Russian-US anti-terror exercises

May 12, 2012 Russian Navy military delegation flew to the U.S. to participate in the first in the history of the two countries in the US-Russian anti-terrorist exercises, which will be held at the military base of Fort Carson (USA, Colorado).

From the U.S. side will take part in the teaching unit of Special Operations Forces Army U.S. forces from the Russian side — special-purpose intelligence unit of the Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Airborne Troops of the military unit stationed in Kubinka and management team of Navy Command.Plan of teaching in the preparatory

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The prospect of the evolution of military forces in the XXI century

A paradigm shift of research and of solving problems of war and peace, politics, and military forces, security and stability in modern conditions has been very controversial and very difficult. This is due to the circumstances as an impartial and personal nature. Namely, the inertia of the public consciousness, in what continues to be the dominant military force thinking, on the one hand, and with the irrational policies of individual countries (and unions) have relied upon its military strength on the other.

Despite this, the brand new paradigm solutions outlined above problems, which lie at the basis of the balance

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Near East to the map as a path to world domination

The situation surrounding Iran's increasingly heating up. War Financial at any moment can turn into regional and then a global military actions.

Set the time to ask the question: why specifically to Iran brought such a claim? Neuzh then Iran — it is the only country using peaceful atom? Why are nuclear powers that have not signed the contract on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons, is not subject to any sanctions — neither Israel nor India nor Pakistan nor even North Korea?

Why Iran is a particularly angry U.S.? Yes, he threatened Israel, but not to a greater extent than

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Freight military mission

Often by regions Russian Federation and abroad to carry cargo of military purpose. Now freight military sector are used for the preparation of large-scale exercises on different bases and ranges. It is reported that the training exercises "Caucasus-2012", which aroused great enthusiasm not only in Russia, but also abroad, to places for thousands of tons of cargo transported by various kinds. It is not only special equipment, communications systems, ammunition, and navigation systems, the new automatic control devices live firing and much more.

If a military cargo transported by rail, then this can be applied specific platforms on which equipment

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Russian Defense: Do dreams become reality?

DIC becomes funnel, which may involve a significant portion of the industrial economy The role of the military-industrial complex in the Russian economy and domestic policy has been receiving outlines the main thoroughfare. Of course, the rate on the development of the defense understood Putin, no more and no less than the method for upgrading the industrial potential of. Maybe that campaign promise — «twenty trillion to the twentieth year in the defense industry ‘remains a promise, but a strong inclination budget expenditure in this direction is already a reality. According to the Ministry of Finance, the budget expenditures

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First supersonic aircraft land of the rising sun. Mitsubishi F-1

In August 1967 the Japanese company "Mitsubishi" started to design multi-role aircraft. The plane had to change the existing armed forces of the South American defense both military and trainer aircraft. Japan got the opportunity to develop their research and experimental base for the development of military aircraft. Earlier airframe factory land of the rising sun produced licensed design airplanes, airplanes and their development (passenger MU-2 flying boat "Shin Maeve» PS-1, C-1 transport).

In October 1968 began the construction of full-scale mock two-seater training aircraft, which ended in January 1969 in March 1970 between the command of the Air

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T129A — new attack helicopters, Turkey wants to put Pakistan

The Government of Turkey has offered Pakistan new attack helicopters T129, made on the basis of Italian A129 Mangusta, reports Defense News.   With all this Turkish producers expect to deploy in Pakistan creating such helicopters, which offered to change outdated Pakistani AH-1F Modernized Cobra. But Turkey’s plans to supply helicopters can spoil opposition from the United States.   Middle of September 2013 during the visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Turkey he was offered Free Shipping 3-T129 helicopters and more than 2300 different kinds of spare parts and consumables to aeronautical engineering.   In 2009, Turkey on

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Russian military exports reached 12 billion dollars

Russian arms exports in 2011 amounted to about $ 12 billion. On this, as reported by "Interfax", said the Director General of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies" Chemezov. According to him, the supply of military equipment through the "Rosoboronexport" last year totaled $ 10.7 billion.

"This year will be over 12 billion. This is exactly, "- said Chemezov, noting that such a forecast can make the current portfolio volume of export orders. Currently, the order book for the Russian military production is 30-35 billion dollars. "The groundwork we have enough big, and he actually does not

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First Indian military helicopter made the first test flight

First Indian battle helicopter Sunday for the first time off the ground and took off, said the Ministry of Defence of India.

Earlier in the last 3 months of light helicopter (Light Combat Helicopter, LCH) did trial runs on the airfield.

LCH was designed and built by the municipal aircraft manufacturing concern Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), the headquarters of which is located in the town of Bangalore.

For the first time on the project of creation of its own light combat helicopters produced in India was announced in 2006. This war machine is designed for close air support of

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U.S. F-22 was sent to South Korea

The Pentagon on Sunday sent based in the Land of the Rising Sun fighter F-22 Raptor for a role in the ongoing joint US-South Korean military exercises «young eagle» in the Korean peninsula, said the U.S. military command in South Korea. Immediately in the statement of command states: «North Korea dangers and provocations will not achieve anything apart from the forthcoming isolation and undermine international efforts to promote peace and security in Northeast Asia.» Local observers see the move as a demonstration of U.S. willingness to provide their own defense Asian allies in the criteria threats from Pyongyang, who

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