In the Altai region commissioned pig

Ltd. "Altair-Agro" (Altai Territory) put into operation in the village area Patches Rebrihinskogo pig-breeding complex for 14 thousand.

As a result of the implementation of one of the largest investment projects in the Altai capacity of the company will increase to 48 million pigs per year, which will produce pork in live weight in the amount of 2.8 million tons per year and will provide a 100-percent load of meat processing department.

Total cost of the project included in the regional program for the modernization of meat and dairy complexes "100 100" — 600 million

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«Rosneft» — № 1 in the world


"Rosneft" has become a leader in the production of oil in the world for the first nine months of 2011, according to the materials of the oil and gas company. After buying the assets of Yukos "Rosneft" has become the largest publicly traded oil company in the world reserves of raw materials. And has now become a leader in production, surpassing the pedestal ExxonMobil. In the first nine months of this year, "Rosneft" produced 88.6 million tons of oil, and ExxonMobil — 87,0 million tons, from the data of the Russian company. In terms of barrels of

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Ðóíåò 2011: Beautiful figures

Yandex became a partner (provided the video search) Czech Seznam, which is unique in Europe, as well as Yandex holds the advantage in their own internet market by confronting Google. Became aware of the imminent opening of an office in Poland.

The size of the Internet audience Russia ranked first in Europe, ahead of Germany. In September 2011, in runet logged 50.8 million unique visitors.

In August domain. RU ahead of the number of domain registrations in China (. CN) and the European Union (. EU) and moved from sixth to fourth place among the national top-level domains.

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All bus will come to us

Following the trend of recent years, 2011 was marked by this "great migration" of international corporations in Russia bus. All companies that already have their own production in the country, announced the expansion of capacity, others began to build factories or purchase assets. And only the fate of the holding company "Sibur — Russian Tyres" and was not solved in the past year. Photo

Constantly expanding its presence in the Russian Finnish Nokian Tyres, which is one of the first foreign tire manufacturers (in 2005) started production in Russia. In 2011 at its plant in Vsevolozhsk company successfully

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The highest air traffic control tower was built in the Ukraine in Donetsk


In Donetsk, completed the construction of the tallest in Ukraine air traffic control tower (52 m — Ed.). As we reported in the press service of PPG "Altcom" leading to the construction of a new AEROCOMPLEX Euro 2012, were working on the landscaping, and within a few days to be delivered.

As already reported, "Today," the tower, equipped with the latest navigational equipment, the Cabinet has allocated 125 million hryvnia. It has become a complement to the new vzletke cost of $ 225 million, c scale open in Donetsk at the end of summer (printed legendary

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In Novorossiysk opened two kindergartens

Dec. 27 opened a new kindergarten in the suburban village of Hayduk, will attend his 150 children. "Opening day care has reduced the" children "of all in the city of nearly a quarter. In GAIDUK 100% of children in kindergarten places are provided "- told in the press service of the city administration.

The building of the new kindergarten are 8 groups of preschool age and type 2 toddlers, medical office, music and sports facilities, a computer lab, studio. Construction of the project was conducted in co-financing, 48 million rubles allocated budget of the Krasnodar region, 26 million

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SPC Gіrskі machine vіdkrili Trading kompanіyu in Kazahstanі


Naukovyi-virobnicha kompaniia (NPC) "Gіrskі car," scho ob’єdnuє mashinobudіvnі activated naybіlshoї fіnansovo-promislovoї groupies Ukraine "Kepіtal Systems Management" (SCM, Donetsk), in grudnі vіdkrila kompanіyu in Kazahstanі — JSC "Gіrskі car." Yak povіdomila press-service kompanії at vіvtorok, ofіs kazahskogo predstavnitstva roztashovany in Astanі. Director of kompanії priznacheno Dastan Nazhmetdіnov, yaky protyagom ostannіh eight rokіv ocholyuvav TOV "Metal-Set of Astana". "Mi prodovzhuєmo realіzatsіyu strategії vihodu on mіzhnarodnі Rink. You Streamed rotsі E vіdkrili pershe zakordonne predstavnitstvo in Russia — "Gіrskі MACHINES RUS" s of Central ofіsom at Moskvі i predstavnitstvom in Novokuznetsku and nastupnim CRIC has vіdkrittya predstavnitstva in Kazahstanі, de

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Total revenue GC Ukrspecexport for 2011 exceeded $ 1 billion


Total revenue from commodity-brokering GC "Ukrspecexport" and its subsidiaries for the year 2011 for the first time exceeded $ 1 billion, said Director General of the Civil Code "Ukroboronprom" Dmitry Salamatin, the press service of the company.

Create GC "Ukroboronprom" and concluding large contracts allowed in times of strategic load capacity of the industry. In September, the plant them. Malyshev people we promised to pay all arrears of wages for the period 2010-2011. To repay the wages and payments to the budget and social funds in the last three months listed 96.1 million USD. People were

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In Nizhny Novgorod started mass production of thermoelectric trace elements

29 dekbrya LLC "RMT" Project Company "RUSNANO", launched a major mass production of thermoelectric cooling micro modules. The production site is located in Nizhny Novgorod in the city industrial park under construction "Ankudinovka."

Target new production capacity in 2015 will reach 2 million thermoelectric cooling micro modules, representing about 10% of current world production. In 2012, it is planned to produce 0.5 million micro modules.

Micromodules LLC "RMT" are used for cooling lasers, photodetectors and integrated circuits. New developments allow the company to create more powerful devices, popular modern telecommunications, computing and optoelectronic industries.

Most of

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The new plant Oka poultry (Ryazan region).

Ryazan know that products come to the counter for a day after the production and packaging. In agricultural holding JSC "Poultry Oka", which is a leader in the egg industry in Russia, there is every reason to increase production as demand for tasty and fresh egg "Oka" is growing.

In the factory, increasing population of laying hens. By the end of 2011 produced 1.65 million eggs per day, 50 million pieces per month. In 2010 the total was produced 512 million eggs, and for this agricultural holding out on the level of production 573 million eggs. New structural unit was

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