Rating Defense News TOP 100: an impressive success of the Russian defense industry

Defense News publishes new ranking defense companies Defense News TOP 100. According to the publication, reducing U.S. military spending and a number of European countries had an impact on the revenue table leaders (mostly Western companies). Seven of the top ten representatives showed a reduction of revenue from sales of military goods, and the sales of the one hundred largest manufacturers of defense products for the year fell by three per cent. The defense of only one country has shown impressive growth — Russia.


So, Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey", which showed revenue growth of

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Stop the reckless war machine!

In the last days of terrorists in Damascus as a chain broke. Already it is day or goes by without a terrorist attack. Law enforcement agencies increase security, many of the streets in the town are covered, but not easy to resist the highly trained and prepared bandits. Some of the attacks lead to the real harm — as, for example, the explosion on October 22 in the metropolitan area of Tijara, where a car bomb exploded. On the same day, a suicide bomber tried to undermine the army checkpoint on arrival at the village Zheramana, but, fortunately, he just

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Mali: West will never win?

  Chatter on the Web about the situation in Mali, articles to various analysts, professionals hypothesis, various records and reports, announcements, which are innumerable, mostly boil down to one: several French legions African troops and a bit of air strikes expel Islamist fanatics world map. Do not count on it, says journalist Mort Rosenblum, more than once in Mali. In his latest blog post «Rendezvous» («New York Times») is given a sharp enough score following Western «blitzkrieg» against Islamists. No, he is not against the military operation, but apparently believes that the West is their strength and ability to overestimates.

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Features of the transport of military equipment

Military equipment is necessary, even in peacetime, as is often used in different exercises and conducting military profile. Besides military machinery is of particular importance for the creation of the citadel of arms of the country. The authorities of each country are trying to stock up the largest arsenal Military Equipment, And be prepared for sudden military action. Countries that do not have their own military industry, prefer to order military equipment from other countries, and the transportation of military equipment requests to the special criteria. The process of transportation of military equipment will be more labor-intensive than selling

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Resuscitation is not necessary

Kiev State enterprise "Antonov" unilaterally decided to increase the cost of the flight of the prototype ship immediately by a third, from 67 million to 100 million.

This is not only contrary to all agreements between Russia and Ukraine reached at the highest level for the last two years, but also calls into question the very idea of this project — it is simply useless. And it is clear why. Much more powerful and heavy transport Il-476, with production set to begin this year at the facilities of the Ulyanovsk plant "Aviastar-SP", the Russian Defense Ministry

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The main trend of improving the technical equipment of the Air Force

The peculiarity of the Russian Air Force would be that they should be capable of combat missions in virtually all of the known range of physiographic and weather criteria of days and NIGHT MODE, under normal and adverse weather conditions. Such a wide range of criteria intended to implement the need for the creation of a unique system of the Air Force.

In today's Air Force criteria solve a range of tasks to ensure the security of the country in peacetime and wartime.

In peacetime, the most important of them are:

— Performance of alert duty fixed by the

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Main Battle Tanks (Part 7) — Merkava, Israel

Israel began developing its own its own tank in 1972, in 1977 the press was presented the first pictures of prototypes of the tank 'Merkava'. The first public showing of the tank took place in 1979 in the Israeli independence day of the country. Specificity of Israel and the special design presentation led to a rather unusual main battle tank, owning a number of exciting features.

Features Israeli tank development

This may seem weird, but the main limitation on weight and dimensions of tanks stacked railway transport standards. Tank units to rapidly flip over great distances, MBT should not

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Avalanche in the Indian glacier proved fatal

Avalanche in the Indian glacier proved fatal Natural Disasters

As a result of the avalanche came down to the border of India and Pakistan to altitude Siachen Glacier, killing at least six people. All of them were Indian soldiers, and were killed when their military camp drifted snow stream. Once on the scene were sent rescuers with sniffer dogs, have found the bodies of six people. The fate of another soldier in this camp is not known. His quest continues. In the higher areas of Siachen announced warning of a possible gathering of new avalanches.

In April this

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Main Battle Tanks (Part 11) Al-Khalid (Pakistan)

In the first day in October 1988 between the PRC, which was represented by NORINCO and Pakistan, with the consulate of Heavy Industries Taxila have signed an agreement to design and develop a joint production of a new battle tank MBT-2000, according to technical documentation — "Type 90-II» . The program of work was approved by the Committee of the Chinese Defense January 16, 1990, and in May of the same in 1990 has already been concluded main agreement. In addition to conducting trials in China tank IMT-2000 passed these tests and Pakistan. Creation of combat vehicles has been

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Indias main battle tank Vijayanta (Vickers Mk.1)

First 1960 a British company «Vickers Defence Systems» (today BAE Systems) began to develop a new tank specifically for potential foreign customers. This tank was one of the few members of the military vehicles that have been made on its own initiative of the developer without preliminary financing agreement or order. Creating a new tank was maybe due bolshennomu experience of creation and production of similar vehicles, the use of ready-made developments and existing in the production of plant and equipment included in the produced samples of military equipment.

The new tank had to be relatively easy to track

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