The country that has overcome the cold

Russia is often compared with Canada, which is not surprising — our countries are comparable in size and identical in natural conditions. So which of them is "north"? And as these two countries have managed to adapt to life in the northern latitudes?

Murmansk — city in the Arctic Circle, the northernmost ice-free port in the world

Area smaller than the area of Canada in Russia 1.7. Thus in Canada are 34 million people — 4.2 times less than in Russia, with a population of 143 million inhabitants. Accordingly, density of population in Canada is 2.4 times less

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In the village. Bezenchuk (Samara region). Opened after renovation Hospital (+ video)

In the district center of Samara Region Hospital opened after renovation, equipment which may be the envy of many municipalities. Residents of the neighboring areas will also be able to use the services of doctors Bezenchukskaya.

Thanks to the new ultrasound machine can consider all the vessels and heart valves. Hardware expert class rural experts have appreciated.

Updating and in the laboratory. Biochemical analysis of blood are now doing the same day, the new machine handles 30 times the tubes each time. Less radiation, clearer picture. Fluorographic experts consider pictures on the computer. On the old machine printing was unimportant,

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NІBULON buduє base for the fleet on svogo Dnіprі

One lіderіv s agricultural Rinku Ukrainy, naybіlshe сільгосппідприємствокраїни TOV SP "NІBULON" started to budіvnitstva in smt KozatskeHersonskoї region. suchasnoї Bazi for bazuvannya svogo fleet on Dnіprі, yakazabezpechit direct vihіd ships at sea Chorny, oskіlki bude perebuvati nizhche greblі Kahovskoї GES — Shostya (i nizhnoї ostannoї) stupenі kaskadudnіprovskih gіdroelektrostantsіy.

Unіkalnіst project to scho Tse bude єdiny in Ukraїnі naybіlshy TERMINAL on Dnіprі, roztashovany nizhche shlyuzіv vodoskhovisch. Tse has permitted the courts to bezpereshkodno pіdhoditi termіnalu bezposeredno s sea tsіly rіk.

On termіnalі pobuduyut unіkalnu Berthing sporudu dovzhinoyu 315m, yak bude will include vantazhny berth (105m) i fell shvartovnі

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In the village. Ostrolensky (Chelyabinsk region). Opened incubator

April 11 in the village at the site Ostrolensky LLC "Nagaybaksky poultry Kompeks" opened the incubation station. The construction of the incubator was spent 140 million rubles. Production justify investments: its total capacity of 40 million eggs per year. The first of these has already been laid. Exactly 21 days later of them hatched chicks.

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Launched the first phase of large broiler plant in Bryansk cluster group Cherkizovo

In the village May Day Pochepsky Bryansk region launched the first phase area for growing broilers "May Day", built in a project to increase the capacity of the Group’s poultry segment "Cherkizovo".

The first phase of broiler plant consists of 28 bird houses, designed for one-time content to 1 million broilers. Investment in the construction of the entire site is approximately 880 million.

As part of the project to increase capacity in the Bryansk cluster already been put into operation 11 additional bird houses at existing sites, two queues poultry site "Grove" by 52 poultry house, as well as

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Tomsk university opened the first laboratory of laser technology

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) opened on Monday first laboratory of laser technology and technology (LLTT) worth 20 million rubles.

"The first stage can be called the core laboratory. It will be another two parts: the first relates to the effect of the laser on the physico-chemical properties of substances, and the second, which is now almost ready, associated with laser scanning. First of all lab costs 20 million, laser equipment for laboratories scan (second place) — 6000000 … I think that 50 million (all three phases), we should totally meet " — said the rector of the university

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Krasnoyarsk million of

In Russia, a new city-million of

In Krasnoyarsk, was born on the evening of April 10 millionth resident. This is reported on the site of the city administration.

Krasnoyarsk fotoobzor

Load counter, specially launched by local statisticians April 6, when it was found that the number of inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk has exceeded one million in the next few days. Millionth baby was born in a maternity hospital number two.

The information is entered into the counter in anonymous form, so that at the time of writing the news is no evidence

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PMZ: investments have the effect of

The opening of a new production building OJSC "Perm Engine Company"

PMZ summed up the plan of organizational and technical development in 2011. The basis of the plan — the introduction of new technologies and equipment. In 2011 the PMZ was purchased 17 machines, machining centers and processing plants in the amount of 200 million rubles. Through the introduction of modern equipment obtained economic benefits in the amount of 640 million rubles.

In 2011 was built and put into operation unique industrial complex "ALD" for the application of ceramic thermal barrier coatings on turbine blades, allowing them to

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Former vice mayor of Magnitogorsk sentenced for bribery to 10 years in prison

April 10 Chelyabinsk Regional Court at its session convicted a former vice-mayor of Magnitogorsk Vitaly Sidorenko. Ex-officer found guilty of accepting a bribe and preparing for the second, he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in a colony with a fine of one million rubles. Also, after serving a term he had for three years will not be able to hold positions of municipal services.

Together with the Sidorenko convicted a former chairman of the City Property Management Committee Alexey Dyuldin and businessman Alexei Savinkov. The first two tricks for getting sent to the colony

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The village Kulun (Krasnoyarsk Territory) opened FLC Sokol

In the village of the district Kulun Uzhurskogo April 6, the grand opening of the center of sports and sports training "Falcon". In the construction of the sports complex was invested almost 95 million rubles, were also purchased equipment and sports equipment worth about 12 million rubles.

Total area — more than 2 thousand sq.m. Inside of a universal gym "Falcon" created the conditions for practicing sports tourism, volleyball, basketball, mini football, tennis, badminton. Equipped halls for boxing and martial arts, billiards room, exercise facilities, including where there is a special exercise equipment for people with disabilities. It has fans

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