Stonehenge returns




One of the most famous monuments of Great Britain — Stonehenge — will find its original landscape.

Currently, next to the giant megalithic The lively motorway A 303, pour over Stonehenge clubs exhaust. To protect the monument, the UK government has approved the project to transfer the

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Indian producers lost 2 million birds because of the heat


15.06.12.Ptitsevodcheskaya industry in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is now severely damaged by the heat, which led to the deaths of more than 2 million birds in the Godavari from the first week of May, according to local media.

Small farmers already facing losses due to rising feed costs and labor costs bird, so the loss of the birds was quite a shock for them. Before in the region established Amazing heat, daily 150 to 000 eggs dispatched to neighboring districts and states. Now daily production decreased to 90,000 eggs, which adversely affects the volume of supply, according

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In Britain, a rapidly dying sparrows


20.11.12.Britanskie ornithologists announced gloomy report on the state of the bird population ostrova.Soglasno to scientists over the past half-century British bird populations declined by 44 million copies. And the most serious losses were house sparrows, which declined by 20 million units.

The reasons why the birds are dying, are still unclear, reports BBC News. However, there is reason for optimism — species such as woodpeckers, doves and wood pigeon, did not disappear, but also increased their livestock. Thus, the number of woodpeckers with 1970 increased by almost four times.

Russian wheat has found a new market — Iraq


According to official sources, in the last tender Iraqi Grains Council (Iraqi Grain Board) has purchased 50 tonnes of wheat of Russian origin. The cost of corn was $ 265 per tonne on terms FOB, reported IA "APK-Inform".

In early June 2011 the Iraqi Grains Council announced its willingness to buy Russian wheat in their tenders. In particular, the state operator of the Middle Eastern country plans to buy before the end of 2011 about 1 million tons of high-protein grain. In this case, the total export potential of Russia in the agricultural season of

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How much water on our planet?

How much water on our planet? It is interesting

If you collect water from the entire surface of the Earth, including fresh water, the water of the seas and oceans, from underground sources, from living organisms and even water vapor, which is located above the surface of the planet, you get a drop, surprising his small size. The diameter of a sphere of water does not exceed 1385 km in diameter, which can be compared with the distance between the American cities of Salt Lake City, Utah, and Topeka, Kansas, or between Gdansk, Poland, and Moscow, Russia. In cubic kilometers

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The Russian group Transas (TRANsport SAfety Systems)

Transas is one of the leading manufacturers of high-tech products that are in demand all over the world.

The core of the group of companies is established in 1990 in St. Petersburg, ZAO Transas (Company History: year after year). Total staff of companies within the group Transas than 1,800 people. The distribution network of representative offices in 110 countries. The production is certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001. The annual turnover of Transas Group by 2009 reached $ 250 million

Transas Marine aircraft equipment has been used successfully more than 7,000 commercial vessels

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Russian aircraft broke its own record for the transportation of passengers

Russian airlines in 2010 carried nearly 57 million passengers, which is 26.2 percent more than in 2009 (45.1 million passengers). This is stated in a press release Rosaviation. Reuters notes that such Russian airlines have put 18-year-old record for the transportation of passengers. Last year, airlines have increased international traffic by 30.3 per cent (27.7 million), domestic — by 22.6 percent (29.2 million people). The percentage of passenger load factor rose to 78.2 from 74.3 a year earlier.

By far the most successful year in the history of Russian aviation was in 2008, when the services of Russian carriers

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RUSNANO and Microbor open production of unique metal-cutting tools

Company "Microbor Nanotech" — A developer and manufacturer of a new generation of composite materials made of cubic boron nitride (CBN), nano-CBN (NKNB) and tools from them.

"Microbor Nanotech", RUSNANO project company has launched the first stage of production of cutting tools of superhard material — cubic boron nitride nanopowder (nanoKNB, second in hardness only to diamond material).

Products of the project will be in demand for rough and finish machining primarily in industries such as heavy engineering, automotive, mining and quarrying. Increased physical characteristics of the instrument of cubic boron nitride nanopowder (micro-, abrasion and heat resistance)

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RUSNANO will allocate 800 million rubles to create a nanotechnology center in the Stavropol region

Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs "RUSNANO" signed with Stavropol investment agreement on the construction of the Southern Nanotechnology Center.

The total cost of the project exceeds 1.3 billion, of which more than 800 million rubles will fund investments. As co-investors and co-founders are the two stavropolskih Gupalo — "Management Company of the investment and innovation development" and "guarantee fund to support small and medium-sized enterprises", as well as Research and Production Concern of "ESKOM".

Created nanotcenter will focus on several areas: nanomaterials, nanobiotechnology and nanoelectronics. It is planned that the building nanotechnology center in St Michael's

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Bangladesh threatens water crisis

Bangladesh Water crisis threatens Facts

Water and sewerage company (PEC) reports that the residents of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, the daily required 2.2 billion gallons of water, but the real number is less than 2 billion liters. VIC oversees 600 deep wells extracting water, but apart from them in the capital is located about 2000 private wells. About 87% of people get fresh water from deep wells, and the rest are treated surface water. April Showers in 2012 were able to slightly improve the situation, but the problem persists.

Dhaka is a problem, depending on the water table, while for

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