Orenburg was shaking like mad. Video


17.04.12.V editors were again receiving calls from outraged citizens. People believe that the ammunition on military training ground Donguzskom utilized, exceeding the permissible limits. Confirmation of this — new cracks in buildings.

"To convey the words, it hurts to see that collapse is your new home, you can not! Understand only one who will be in my place, "- says Oleg. The family lives in a village Markiewicz Southern Urals, the house was built two years ago. The man says that last year was not a week that the house does not flinch from the constant explosions.

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Ashuluk reeling from all of the Astrakhan region


31.01.12.Zhiteli Astrakhan region complain of daily earthquakes that ustaivayte military, blowing every day Ashuluk range of about 1400 tons of ammunition.

Astrakhan scare dancing chandeliers and doors in the apartments in the area Harabalinskom people feared that the vibration will destroy their homes. Intervene promised the chairman of the regional government.

Earthquakes local scale

Konstantin Markelov Harabalinskom visited the area last week. As the portal organs of state power, during a private meeting with the Prime Minister, many residents are outraged at the "too active demolition landfill Ashuluk": homes shaking walls, windows, people are simply afraid of that,

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India and Japan against China be friends

To deepen military ties between India and Japan over the entire range of issues Army Chief of Staff General Bikram Singh of India (Bikram Singh, pictured) in February, will make four-day visit to Japan, reports The Times of India on February 1.   «Military and strategic partnership with Japan to a new level. February 11, General Singh met with the defense ministers of Japan and senior military officials to discuss ways the forthcoming development of bilateral ties. He will also visit some Japanese defense sites, «said a spokesman for the Indian government.   The visit will take place against

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BMD-4M has been developed in an active manner on the instructions of the Ministry of Defense Concern «Tractor Plants», and is a modernized version of the BMD-4, which differs from her new body, engine, chassis and other nodes. BMD-4M — the car is very high-level combat and technical features. The first time was presented at the presentation of 21 March 2008 on «Kurganmashzavod.» In 2010, the army successfully passed tests BMD-4M, within the teachings of the 98th Airborne Division near Kostroma. BMD-4M is a combat aviatransportabelnuyu Gators crawler that can parachute to a designated point and parachute landing technique

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Size matters

Denis Mokrushin compares to my LJ and our American military navigator. Many have called our system GLONASS only as a disgrace. But another myth dispelled. Next story Dennis.

Everyone is mocked the size of the Russian military GLONASS navigator, they say, he is a giant that is stydobischem in the twenty-first century. Today was another piece of reproaches from one of the visitors to my journal. She looked so — that's our navigator

 Photo source:pcmag.ru

But the best American (right)

 Photo source:navigadget.com

American positioned as a compact and ours — as a whopper. I'm not being

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Petersburg a week shaking mysterious tremors


1.03.11.Zhiteli St. Petersburg some days feel mysterious tremors in the north of the city in the evening, but their nature is not yet possible to establish. Seismologists believe that the cause of the phenomenon — the explosions of ammunition at military sites. However, the military claimed that the destruction of ammunition occurs exclusively during daylight hours, according to "Fontanka.ru".

The first reports of unexplained shocks began to arrive at the end of last week. Late in the evening of February 24 Petersburger Roman said that on the outskirts of St. Petersburg — in Devyatkino and Murino —

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Eagle in Peking

Chinese fighter 5th generation threatens Russia is not in the military and economic terms — Russian fighters have to make room on the international arms market. With all of this particular aircraft is the backbone of Russia's arms exports revenue.

In China, Jan. 11 fighter began flight tests of the fifth-generation Chengdu J-20 ("Jian-20", it — the "Black Eagle"). "Chinese stealth "is comparable to a large tactical combat plane aerodynamic configuration "duck" with a huge delta wings and all-moving horizontal tail front (CSSC).

Properties of the machine are classified, but we can say that the length of the aircraft —

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SARS — Rain Army

In our army epidemic broke out because of bad test content fighter.In one of the Russian army units outbreak of SARS and pneumonia, as a result of which two have already died conscripts. As they say the ancestors of employees in terms of dire circumstances, there is no hot water and medicine. That's why, they say they have fallen ill about 600 people. For its part the official authorities refute these numbers and say that the situation is under control.

In the military unit No. 20115 in the town of Voronezh region Ostrogozhsk an outbreak of acute respiratory viral

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Kuzbass rocked by explosions


31.01.12.Kanonada associated with the beginning of a new campaign for ammunition disposal at landfill Yurginsky in Kuzbass, alarming residents.

Governor Aman Tuleyev sent a telegram on the matter, Russian Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said on January 31 in a press machine the Kemerovo region. In a message to federal officials in the region said the head of the explosions made by the military, are very concerned about the local population. In particular, people direct their appeal to the authorities Jurga and region. According to them, from powerful explosions in the houses of the townspeople ring glass cracks on the

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China as «lobbyists» the F-35 in the ATP

  Latin American media reports that although the company developed «Lockheed Martin» fighter fifth generation F-35 faces with different neuvvyazkami, but in the Asia-Pacific region this warplane enjoys increasing demand, reports mil.news.sina.com.cn. This explains the enthusiasm growing military power of China. South American Defense News magazine referred to China as «the greatest trader of the F-35 in Asia.» Worried about Beijing’s military ambitions in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan are planning to buy this type of fighter. China continues to tests based fighter J-15. It is reported that by the end of 2013 there were more than 100 landings

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