MBT: The Revolution

Specifically so immodestly translated into the Russian language programs from the title of the German MBT Revolution (Main battle tank revolution), aims to improve the properties of the Leopard 2. For the first time on the development of measures to improve the existing equipment at the show told the Germans Eurosatory-2010 and soon showed a demo tank Leopard 2A4, converted in accordance with the programs.

The main objective pursued by Rheinmetall in the development of MBT Revolution, ordinary and understandable. Changing the concept of modern warfare and the tank, as one of the principal means of waging it, must keep

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The main battle tank MBT-70

In the midst of yet another round of the arms race and confrontation when the USSR and the U.S. headed for a climax at the end of the 60-ies of the XX century, the political and military control of NATO began to concentrate their actions on manufacturing new models of armored vehicles. This zeal for the universalization battle equipment and weapons would be considered resolved the issue of providing and maintaining equipment and weapons across the North Atlantic bloc, with a centralized method. In this case, it would be possible to solve the main task — to increase the

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UAV-invisible death

  World market drones is on the rise. But that the impending arms race «drones» will bring to our world? Every couple of years in the English Farnborough, in the height of summer passes Aerospace Exhibition. Civilian and military delegations customers enter into contracts for the 10-ki billion dollars on buying aircraft. One of the most popular exhibits at the show this year was the exhibition of unmanned aerial vehicles. Noteworthy that designers and traders prefer not to call their devices «drones.» They believe that once a control scheme is a person, then the device can not be considered absolutely

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U.S. military drones are going to hide at the bottom of the ocean

  Promising Agency Defense Advanced Research Projects USA (DARPA) is working on an unusual solution to reduce the cost of shipping and logistics real deployment in conflict zones. Military plan to leave for a day or sea caches the necessary equipment, which when necessary can float to the surface and be used by newcomers. Emphasizes that it is not about weapons but about the means of communication and intelligence, because these capsules will not pose a danger ecology and violate international conventions. History of the organization of similar caches is not new. Syzveka army and navy left them in strategic

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The program of the South American fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II, also popular as the Joint Strike Fighter (nationwide strike fighter), is the most expensive military applets in the world and continues to be in «a turbulent stream of criticism» recalls bbc.com April 11.   Fighter, built by Lockheed Martin, is designed to overcome the defense of foreign countries and strengthening military advantages the United States and its allies. Along with the ability to evade enemy radar detection supersonic fighter can boast the presence of advanced helmet display, capable of giving the pilot a 360-degree view of the

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USC and the Ministry of Defence signed a contract for the supply of frigates of Project 11356

The contract for the supply of the second three frigates Project 11356 Tuesday signed by representatives of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC) and the Ministry of Defence as part of the state defense order for the current year, said the official dealer of USC's Alex Kravchenko.

The ships will put the Navy in 2015-2016, "- said Kravchenko, without informing the amount of the contract.

Contract for the first three frigates of Project 11356 was signed on August 29, the Ministry of Defense and the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" (comes in the USC), ITAR-TASS reported.

Frigate project 11356 designed for combat

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Autumn call for President

"Memorial", the Alliance of Committees of Soldiers' Mothers and still almost two 10-ka human rights organizations have signed appeal to President Medvedev called for completely abandon conscription and eliminate Institute of Military Justice. Specific reason for the occurrence of this treatment was the death of soldiers of Ruslan Ayderhanova.

"We are convinced that if the appeal in its Russian variant is not possible modernization of the country," — said in a statement yesterday sent the president by 22 human rights organizations from 14 regions of Russia. The founder of the appeal was the Yekaterinburg Committee of Soldiers' Mothers. To

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In Primorye, ammunition disposed near houses



18.05.12. Residents in the border area of Primorsky Krai protest recycling live ammunition.

Blast them at the site, which is located only four kilometers away from residential areas. People complain that the shock wave broke the glass in the windows, and a distorted wall.

Svetlana Lamzurkinoy house is falling apart. Cracks appeared in the walls of almost every building Barano Orenburg. Bed ponadelal explosions — get rid of old military ordnance. The landfill disposal — too close to the village.

Of people are tired of artificial earthquakes. Some have tumbled pipe, flew in the other house windows.

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Carrier rocket Soyuz-U successfully launched a military satellite into orbit

 Photo source:englishrussia.com

Launched today at 20:00 MSK from Plesetsk rocket "Soyuz-U" has successfully orbited a military satellite "Cosmos" series.

As the official representative of the Space Forces Lt. Col. Alexei Zolotukhin, "rocket Soyuz-U at 20:08 MSK successfully placed on the target orbit the Russian military spacecraft." "After the launch was given the serial number Cosmos-2472, — he said. — Start and orbit insertion of the spacecraft were in the normal mode. "

"At 23:17 MSK Cosmos-2472 will be adopted for management of ground automated complex — Zolotukhin said. — The aim is to increase the launch of

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The gun in the Caucasus comes from abroad and from local military units — PGO

Office of the Prosecutor General in the North Caucasus Federal surrounded by states that tool in illegal turn comes not only from-abroad, and in some cases from local military units, RIA announcements.

"There are some instances where tool and ammunition arrive in illegal trafficking from units of the Ministry of Defence, I am referring to the military units, etc., "- said the deputy head of department Alexey Cornflower.

He identified two main channels receipts guns and drugs in the neighborhood area. "Then I see two main channels are available, then after those items that are not wrapped in customs

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