Hugo Chavez sent in Belarus 90 million dollars

This was now the vice premier said Belarusian government Victor Storm at the joint meeting of 2-chambers of the National Assembly. He recalled that the full amount of the contract is 300 millions of dollars. For these funds Belarusians took to build five thousand apartments.

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Loss from the abolition of benefits — 35 million … chelovekopoezdok

These numbers are now referred to a joint meeting of 2-chambers of the National Assembly vice-premier Victor Storm. So makarom, carriers have missed only four months, about 35 million chelovekopoezdok.And although Deputy Prime Minister did not call from the podium, why it happened, deputies in the break were that this is the result cancellation of privileges travel for students, the elderly and certain other categories of the population. And on the sidelines because even a discussion, who are more affected by cancellation of privileges in December.

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Harkіvsky Oblavtodor otrimav nova tehnіku


Sogodnі on ploschі Svobodi vіdbulosya urochiste Handing pratsіvnikam Oblavtodor novoї tehnіki.

Zokrema, Oblavtodor rayonіv otrimali Tractors KYI-14102, avtomobіlі MDKZ-20 shasі KAMAZ-53215, i soleraspredelіtelі pіskorozkiduvachі on bazі vantazhnogo avtomobіlya KrAZ s kabіnoyu Renault, avtomobіl "dorozhnіy Meister" bazі on GAZ-2705-298-C, smіttєvoz CBG — 002 on bazі GAZ-3309, grader GS-14.02, navantazhuvachі NC-530 i mala mehanіzatsіyu.


Dorozhnі SERVICE otrimali blizko 40 odinits tehnіki that blizko 170 odinits maloї mehanіzatsії. We mala mehanіzatsіyu Inbox ruchnі kosarki, benzopilki, vіdbіynі hammers, vіbropliti, elektrostantsії — vsіm CIM komplektuєtsya prichіp. Takyj prichіp otrimaє Leather District, Tse polegshit robot i zmenshit її

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Khanty-Mansiysk first fish hatchery fry released into the river

Today Khanty-Mansiysk fish hatchery for the first time released into the river reared fry. The Irtysh River once filled up 5,000 new residents — is valuable fish fry — schekura Sosvinskaya and herring. For the reproduction of fish stocks in the future, the plant plans to produce annually into the river more than 50 million young fish, including sturgeon.  Fish grown in two years, experimental factory floor. The weight of each two-year schekura 60 grams, and tugun — 11. Experts say that despite the low weight of the fish that have grown up and does not become prey

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Gomel: Treadmill tax for all people — it is incorrect

Lady: "Never very badabout attitude. Have a salary that 12 percent of the tax will be sensitive to me. "Lady: "Tax must be progressive. If a person gets a huge salary if he has a lot of money, let him pay more "Man: "If the total income exceeds 15 million, then take a 15 per cent tax. Earlier abroad take 9 percent. A fifteen and nine — 24. Divide in half — goes twelve. But not everyone has a gross income above 15 million. Innovation affects household budget, on a person’s income. " Lady: "I understand that the new tax

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It is necessary that the elections for failing allowed indefinite detention

Pochetaemye listeners! Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 375293912224. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio Liberty."Suboch, Vinogradov, Dashuk — our Kastus Kalinowski. Belarusians will fight for their rights, for justice, for freedom "- sms such content we received from Alexander of Ushacha. This listener reaction to the verdict in the criminal case, which is dubbed the" business of 14 years. "Young men accused of violating public order during a protest on January 10

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Khabarovsk shock fishermen worked the winter

By early spring fishing industry Khabarovsk Krai herring increased production by 1.4 times. The total catch of marine biological resources, utilized by companies in the region grew by 6.3%. In January and February of fishing enterprises Khabarovsk Territory fished 45.9 million tons of aquatic biological resources, which is 6.3% higher than the same period last year. As RIA the press service of the regional government, catches of Pacific herring totaled 16.4 thousand tons — is 1.4 times higher than a year ago. Growth performance has been achieved through early exit of vessels to fish in

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The futuristic marvel of old tram appeared in Izhevsk

Upgraded tram futuristic design will appear soon in the capital of the Udmurt Republic.

In the first day of the tram will pass on Izhevsk, but the route he would get up in July after all the technical tests. All changes have extended the life of the composition approximately 10 years.


The most amazing thing is that for a new facade hides an old car, which this year celebrated its 30th anniversary. It could have been written off, but by the company IzhGET carriage restyled, informed the news agency "Susanin" the chief

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Gomel shrinkage or outage in the store Twist?

Now in the Central district court of Homel filed preliminary consideration extraordinary claim. Trade Joint Stock Company "Center" blames team store "Twist number 3" in a large theft of goods and industrial products and asks the team to recover from the real damage in the amount of 13.6 million rubles.Defendants named 24 store employees: dealers, cashiers, operators, watchmen and porters. Among them, three members-independent trade union. Through Tribunal Company "Center" seeks to recover from each of 60 workers from thousand to 1 million rubles. Amount of the claim for each is dependent on the position and time of work in

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Fines of Polotsk Malady: more than one million each

Any of the 2-Malady must pay a fine of 30 basic units, that is one million 50 thousand rubles. Tribunal found Solovyov and Krutkin guilty of violating Article 22.9 of the Code Republic of Belarus concerning administrative matters: according to protocols drawn up in office youth activists distributing unregistered printed materials — stickers with the words "European Belarus" and "Polotsk — the city is ours!"Incidentally, reports on Catherine Solovyov and Ales Krutkin were not policemen, and head of the ideological department of the district executive committee Olga Karchevskaya which specifically called for that of the executive committee of the district

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