Ust-Luga extended for the construction of a new terminal

The Russian government has decided to expand the boundaries of the port of Ust-Luga to include land designated for the construction of a terminal for transshipment of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with a capacity of up to 4 million tons of base and providing fleet.

The company "Sibur-Portenergo" started construction of a terminal for transshipment of LPG in the port of Ust-Luga in May 2010. Its design capacity is 1.5 million tons of liquefied petroleum gas and 2.5 million tons of light oil per year.

Also in the village of Ust-Luga launched a pilot project in the Leningrad Oblast

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Digital: 50 thousand zloty (25 thousand dollars)

Coupled with the fact Polish Foreign Ministry decided had spent in This year work "Belsat" Least than planned — 18 million zlotys, not 21 million. The difference amounts to about 400 million thousands of dollars.

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Harvest-2011 in Russia: there is cause for optimism


Participants of the Russian grain market in the current year have every reason to forget about last year's colossal drought. The harvesting campaign covers every day more and more regions, experts and officials predict near-record harvest and large-scale exports, which will allow Russia to return the lost ground in the global market.

According to official data of the Ministry of Agriculture, harvesting is carried out in all federal districts of Russia.

On August 10 grains and legumes threshed on an area of 14 million hectares (32% of the planted area). Harvested more than 41

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Urbanization in Yekaterinburg in a new way

Mass building of Yekaterinburg been reactivated. In Yekaterinburg, set a historic record for new housing — in 2010, put into operation more than 1 million square feet. meters of housing. In the mayor's office promised to keep this level in the next two years.

Just over a year and a half ago, the deputy head of Yekaterinburg on capital construction and land Vladimir Kritskyi lamented the decline entry of new buildings by 15% — from 955,000 square meters. meters in 2008 to 817 000 sq m. m in 2009. However, hopes gorvlastey out by the end of 2010

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Belarusians get rid of bucks

For the first time a couple of years citizens banks sold more bucks than purchased — sold 884 millions of dollars, and purchased — 780 million.The same trend was observed in March, for the first three weeks of the month the population of commercial banks sold 362 millions of dollars, and purchased — 324 million, net — 38 million.Experts at the National Bank believe that such makarom population reacted to the fall of the dollar in global markets.

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Ukrhydroenergo for 7 months. 2013 increased electricity production by 48.7%

PJSC "Ukrhydroenergo" in January-July 2013 increased the production of electricity by 48.7% (on 3,000,000,000 214,111,000 kWh) compared to the same period in 2012 — up to 9,000,000,000 807,514,000 kWh, the press service of the company.


According to her, in July of this year, "Ukrhydroenergo" increased electricity production by 12.2% (to 88,014,000 kWh) compared to July 2012 — up to 809,881,000 kWh.

In this case, the planned target for electricity generation in seven months surpassed by 12.3%.

As reported, "Ukrhydroenergo" in 2012 increased the production of electricity by 1.1% (to 110,985,000

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Ukraine put on sporudzhuvanі RF AEC obladnannya for $ 140 million

In 2011 rotsі Ukrainian pіdpriєmstva predict sporudzhuvanі RF atomnі stantsії obladnannya on scrip, scho perevischuє 140 million dolarіv. About Tse sogodnі povіdomiv at the pres konferentsії patron CEO s rozvitku that mіzhnarodnogo bіznesu derzhkorporatsії "Rosatom" Kirill Komarov. For yogo words, Tse "good figure", against at tsomu potentsіal ukraїnskoї promislovostі not vicherpany, i rosіyska side zatsіkavlena vpodalshomu pogliblennі spіvrobіtnitstva "i at budіvnitstvі AEC Rosії, i prisporudzhennі stantsіy for our design in tretіh kraїnah."

"Rosіya on sogodnіshnіy day naybіlshy s Got usіh kraїn, yakі volodіyut Nuclearity tehnologіyami, portfolio zamovlen sporudzhennyu by AES. Mi sogodnі buduєmo 9 blokіv in Russia,

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A day or figure: 128 million 800 thousand dollars

In January last year imbalance in trade in products was 362 millions of dollars.In January this year negative balance in trade with Russia was equal to 1 billion 26 millions of dollars.Balance in trade with non-CIS countries was positive and amounted to 762 millions of dollars.

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Ukraine zbіlshila virobnitstvo elektroenergії

For 5 mіsyatsіv 2012 rock obsyag virobnitstva elektrichnoї energії elektrostantsіyami, yakі Inbox in ob'єdnanu energetichnu system of Ukraine, Sklave 85 billion 382 million kWh a year, scho 2 billion 620.8 million kilowatt-year abo 3.2% bіlshe at porіvnyannі s vіdpovіdnim perіodom 2011 roku.

About Tse povіdomlyaє agency "LIGABusinessInform" іz posilannyam on danі Mіnіsterstva power industry that vugіlnoї promislovostі.

When tsomu that TEC TEC virobleno elektroenergії to 1,000,000,000 939,200,000 kW-year abo 5.4% bіlshe, nіzh for 5 mіsyatsіv 2011 roku.

ATOMIC elektrostantsіyami virobleno elektroenergії 1 billion 332 million kWh a year abo 3.6% bіlshe porіvnyano analogіchnim pokaznikom 2011 s

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Ukraine to set up lyutomu Іranu 140 tis. t Kukurudza

Nezvazhayuchi on trudnoschі s Payment produktsії, pov'yazanі s Introduction sanktsіy anti Іranu, ukrainian Kukurudza prodovzhuє actively postavlyatisya in qiu kraїnu — for 1-26 Dire 2012 morsky Export of grain to Іranu Sklave 139.5 tis.t. For zaznacheny perіod on Export to Іran takozh handled 10.5 yew. t ukraїnskoї sonyashnikovoї olії, povіdomlyaє PROAGRO. Osnovnі amerikanskі that єvropeyskі banks prizupinili fіnansuvannya transaktsіy, pov'yazanih s delivery in Іran grain that іnshoї Agrarian produktsії. I ЄS U.S. residential zahodіv s obmezhennya dіyalnostі Central Bank Іranu zmetoyu Chinen vise Urjadov Kraina, spryamovanogo on zgortannya іranskoї yadernoї prog. Іranskі pokuptsі pіslya zamorozhuvannya in ЄS rahunkіv Central

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