In Kharkov, opened the Perinatal Center

At the Regional Hospital has earned the Regional Perinatal Center. Doctors will assist approximately two thousand births per year from all over the Kharkiv region.

Perinatal Center is located on the 4th floor of the training and diagnostic hospital building and consists of several separate units. In the structure of the perinatal center 140 beds, in particular, obstetric unit in the maternity ward, departments of pathology of pregnancy and extragenital 90 beds, gynecological unit with 30 beds, neonatology and pediatric unit with 60 beds, including 40 beds department co-host mother and the Department of Child and postnatal care with

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In Kirov laid athletics arena and a training rink

Beyond the river in the city of Kirov at the construction site of the future athletic arena total area of 6 thousand square meters today was laid a symbolic stone. Athletics Arena is included in the regional target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Kirov region" for the years 2011-2013. The project cost is 250 million rubles, of which 80 percent. funding will come from the federal budget.

Arena designed for training sessions on football and athletics, as well as sporting events nationwide and regional level.

Today was given to start the construction of the indoor

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In Yelets (Lipetsk region). Intermunicipal opened maternity center

In 2011, the overhaul of obstetric center aimed 39.9 million, including new equipment is 7.7 million. In total, the program of modernization of health care in a medical institution has received 178 units of medical equipment. The new equipment will be caring for children in low-and extremely low weight.

In the repair and construction work has used advanced energy-saving technologies: automated thermal unit is mounted in the obstetric center, replacement of old wooden structures and metal pipes with plastic, installed energy-saving fluorescent lamps.

In the city of Oktjabrsk (Samara region) opened shop for the production of basalt fiber

In the October 1 March a ceremonial launch of the modern innovation of production of thin basalt fiber. It is used for thermal insulation of power and industrial equipment, as well as in building and construction.

To implement the project, a new design company LLC "Oktizol." In 2009 JSC "Oktyabrskavtotrans" filed an application to participate in the financing of investment in the Innovation and Investment Fund Samara region. The amount of funding was announced in the amount of 20 million rubles. Fund allocated 14 million rubles. Due to lack of funding, of "Oktyabrskavtotrans" filed an application to the Regional Venture

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In Shimanovsk (Amur region). Opened a new clinic

The project to build a new clinic was lying untouched for more than 12 years, in 2010 it was decided to raise funds for the construction of health centers. In 2011, the construction company "Amurstroy" was built a modern, beautiful, three-story building clinics.

Clinic will provide medical assistance to the residents Szymanowski Szymanowski district, nearly 26,000 people. The new clinic every day can take more than 300 people. Receptions will be conducted in 18 specialties.

Total spent on the construction of almost 187 million rubles., Of which more than 105 million rubles for the construction works and 48 million

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Ukraine in February supplied Iran with 140 tonnes of maize

Despite the difficulties with payment of products related to the introduction of sanctions against Iran, Ukrainian corn is actively delivered in this country — for 1-26 February 2012 maritime grain exports to Iran amounted to 139.5 thousand tons for the aforesaid period for export to Iran has also handled 10.5 million tons of Ukrainian sunflower oil, according to ProAgro.

Major U.S. and European banks stopped financing transactions related to the delivery to Iran of grain and other agricultural products. U.S. and EU have taken steps to limit the activities of the Central Bank of Iran to put pressure on

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Judo center opened in Orenburg

In Orenburg, the opening of the first in the Volga Federal District, sports and recreation complex "Center judo."

The construction of the "Center Judo" has spent more than 97 million rubles, of which 20 million rubles — the federal budget, 15 million — regional, from the budget of the city of Orenburg allocated more than 62 million rubles.The new Fox has three tatami with a gym, modern fitness equipment for strength training wrestlers. In the future, this database will create a Youth "Judo", which will allow more qualitatively prepare athletes.

To date in 2270 is engaged in the

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After ten years on the Northern latitudinal course will carry more than 100 million tons of cargo a year. The State Duma of the Russian Federation supported the project development of the Baikal-Amur Railway in 2025, the so-called BAM-2.

— This railway line will help the further development of the Far East, will be one of the points of growth of production in the district — said the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District Viktor Ishayev.

Areas adjacent to the BAM differ favorable geographical position, possess large stockpiles of both hydrocarbon

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In the Khabarovsk region began construction of mining and processing enterprise White Mountain

Construction Mining is conducted in two stages. In the past year has begun production of ore, February 27 launched the second phase — construction of GOK. During the year the deposit plan to build a plant for the extraction of gold from the Department of crushing, and other objects. Capital expenditure will amount to 3.18 billion rubles.

The production capacity of the extraction and processing of ore per year will be — 1.5 million tons. The designed capacity will annually receive 3 tons of gold bullion. Tax revenues will amount to about 300 million rubles. Commissioning of the new

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Sales of foreign cars assembled in Russia in 2011 exceeded 1 million units!

In 2010 the growth of new car sales in Russia by 30%, by the end of last year reached 40% increase — with the result of 2.48 million cars Russian car market once again came in second place in Europe and the sixth in the world! A to record the pre-crisis 2008 we gleaning just 262,000 vehicles.

New car sales in the U.S. rose by 10% (to 12.8 million units), Germany — by 9% (3.17 million), India — 4% (1.95 million), China (18.5 million ) and Brazil (3.4 million) showed 3% growth … But the fastest growing among the

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