Rejecting the procurement of BMD-4M, you need to upgrade the remaining infantry fighting vehicles of third generation

BMD-3 "lucky" to be born at the turn of eras when she got to the assembly flow, staggered a huge structure of the Russian state. The development of this machine was done in SKB VgTZ to spoof the BMD-1 and BMD-2.

The design of the latest machine allows her to parachute along with disposed therein combat crew parachute and landing techniques from aircraft military transport aircraft and helicopters from landing technique.

The machine has the original chassis and unified with BMP-2 turret with the weapon. Weight BMD-3: 12 to 13 900 kg 200 kg. The crew of 3 people., Landing

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Russian disposable grenade launchers

In the 70 years in the Russian Union was created by another type of rocket-propelled grenades — one-off. One of the varieties of ammunition for grenade launchers are single multi-purpose grenades and assault.

Rocket-grenade with a one-time starter in return antitank hand grenade RKG-3 hit in the development of Russian Union in 1967. There is speculation that the start of development was due to the fact that the Russian military familiar with the American system of similar type M72 LAW, which is extensively used in the Yankees Vietnam War. At least, the assembly and the main design decisions of this

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The disaster on request. Continued Part 2

War, "quiet", but destructive The interest of scientists to the problem of war is determined by a substantial environmental impact of natural factors on the economic power of states. Ecology has a direct, though not specifying the impact on the development of forms and methods of warfare, the nature of warfare. According to Vladimir Dumenko, active impact on natural processes can create the simplest and most cost-destructive tools that will produce results that leave far behind all other weapons of mass destruction. In addition, the environmental conditions can be manipulated remotely, at a considerable distance from the site,

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Repay the motherland will be easy and pleasant

Now in Russia will start the next, autumn, Military call. The Ministry of Defence does not fluctuate that the plan to execute the call, regardless of the difficulties with health and demographic hole, intended to be about 280 thousand men of military age.

According to the officials of the Ministry, in this brand new appeal, as well as in the past, the event will be held in the future allowing to raise the prestige of military service. Although harsh, legislative innovation in this time is not planned.

Which starts on Friday call will be marked by a series of

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St. Petersburg again reported tremors


20.12.12.V town again it was reported that residents felt tremors from which the walls of apartments went crack.46 year-old resident of St. Petersburg told the blog in LJ that night 20 December felt the tremors. A resident of the northern areas of the city wrote that pushes him to the bathroom went crack.

"I live in the north of the city. Tonight in 2:00 resistant felt tremors. And in the bathroom on the same side of the tile directly in front of the crack, and the other does tiles fell off. It was about 3 push. A similar phenomenon

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Rehearsal of the parade on the Red Square with armored vehicles

Completed in 2012, the first full-scale rehearsal of the Victory Parade in Red Square with armored vehicles. Photo: road-mobile launcher rocket complex "Topol-M" during a rehearsal of the Victory Parade in Red Square.

Lots of pictures under the cut

On Friday night training participants made two passes over the main square of the country.

After a workout, military equipment, took part in the rehearsals, Khodynskoye returned to the field, where it will be protected until the next night training, which will take place on April 30. Photo: armored personnel

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From the steam carriage to the armored car

Auto Troops 100 years

Lorry "Russo-Balt T40/65" with protivoaerostatnoy gun Tarnovskii / Lender. 1916.


Grandparent's car — a steam wagon for the first time made in 1769 by order of the French military department captain Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. The Army has once again acted as the engine of technological progress.

In the middle of the XIX century in several countries issued travel locomobiles steam. In Russia, the first experiments with the new means of transportation were on the ice of the Neva River and the Gulf of Finland in the winter 1861-1862 period. Along the route

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From the trendy messenger of death devaysa

Two centuries back for the first time on the neck fighter appeared iron label indicating the holder of disk imaging, his duty station. With the help of the concept of "unknown soldier" was to go into the past. In part this is to contribute, in the armies of those states where the availability of chips look very strictly, it is actually a very rare case. It is in our armed forces just a few years back every soldier was officially laid badge showing personal number.

Token military, personal yarlychek, dog tag — it does not refer to his people, and

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MoD takes cyberwar

Aaplet creation combat bots hinder rather weak funding, lack of element base and brain drain Yesterday the Ministry of Defense has approved a period until 2025 the conceptual development of robotic systems programm military use. It overlooked held in St. Petersburg visiting session of the Collegium of the military department. Ministry of Defense in the coming 10-12 years, together with representatives wants defense industry to make a series of different combat bots (including reconnaissance and strike), which are able to change personnel on the battlefield, as is done in the armies of advanced countries. However, in real time similar work

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Acute scarcity of defense

Funds for the latest military equipment allocated, whether they will go for the intended purpose?

Municipal defense order for 2011 year will fail with a huge bang more than it did in the past year. Guilty, usually to announce the industry, can be fired any of the directors. And the problem grows like a snowball.

In the fall of 2010, the Secretary of Defense with the whole army straightforwardness said president and commander in chief, that the programm-year procurement of weapons will not be executed, many were shocked. How so? Funds allocated large, and there is no return! Caught stealing

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