Plasticine generals

Negative consequences of "reform" of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation under the direction of A. Serdyukov has emerged completely. Our experience tells commanders, conscientious politicians who think the officers — all who recognize the value of the Army and Navy, assess what is happening now in the Ministry of Defence as unprecedented in the history of the country's devastating blow to its defense, but in the current climate, many prefer to remain silent.

Keep silent — you get into BlastbrewAn example of this — the past is not so long ago, a meeting at which the main "reformer"

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Russia exceeded the plan to export military goods

In 2012, Russia reached a record level of exports of military products, exceeding the plan, said President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting of the commission on military-technical cooperation.

"This year we go out to a record level for exports of military products. Their volume exceeded 14 billion dollars, that is the plan for the year exceeded ", — said the head of state, calling such positive results, reports "Interfax".

Putin also noted qualitative changes in the system of military-technical cooperation, above all, a co-production of military products, as well as work to restore Russia's position in

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The plans for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Europe

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that in the implementation of the latest defense strategy Pentagon wants to withdraw from Europe two army brigades. It is planned to reduce troop contingents serving in the European countryside, seven or eight thousand fighter who will have to go back to the South American military bases. Yet military presence on the European continent remains significant: in the Ancient World, will continue to service about 74 thousand Yankees.

The intention to reduce the size of the European grouping appeared in connection with the Pentagon's latest strategy, which relies on the Middle East and Asia-Pacific

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Plans for redrawing the political map of the Near East and the Islamic World

Is almost everyone understands that the political map of the Near East will be redrawn. Well, not only it will change the border almost all the Islamic world. Hastened to bury the story earlier time, the actions of global significance are taking place right before our eyes. In principle, before it was clear that the boundaries of the orders made by the French and British colonizers artificial and will be redrawn at some point. The first countries that have undergone fragmentation of Somalia, where at the present time there are a number of municipalities and Sudan — divided into North

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Plans to attack Iran, it seems, once again become a burning

The world's media have started to re-open a discussion intensively probable plans to attack Israel, Britain, and even NATO Iran. Provides some plans and options of air attacks. In Israel, it has already caused a scandal at the level of the Prime Minister, and the Iran made a tough statement in reply: "The U.S. is absolutely lost the mind," — said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

On Thursday, the Guardian newspaper, citing a source in the government said that Britain is preparing plans to attack Iran's nuclear facilities by the U.S. and its allies. The Ministry of Defense created

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Russia in the first person. Army

After the collapse of the Soviet Union ceased to exist and the Soviet army. By the end of the 90 reduced the number of military personnel has reached nearly half a million people. A wave of suicide officers reported to the utter despair of housing and family problems — by which time 200,000 military families had their homes.In 2008 begins Reform of the Armed Forces. Salary Russian officer from 2000 to 2010 increased by 20 times. Period of military service with the January 1, 2008 was reduced to one year. In 2009 began a global rearmament, which

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Defense plans for the following year

December-month — it's time to bring the past to the plans for the next year and talk about their own intentions. Specifically, it is currently engaged in the ministry of defense. As it turns out, the plans for the next war year more than significant and unique for the last few years. Later in 2013 will be made even more than that, but first things first.

On Wednesday, accomplished press conference with Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov. One of the most pleasant news delivered at the event, it is doubly exciting for the reason that for the very last time.

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Russia in South Ossetia equips digital ground

In one of the former Georgian villages will be the target of a digital network for conscripts

Russia in South Ossetia equips digital ground

Russian Ministry of Defense continues to strengthen its positions in South Ossetia. Following a military town, technology and own TV, the Russian military defeated near Tskhinvali multifunctional ground on which to train conscripts infantry war.

The Minister of Defence of South Ossetia Valery Yakhnovets told "Izvestia" that works on digital equipment polygon of the target complexes to be completed before the end of the year. However, he stressed that Dzartsemi is a polygon co-location and

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The tablet support TSB-200

Company "KompyuterLend" from St. Petersburg presents a new and very necessary for our Russian Army device: tablet Technical Support TSB-200.

The tablet Technical Support TSB-200 the crew will have an indispensable aid in the operation, maintenance and repair of weapons and military equipment.

The main indicator of the effectiveness of at least some army in the world is the ability to quickly solve assigned tasks. The ability of the military at the technical level, good and excellent to use weapons and military equipment to carry out high-quality technical service and perform routine maintenance of expensive weapon systems

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Russia neutralize U.S. missile defense system in Turkey.

Moscow has already deployed on the territory of Armenia precision missile complexes "Iskander-M".

The ability to place in Armenia, Russian tactical missile systems (PTRC), "Iskander-M" should not greatly disturb Azerbaijan. This is a good deal of mockery told a REGNUM expert on the Caucasus Victor Yakubyan. After all, the target of "Iskander" in this case is not the Azerbaijani territory, and elements of the U.S. global missile defense system in Turkey — an early warning radar and missile systems Patriot, he explained. But then he added: "On the other hand, the presence of such missiles in Armenia

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