Pakistan and the United States: friends do not go out

No sooner had the "Voice of America" on March 29 to write about improving relations between the United States and Pakistan, as the subsequent day the Pakistani parliament extended the ban on the transportation of military cargo through the NATO area of Pakistan. A prerequisite for the refusal of friendship yet served as a rocket at the U.S. Air Force hunt Taliban, ending the night of March 29, the death of four militants and wounding three others.

I. Washington has killed, but did not apologize

NATO cargo transit through Pakistan was stopped after an incident Nov. 26, 2011, when as

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Anatoly Serdyukov told the fate of SAM «Armour-C1»

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The fall of Port Arthur

January 2, 1905 fell Russian naval fortress of Port Arthur.

During the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905 ended with the heroic defense of Russian naval fortress of Port Arthur, which lasted from February 9, 1904. Despite the fact that most of the members of the military council, which December 29, voted for the continuation of Defence, the Chief of the fortified area, located on the Kwantung Peninsula, Lieutenant-General Anatoly Stessel decided to surrender Port Arthur. Eventually captured by the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun has got about 25 thousand people. The loss of the Japanese troops were

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Indian military launched the «blame» for the Arjun tank T-90ms

Military government of India takes constructive steps to prevent the victory of the main battle tank Arjun state development of Russian T-90 in comparative trials. It is reported by Business Standard, citing sources in the leadership of the Indian military. Such an act is performed to ensure the signing of the contract for the purchase of 354 new T-90ms worth about 100 billion rupees (1.8 billion dollars). According to the newspaper, puzzle fail tests Arjun put before the military control of the Office of Military Operations (MO). According to the instructions of management, military management should not be allowed

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China and territorial conflicts

In recent decades, China has more than once demonstrated its territorial claims to adjacent states — the Soviet Union, the Country of the Rising Sun, Pakistan, Vietnam, India, etc. January 15, 1974 — a special day in the history of the conflict in the South China Sea. Exactly 40 years ago, at dawn on the island Robert, Mani, Duncan and Drumont group Croissant Paracel archipelago began to disembark Chinese «fishermen». In this clear and calm morning they sailed to these islands could not then, to save it from the storm, or the right to conduct repairs. Their goal was

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The next innovation in the Russian army: What to expect now?

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, only recently started to fulfill its own obligations, days are spent in a meeting with the management of the Ministry of Defence. In the process, the Minister and the military was tasked — to increment the number of contract soldiers to 425 thousand people. This must be made within the next 5 years. As the President said, this is a very difficult task, especially for the municipal budget.

With specific regard to military service, the recruits, who will arrive in military units on a contract basis, will be on a non-commissioned

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Private company SpaceX will launch military satellites

Personal aerospace company Space X, developed and launched a cargo ship Dragon, signed with the U.S. Department of Defense contract for admission to military professionals Falcon 9 rocket v1.1. Experts at the center of cosmic and missile systems SMC should explore personal safety equipment and to decide on the admission of the military launches. Details leads Defense News. In the case of a positive opinion of professionals the company can expect to receive state orders already in 2015, the economy and then the first military satellites into space in 2017. Signed at the moment the contract regulates access to technology

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The Russian military base in Tajikistan will remain until 2042

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and Tajikistan Sherali and Khayrulloyev today in the presence of the two Presidents Vladimir Putin and Emomali Rahmon signed an agreement on the status and conditions of the 201st Russian military base on the territory of the republic. They are also the Memorandum was signed by the defense departments of the two countries on cooperation in the military field.

As a presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, the agreement replaces a similar document with validity until 2014. It extends stay in Tajikistan, the Russian military for 49 years from the date of commencement of the

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Russian armored best western

Completed its work II International Forum "Engineering Technologies 2012" (TVM-2012). In addition to the bright techno-musical with dancing tanks and flying motorcycles on it the first time you could see the military equipment that will determine the face of the Russian Armed Forces. Determine whether or not … One of the really sensational news forum was made public on Friday, June 29. Deputy director of "Rosoboronexport" Igor Sevastyanov said that along with France is developing a new infantry fighting vehicle. Also, according to Sevastyanov, the French have proposed a new design and the Russian-French armored personnel carrier. Even the

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SAM SM-6 reached the initial state of readiness for combat use

TSAMTO, December 4. The company «Raytheon» (Raytheon) announced the first deployment of the Navy of the U.S. interceptor missile SM-6 (Standard Missile-6). This is a fundamental step crotch applets decision-Zour on arms and marks the achievement of the initial state of readiness for combat use in accordance with the agreed timetable. SM-6 is designed to provide U.S. naval long-range SAM acts. It is designed to provide air defense and is capable of making the interception of aircraft, helicopters, drones and advanced anti-ship cruise missiles. In the long term SAM SM-6 will be used in the missile defense system for the

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