After the dinosaurs ruled the world mushrooms




The disaster, which caused the death of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, has led to dramatic changes among the plants. According to a recent study Vivi Vadzhda paleontologists from the University of Lund (Sweden) and Stephen McLaughlin from the Queensland University of Technology (Australia), published in

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Revenge of the Russian cinema

In the battle of the New Year, with the largest cake box office for the first time in many years, the Russian managed to win Hollywood movies in terms of gross fees. And not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine. Along the way, setting rekordy.Vpervye with 2008 Russian film was able to overcome the bar $ 25 million yen of two movies at once: "Christmas Tree" and "Vysotsky. Thank you for living. " Close to the intersection trims $ 25 million "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf."

Top fees over the past week in Russia Sherlock Holmes:

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In areas of China there is a serious drought


17.05.11.Otsutstvie Cumulative rainfall in April and May caused severe drought that afflicted the territory of some areas of China. State headquarters for flood and drought, and the Ministry of Water Resources are taking active measures to ensure that the spring planting season and the water supply in areas where drought is a problem most acutely. According to gosshtaba, in April-May in the basins of the Yellow River and Huaihe precipitation fell by 20-50 per cent less than normal in areas south of the River. Huai River, the middle and lower reaches of the river. Yangtze rainfall was more than

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Scientists have discovered the symbols engraved 1.2 million years ago




The cave Kozarnika in northwestern Bulgaria French scientists have discovered an ancient animal bone engraved with symbols on it. This finding may be the most ancient material evidence of the ability of our ancestors to the artistic generalization.

The discovery made by anthropologists from the Institute of

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Innovators NTMK increase competitiveness

March 3, 2011

At JSC "Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works" (included in "Evraz") started to produce new products — spetspolimerov (semi-finished, going to the production of truck tires and wheel tractors). At the same time in the shop kolesobandazhnom enterprise mastered innovations that reduce the cost of production of railway wheels while maintaining high product quality. All this — the result of the introduction of the shop floor plant offers innovators within the existing facilities at the "Eurasia" Program "operating system improvements" (SDAs). Thanks to the suggestions of metallurgists waste coke production, previously disposed of in coke ovens,

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Innovators of CTRP saved more than 400 million rubles

The company CHEP has summed up innovative activities for the year 2012. More than 1,500 ideas (90% of the proposed) is embedded in the workshops of the "white metal" Chelyabinsk Tube and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant. The total economic impact of more than 400 million rubles.

All ideas are aimed at reducing costs, improving product quality, increase productivity, safety, increase the service life of the equipment. Among the most significant innovations — creating a new tuning algorithm muftonareznyh machines in finishing center with which to specific properties of each coupling blanks selected its cutting mode, which

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In the waters of the Northern Kazakhstan mass death of fish


5.02.11.Pervy bell has rung out: massive fish kills in the river Tobol found hundreds of miles from Kostanay downstream. Earlier this week, another group of environmental concerns, experts took samples of river water.

Previous tests have shown that the maximum allowable concentration of some chemical components exceeded tens and even hundreds of times, and the water in the main artery of the area is more like a poisonous brine. On the one hand, the consequences of last year's drought. On the other — the natural result of the barbaric man's relationship to the environment, the IA "Kazakh-Grain"

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Locusts in Khakassia above normal


Photo from:

Khakassia, 06 July 2011, 13:08 — In all areas of Khakassia observed excess economic threshold of locusts. Thus, of the 44 178 hectares of land surveyed in 31,210 hectares of this threshold is exceeded.

Populated rangeland grasshoppers, hay fields are marked raid crops. But in ryazryad natural disaster is not yet passed — Republic meets head-on element.

As BelTA news agency "Khakassia" deputy head of the branch FGOU "Rosselhoztsentr" in Khakassia Julia Loginova, "as a result of protective measures chemically processed 21,303 hectares Khakassian land. The fight against the invasion will be effective if the

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Drought in Latin America

Drought in Latin America Weather and Climate

Soybean crops in Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil are under threat due to severe dry weather conditions unfavorable to the region's economy. The current situation facing many farmers lost or sold their land, even in the most fertile regions of the Brazilian Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul.

Soybean harvest this year may be reduced by several million.

According to preliminary estimates of analysts, the current drought in Brazil turned into a loss of 2.8 million tons of soybean yield of a total of 67.1 million tons. From one hectare there were only collected

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Drought in southwest China: photo

Drought in southwest China: photo Weather and Climate

For three agonizing dry years in southwest China's Yunnan province of 3.2 million people and 1.65 million livestock had hard water shortages. In general, the province of incredible drought affected 7.9 million people and 676,650 hectares of agricultural land in 125 constituencies. Relief in many places changed beyond recognition, causing enormous damage to flora and fauna of the region.

1. A local resident walks along the dry bottom of the reservoir Ksinba in Shilin County of Yunnan Province in southwest China. 22/03/2012.

2. Dead clam shell at the bottom of the former

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