Russia will not save on defense

Russian President and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin stressed that without a strong army can not be strong and sovereign Russia. Addressing the graduates of military academies and institutes at the festive reception in the Kremlin on Wednesday, he promised that «to strengthen the armed forces and enhance the status of military personnel, we will not save.» «So ahead of you a lot of work. You will come to the troops during the period when there is a large-scale rearmament of the army and navy, when it is necessary to develop a modern instrument, advanced management strategy units and subunits, when

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Crimea has a small strategic importance for the Navy RUSSIA — THE WASHINGTON POST

South American newspaper The Washington Post March 13 published an article about the immense history of the Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet and tried to answer the question that can get militarily Our homeland, taking this part of the Ukrainian countryside under your own control. The creator of the article thinks that the military-strategic plan Our motherland will become «a little» from the annexation of the Crimea, but the political benefits of joining area may be significant because the wave of patriotism «washes» the whole country. Even dissident poet Joseph Brodsky, who was exiled in his time in the

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May 9th day passed quietly in Estonia

Weave people came now the Tallinn military cemetery to lay flowers to the Bronze soldier — Russian soldiers monument, which reversed two weeks was moved from the square Tynismyagi. On the morning of flowers at the monument to the military cemetery laid salting Minister Nikolai Uspensky. Yesterday he did not perceived role in ceremonies commemorating the victims of the second world wars, in which representatives of the Estonian government and diplomats of several States. Now Russian military cemetery salting said:"May 9 — this is our prazdnichek this day, which is celebrated in Russia. And I am very pleased that our

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Opposition activists commemorated the victims of war

Now in the morning at the gates of the Minsk Military Cemetery gathered Social Democrats — Statkevich associates, former members of the Association of Belarusian military, other opposition activists.They walked down the main avenue War Memorial and laid flowers at the monument to those killed in the second world war. Word took Social Democrat Alexander Arestovich:"In my memory for more than fifteen years as a member of the Belarusian Association of war, the People’s whopper, and other organizations come to the military cemetery to bow to the victims in the Second World War I. We honor those who fought in

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FOR MORE Air India will gather 42 Su-30MKI fighters

«Rosoboronexport» Hindustan Aeronautics and the company signed a contract to supply 42 Techkomplekt license for assembly production Su-30MKI fighters. Amount of the contract is U.S. $ 1.6 billion agreement was signed during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to India.   Immediately «Rosoboronexport» and the Indian Ministry of Defence signed a contract to supply to India 71 Mi-17V-5, with a total cost of $ 1.3 billion   Earlier today during a meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Putin significant growth of trade turnover between Russia and India, which is not far in the future should reach the

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Precision combat crew

Our homeland will not allow the military defeat or in real life or in cyberspace There is no hesitation that now and Supreme Commander Vladimir Putin expressed his agreement with concern Dmitry Rogozin, who a couple of weeks back the announced severe backlog of in the development of certain kinds of modern non-nuclear weapons. The Head of State at the last meeting of the Russian Security Council stressed that «precision instrument according to his abilities have not actually inferior strategic, and this has an impact on the global balance of power.» In this case obviously not in our favor. Recall,

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Against the U.S. scrap no reception Syrian

Air campaign against the regime of Bashar al-Assad will be more like a beating unpunished than military campaign Currently in Russian and global media publications shaft just about impending military campaign of the United States against Syria. Counted the number and types of aircraft, cruise missiles sounded TTX sea or air, lists various aeronautical lesions are forecasts beginning and development of military conflict (mostly very long life). Professionals listed numerous forces and air defenses available to Bashar al-Assad, serviceable Air Force planes armed forces of Syria and sometimes concludes: Syrian regime is able to give a powerful rebuff potential aggressor.

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Walesa stood up for Jaruzelski

Lech Walesa said that he always fought for democracy, because will look closely for compliance with the law in the process of trial creators of martial law. "I has always been adversary Wojciech Jaruzelski, I overcame and satisfied its own victory. But I wish to allocate: Jaruzelski should not go into an agreement with "Solidarity", but did. We fought for a fair country and I do not want anyone involved in today’s Poland vendetta "- said Walesa.Past President also noted that the family Jaruzelski fought for a free Poland, and he himself in other historical circumstances "might be dignified man."

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«Trojan horse» in the nuclear suitcase

Information coming war: why then prepare RF Now when they say analysts about future wars, they mean no longer clash of nations and peoples, as in former times, and civilizations. Civilizations problem now so topical that their cooperation against the backdrop of increasing globalization can become a problem axial first half of the XXI century. And on the first plan are increasingly put forward the information component of the armed conflict. Inter-civilizational wars and armed conflicts considered to be those in which one civilization or representing its government (coalition) aim to forcibly kill the other means, to oust its historically

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Jaruzelski» revealed by the prosecution before a military position

General Wojciech Jaruzelski, the last Minister Interior Gen. Czeslaw Kiszczak last and first secretary of the Polish United Workers’ Party, Stanislaw Kania — the main accused in the case of the introduction of martial law in December 1981.Them together with six other former senior executives of People’s Poland, blamed "communist crime", which is "the management of the criminal group, which aims to commit atrocities.""In particular, if the question of the Polish army. Creators of martial law just used the army to deal with the massive public movement" Solidarity "- said the prosecutor Peter Pentek, which is conducting an investigation.Charges are

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