United States began to develop suit for giving military abilities of superheroes

Over the next 3 years the South American military can get the latest armor entitled TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit), reportsBBC. New suit will give Marines superhuman capabilities. Namely, it is about a suit with exoskeletal basis with the introduction of hydraulic amplifiers muscle, but other than that he has a shell with a «smart» (or active) armor. In addition, there should be a laptop computer and computer communication system. In terms of reference for the development of sensors TALOS also included body temperature, heart rate and level of dehydration of the body. According to experts, a similar suit

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Explosions in the Kuzbass


Photo: aif.ru

15.11.11.Iznachalno complete disposal of obsolete ammunition scheduled until October 21. Later the military promised to stop bombings on November 15. But rumbles so far. — All blasting will be terminated on November 18, — said Yuri Sivokhin, employee information management team of the Central Military District. — Finish the disposal in time prevented weather — subzero temperature and wind. Besides the light day was much shorter. In this regard, security measures, which affected the timing of the completion of blasting.

Military took into account complaints and yurgintsev kemerovchan a strong thunder and tremors. Therefore, reduce the

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Kind of Army XXI century realities of 2010

In the Russian Federation now has the unique ability for the creation of high-performance military, but that such army in the Russian Federation, in the end, there was a need to work hard. This announcement was made supreme commander, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, at the board meeting of the Ministry of Defence 17 March 2009 also open a discussion on the board, what instrument in the framework of the implementation of the municipal defense order (SDO) for 2009-2011 g will be purchased in the coming 5-6 years. The plan was to give priority to the strategic nuclear force, the

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Russian authorities promise for the military housing is made

Naikrupneyshie of Moscow and the Moscow Region office system in the last several years building home for Russian troops in the capital and the Moscow region.

Everyone remembers how Prime Minister Putin was asked awkward question while it is a "hot line" with the people. Then Vladimir Putin, one of the speakers even forced to apologize to members of the Armed Forces for the fact that up to this time, the issues with the provision of housing to be resolved. Indeed, in 2008-2009, said that by the year 2011 all questions on housing for the Russian military will be solved.

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Monkey Special Forces scared Yankees

The Afghan Taliban have used a secret weapon — an armed group of macaques and baboons The Chinese government's information website on the British language People's Daily Online published an article on the use of Afghan Taliban trained monkeys to fight the South American servicemen. It is reported that in the Taliban army created a special unit of macaques and baboons, which local residents are caught in the tropical undergrowth and sell Taliban. Young primates are sent on a secret base for the training course, during which the technique is applied punishments and rewards (bananas and sticks). Monkeys and

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Products UCK well represented at the air show in Malaysia

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TSAMTO, March 26. Pilotage Su-30MKM flight program opened today the 12th international exhibition of aerospace and marine engineering LIMA-2013.Production of JSC "United Aircraft Corporation" (JSC "UAC") are widely represented in the salon of military equipment, one of the largest in Southeast Asia, the press service of the corporation.


Successful exploitation of Russian Su-30MKM and MiG-29 in Malaysia creates prerequisites for progress in the region and civil products corporation. The day before in neighboring Indonesia airline Sky Aviation has started commercial operation of the first SSJ

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Residents of the village near Voronezh complain explosions


MOSCOW, Jan. 30 — RIA Novosti, Alexei Andreev. Residents of the village Dzerzhinsky near Voronezh complain that because of the renewed landfill disposal Pogonovo shells in homes again collapsing plaster, cracked glass and beat the wall, told RIA Novosti on Monday the head of administration of the rural settlement of Dzerzhinsky Andrei Nesterenko.

Engineering specialists of the Western Military District (WEST) destroyed in the Voronezh range "Pogonovo" shells that passed the retention period from spring 2010. Often good explosions were heard in located about 20 kilometers from the landfill Voronezh, and residents of nearby communities often complained about the

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NATO is preparing for a global war


24.10.11.Na international security conference in Munich in 2007, Vladimir Putin warned western leaders that the unprecedented aggressive expansion of NATO is pushing the world to the third world war.

This is a stern warning was made in the years before the NATO aggression against Libya and the undeclared war against Syria and Pakistan. After the deployment of American troops in Uganda, and military threats directed directly to Pakistan, the armed forces of NATO, Russia and China have never been as close to open and full-scale conflict as today.

A recent sobering report of the Russian FSB secret service describes

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Continuing state tests of the Mi-24P c new engine, Motor-Sich

 Photo source:com.ua

December 5 in Crimea, on the basis of the State Science and Testing Center of Ukrainian Armed Forces, which is headed by distinguished test pilot of the USSR Hero of Ukraine, Major-General Yuri Tishkov, continuing state tests modernized Mi-24P.

The features of the updated engine helicopters are modernizirovannіy TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V Zaporozhye "Motor-Sich", a new sight, satellite navigation system, and some other innovations. Innovations will greatly enhance the ability of combat use of the helicopter during flight day and night, in the mountains, in the sultry climate, at low altitudes, and the like. Greatly expanded arsenal and military

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