The Pentagon will get the latest intelligence service

Ministry Defense makes the latest intelligence service, which will focus on the collection of disk imaging outside war zones. It is reported by Associated Press, citing a senior official from the Ministry, who spoke on the criteria of anonymity. According to the agency, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta approved the program from the service to create a Hidden Defense (Defense Clandestine Service) on Friday, April 20.Bimbo Intelligence service, as stated in the publication of The Washington Post, will collect the data, namely, about Iran. AP shows that one of the values Hidden defense services will also be collecting disk imaging

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The Pentagon and Sikorsky helicopters prices diverged H-60

The Army and Navy, as the Office of Military Cooperation (DSCA) Pentagon concluded with the U.S. company Sikorsky contract to supply 916 multi-role helicopters of H-60 Hawk. As reports citing Defense Aerospace, the Pentagon estimated amount of the transaction to 2.83 billion dollars. Sikorsky previously estimated contract price of 11.7 billion dollars.

According to the Pentagon, the military will have to get helicopters to provide additional equipment and spare parts to the end of September 2016. In turn, Sikorsky reported that the supply of helicopters should be completed in 2017. According to the company, the military ordered 653

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Russian soldiers will be able to sleep in the snow


New winter form of Russian troops can withstand 40-degree cold and allow soldiers to lie down in the snow for four hours without harm to health. By frost it is superior to foreign counterparts — in particular, the form of the Finnish army.

Winter uniforms Russian soldiers have repeatedly criticized — particularly after a number of cases of frostbite recruits last winter. Now the Ministry of Defence says that a new form has been tested and will withstand any cold weather. The Russian military because of this outfit will be able to serve in a particularly

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Russian troops remain in Kyrgyzstan until 2032

Russia will keep control on a military base in Kyrgyzstan at least until 2032. The agreement was signed on the subject in the presence of the two presidents Vladimir Putin and Almazbek Atambayev. Under the agreement, which takes effect in 2017, it has been signed for 15 years with the possibility of extension for another 5 years. It will also act protocol that negotiates military cooperation in the period up to the work of this soglasheniya.Primechatelno that while Russia agreed to write off the debt of Kyrgyzstan to $ 189 million from September 5, 2005. As for the debt of

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The Pentagon paid rogues 1.1 trillion dollars

U.S. Department of Defense in the past 10 years has transferred 1.1 trillion dollars to companies to one degree or another involved in the fraudulent scheme. This is stated in the study, commissioned by Senator Bernie Sanders (Bernie Sanders). The designated funds were 37 companies of the defense industrial complex, which were drawn directly. Among them — Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. In general, in the performance of military contracts involving more than 300 companies accused of fraud.

According to the study, about 431 billion dollars were transferred defense companies after they have settled or legal proceedings on charges

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Peking Duck

Russian Navy expressed his intention to return to their former base in Vietnam, which should temper the geopolitical appetite adjoining China

Main Command of the Russian Navy proposes to resume military base in the port of Cam Ranh Bay (Vietnam), said on Wednesday, a source in the Russian Admiralty. Experts believe that such statements are addressed, first, Beijing, exhibit excessive enthusiasm for the Russian zone usually impact.

"Main Command of the finished work on the documents, and calculate what is due to the need to restore Fri Welfare (E & P) for Russian ships in the Asia-Pacific region," — said

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Beijing yesterday claimed that America has air espionage along the Chinese coast

Peking yesterday claimed that America has air espionage along the Chinese coast. Washington replied: "No". Reconnaissance flights will last, and the commitment to support Taiwan will be fulfilled. These contradictions have dispelled the Pentagon hopes to expand ties with the Chinese military. All the more so that, according to the Carnegie Center, China does not want to reveal information about their own nuclear forces.

China warned the United States that the raid by U.S. aircraft near its coast undermine trust between with 2 powers and transformed into an obstacle in the way of establishing links between them by the military

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Defense and military-space defense

Defense and military-space defense (ASD) now can not fully ensure the security of the country. This statement was made on May 13, Air Force Commander Anatoly Kornukov and former head of the weapons of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Anatoly Sitnov.

Including as existing in-service military equipment is aging and produces its military-industrial complex, they say, is in poor condition. In addition, they believe that the funds for the development of ASD Our homeland behind the possible enemies of 25-30 years. As Anatoly Kornukov said: "In today's time the military-space attack (WCS) is everything. Recent experience of local

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Russian marines landed in the Arctic


Northern Fleet conducted exercises to prove Russia's ability to stand up for Arctic territory even without the use of the French "Mistral". On the shore of the Kola Peninsula, landed a few hundred Marines with equipment and weapons, and a couple of hours "smoothed" it from the "enemy."

How to tell the "News" in the headquarters of the Northern Fleet, landing was carried out with three large amphibious ships (BDK) — "Alexander Otrakovsky," "George" and "Olenegorsky miner."

— Each ship landed ashore by company of marines (about 200 people) and dozens of pieces of

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Astrakhan continues to rock. Now and at night


7.12.12.Voennye with Ashuluk that Harabalinskom's apparently decided to change tactics: now explosions of ammunition, because of which almost the entire half-million regional center complains of tremors which are not in the afternoon (as before), and about 4:00 am, when a man's deep sleep. At the very least, that such messages were coming from the 4th of December, residents of apartment buildings on the street. B.Alekseeva and Tatishchev.

Thus the military either by themselves or with the filing of the authorities are apparently hoping to reduce the number of dissatisfied occurring in earthquakes, late at night, most people are fast

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