concept of joint operations» (Capstone Concept for Joint Operations — CCJO) of 15 January 2009 sets out a vision of the then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen on how the combined forces in the period from about 2016 to 2028 will act in response the huge abundance of security challenges. It is understood that the combined forces of the future commanders will combine and ultimately adapt some combination of four basic categories of military activity — combat, security, stabilization (cooperation), relief and recovery — in accordance with the unique requirements

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Feat Marinesko and disaster Gustloff

January 30, 1945 the submarine "S-13" by the command of Alexander Marinesco sank the German ship "Wilhelm Gustloff". According to various reports then lost from 4 to 8 thousand people. Until now, it's the worst maritime tragedy. Why Marinesko not given the title of Hero Sovestskogo Union and whether the feat of his crew really exploit either on board were civilians Germany?

We turn first to the official Russian sources:

"Submarine" C-13 "under the command of Captain 3rd Rank A.I.Marinesko January 30, 1945 sank to the north-west of the Bay of Danzig German ship" Wilhelm Gustloff "with a

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Gift pilots

Transfer of 4 representatives of the Russian Air Force bombers Sou-34 held at the Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association (NAPO) at the end of December. This is the final batch of production cars that the Air Force had to get the country in 2010. In the coming growth of their supplies will grow. New planes from Novosibirsk overtake in Lipetsk, at Air Force Base.

Municipal contract for the supply of Russian Air Force next party Sou-34 was signed between the Ministry of Defence and the company "Sukhoi", which comes in the NAPO in 2008. These aircraft are in service with the

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T129A — new attack helicopters, Turkey wants to put Pakistan

The Government of Turkey has offered Pakistan new attack helicopters T129, made on the basis of Italian A129 Mangusta, reports Defense News.   With all this Turkish producers expect to deploy in Pakistan creating such helicopters, which offered to change outdated Pakistani AH-1F Modernized Cobra. But Turkey’s plans to supply helicopters can spoil opposition from the United States.   Middle of September 2013 during the visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Turkey he was offered Free Shipping 3-T129 helicopters and more than 2300 different kinds of spare parts and consumables to aeronautical engineering.   In 2009, Turkey on

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Under the code Puffin

It creates the impression that the Union of Russian Navy unwittingly followed the rule "less ship — The greater the benefit from it. " Specifically, this was the guard ship Project 1135 under the code "Thunderbird". Moderate patrol displacement of 3000 tons more than once adequately protected the interests of the Soviet Union to the sea. This is perhaps our only class of warships, participated in direct confrontation with South American Navy in a setting close to the fighting.

"Thunderbirds" were created for a wide range of tasks to ensure the air defense and anti-submarine naval forces in the

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Near Khabarovsk crashed helicopter

Military helicopter Mi-8MTs during a training flight made a hard landing near Khabarovsk. As a result, the incident rotorcraft machine received significant damage, and the crew otvertelis minor injuries.

Hard landing occurred at 12:10 Moscow time on. "Chopped off the tail bearing screws, helicopter very ruined beyond repair, "- said the source announcements in the power structures of the Far Eastern Federal neighborhood. Also, according to him, E-8MTs got a 2-kilometers north of the village of Friendship. It is noted that there was a spill of fuel, but there is no fire in place.

Three members of the crew of

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Exploded near Orenburg cars with ammunition. The authorities responded by panicky rumors

At the railway station Donguz Orenburg region in military training, where recycled obsolete shells on Tuesday rocked three massive explosion. Over the last eighteen months is already the fourth similar case. 4 reported the wounded, with injuries brought to the clinic. In the management of disk imaging Emergencies Ministry RIA "Announcements" said the premise of explosions of ammunition was on fire at the site of loading. The authorities offered to evacuate residents of 2-villages close to the ground. After the state of emergency went frightening rumors of a huge number of victims, but in the regional government denies them.

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