Obama will bring down Syria military might of the U.S. after their own presidential election

For the first four years of Obama's world has undergone a rigorous transformation. The wave of revolutions in the Middle East, tightly brought the world to a large-scale military conflict. But because of the upcoming presidential elections in the United States, behind the scenes force of American policy in no hurry to press the button on the head of Obama. But Obama is re-elected, you can not hesitate, that the button is still powered.

In an interview with NewsBalt states recognizable Italian journalist and former MEP Dzhuletto Chiesa (Giulietto Chiesa), expressing its own forecast of political events on the

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On the participation of the United States during the second world

70 years ago, the United States entered the Second World War, which, in the views of the Yankees, had intended its finale. Most of the inhabitants of the American believes that only through America was obtained victory over Germany and Japan in the war, and that the Soviet Union would not survive the pressure of Nazi Germany without deliveries Yankee guns.

No one wants to deny the great contribution to the Yankees victory over Japan in particular, also help the USSR military material. But it should be all the same mark as that role has been great.


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On the Arctic dilemma

After the expedition, Otto Schmidt (1932), earned the Northern Sea Route, the mid 30's the way Murmansk — Vladivostok worked constantly. Even the Russian war was not able to stop his work.

But, the Democrats were able to do what the Nazis failed — after 20 years of "democratization" of running a segment from Murmansk to Dixon. Very weak and military power, the Northern Fleet in fact not been replenished with new ships, from Chukotka to the Kola Peninsula shines "hole" is almost not covered with the Air Force and Air Defense.

Since the days of the Soviet

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On the Armata against secrecy

What will be the next Russian tank

August 8 RIA Announces said: "First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov said that the first samples of military equipment based on the heavy track platform" Armata "can go for tests almost a year before the announced deadline."

Let me remind you, according to the Russian Defense Ministry plans these testing should begin in 2014. In turn, management Uralvagonzavod, which is being developed "Almaty was," argues that the batch creation of new Russian tanks made based on it, will unfold in 2015 and 2020 in the Russian Armed Forces will receive 2.3 thousand of

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«Forced» China’s strength

Has long no one hesitation is that China is going to become the next superpower. Official Beijing has not made similar statements, but all of his actions or that others like you can draw some conclusions. Apart from the economic success of China also shows his achievements in the military-industrial sector. Only last 2012 contained information on several new projects that are no longer direct copying zabugornoy technology. These new models of military equipment in the most direct way expose Chinese superpower ambitions. The past year was a year in the history of China’s commissioning of the aircraft carrier

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On the nuclear boards and blades

Once the majority of the international community decided to accept Palestine to UNESCO, Israel began to act according to the logic "around — the enemies." Own nuclear potential of Tel Aviv decided to urgently not only modernize, and to significantly increase. With all this the Israelis are not particularly baked over the fact that anyone in the world accuse them of escalating the situation in the region and in the deployment of a new arms race.

Can not say that before Israel gives up development of nuclear arsenal, but particularly after the effective recognition of Palestine a member of

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What do the real numbers and the specific facts

Military-industrial complexes of the leading countries of the planet are an important part of the modern world industrial and scientific-industrial sector. Total global turnover of products purely military mission in 2009 can be estimated at about 400 billion dollars. With all this activity in the defense company dominates the domestic order.


Despite the extensive attention to the export of arms, the total global volume of inter-state supplies of military products and associated services in 2009 can be estimated at about 60 billion dollars (excluding supply of second-hand models of arms and military equipment). So Makar, exports

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What is not written in textbooks about the Russian-Japanese war

February 8, 1904 Japanese Navy stormed the Russian fleet at Port Arthur, launched Russian-Japanese War. It was a great dress rehearsal for the "big war". The textbooks write that our homeland was at war against the land of the rising sun, but it's not the whole truth, for Japan were the interests of Britain and the United States. It was the "Big Game", where Japan played the role of instigator, not more.

The purpose of the rehearsal:

— check the status of Russian Empire,

— promising to kick Russia out of the Asia-Pacific region,

— forever embroil probable allies,

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Checking the readiness of nuclear weapons Russia troubled western partners

As announced on February 22, spot check alert was held at the military command structures, formations and units of the Central and Southern military districts, the Airborne Forces, transport aircraft, and the 12th Main Directorate of the Defense Ministry, which administers the base of nuclear weapons.

U.S. Department of Defense has not disregarded the recent test combat readiness of the armed forces of Russia, touching, particularly nuclear weapons, but officially say they do not see this as a cause for concern, said Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Wesley Miller.

At the same time, as reported

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What worried the military?

Over the last week traveled around the Web immediately several statements from various military groups in Ulyanovsk hunger strike in the main tank crews, paratroopers hurt Serdyukov, the military explorers wrote vehement appeal to Putin, they were supported by the astronauts. What connects voedinyzhdy and that distinguishes all these appeals?

First, connect the voedinyzhdy that online community lays down on the military high hopes: hopes that the military will be able to put an end to the lawlessness, creating in the country, unleashed by the ruling top. And the fact that the soldiers, after all — then began to turn

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