Under the wing — the ocean

Traditionally aviators Pacific Fleet Prof. prazdnichek own mark on April 4. Specifically, in this day 80 years ago in the Far East were formed brigade of heavy bombers and two reconnaissance squadrons.

On the eve of the anniversary of the chief of Naval Air Pacific Fleet Colonel Peter Kiseleva met a special correspondent of the "Red Star".

— Petr, in recent years the structure of naval aviation fleet endured conspicuous configuration. Now that she is like, what the aviators have to solve puzzles?

— The reform we passed a naval missile-carrying aircraft of the Air Force Distant and fighter

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Near Krasnodar noise Hurricanes

On the ground near Krasnodar thundered loudly, "Hurricanes" — multiple rocket launchers. Since the fighting began firing in the large-scale exercises artillery of the North Caucasian Military Area.

Training division led to them almost a month, and now — The final check. Command evaluates how rapidly deploy military weapons and how exactly are fire. Volleys are rattle to the deepest night.

Teachings gunners held throughout the south, including in Dagestan, Chechnya, North Ossetia, as the Russian military bases in South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Armenia, reports NTV.

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Under the guise of the new tank China produces own an old type 96

The web site taringa.net reported that China-based Sino-Pakistani "Al Khalid", allegedly made the latest export version of VT-2. In fact the present model is a variant of the tank car type 96G, which since the mid-2000s Enters Service with the Chinese army.

VT-2 is an upcoming development of the Type 96

In turn, the Type 96G is forthcoming development of the combat vehicle, made even in the middle of the 80s. In a very early version of this tank was armed with a 105 mm cannon. But later, when the Chinese managed to get Russian T-72, they just copied his

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POWER energy superpower


It is interesting summary statistics distributed by the magazine of «Flight International» Yearly application «World Air Forces 2013» with reference data on military aircraft of the world. Obviously, attentive critics went out and brought in these «World Air Forces 2013» for individual countries and a significant amount of inaccuracies in the fields put a lot of question characters, but the overall picture it reflects relatively well. How easy to create, by the views of the summary publication, Our homeland as before has the world’s second largest after the U.S. military aviation.

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Shoulder straps instead of figures

Insignia on military uniforms played a huge role in-1's, because of them there is a division on the part of the commander and his subordinates, and, in-2, these characters contribute to the maintenance of subordination in relations between the military.

Before the October Revolution of 1917 in March at a meeting of the Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies decided to eliminate the rank officer in the army. As surprising as it may sound, the Red Army did not have officers in general, and by the superior officer not treated in rank, and in the office. For example, a friend

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Killed off the battlefield

The Ministry of Defence has finished publish it on your own website on the number of non-combat losses of the Russian army. In 2008, the military dubbed number — 481 dead soldier. But, according to the Union of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers, this figure, do not cut the men who died from injuries in clinics or on "citizen." Injuries and Wounds can be obtained as from suicide, accidents, bullying, and the consequences of, for example, the war in South Ossetia, but the list of non-combat losses, they do not get. In addition, the Defense Ministry is serving only half of

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Died managing Irans missile development

As a result, the current series of explosions occurred in the districts of Tehran on military base in the middle of the dead was Hassan Tehrani Mokaddem being a brigadier general of the Revolutionary Guards. In IRGC Hassan Mokaddem headed a division that is responsible for the development of both missiles and other weapons. In addition, he went into the management of the Iranian nuclear project.

A prerequisite for a series of bombings called detonation of ammunition carried inside the base. But what was happening on a routine military base forces fluctuate identity of the deceased general. The data confirms

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Inflated salaries for recruits

Now at conscripts there was an additional impetus for a decent life. According to the presidential decree, all of them increased foreign exchange allowance. From now on credit card each month will be transferred to two thousand rubles. Size salary is not very big, but, compared with the previous year, when the fighters get 400-500 rubles per month, markedly increased. Especially since while serving in the army conscripts are on full gosobespechenii.

Bimbo financial practices introduced in 2012 and 2013. Payment of conscripts overvalued currency contentment dubbed a test to bring the salary to one of conscripts.

Deputy Chief of

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Russia has become a leader in supplying ships and armored vehicles in Asia

Russia took first place for the supply of naval and armored vehicles in the Asia-Pacific region in the years 2005-2012. This is stated in the study, the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade (TSAMTO).

According TSAMTO, total exports of Russian military products in the Asia-Pacific countries over the past eight years has reached 32.7 billion dollars. Thus, Russia was in second place after the United States, whose exports amounted to 53.6 billion dollars. France occupies the third position with a level of 9.9 billion dollars.

The major items of Russian military exports to the Asia-Pacific

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On the rack Attention! Or Humbly

On December 1, the Russian army will be the first full-time chaplain

In Moscow may soon seem like training courses chaplains. This was announced by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov after the meeting with the Patriarch of All Russia and Metropolitan Kirill. Where and what to teach future doctors soldiers and officers' shower has not been decided. Well, in general, to all appearances, the return of churches in our brigade, battalion and the ships is very difficult.

In fact, in the modern Russian Federation, this process began a half-ka 10 years ago. The old system partpolitraboty fell together with

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