Billionaire Paul Allen donated money to SETI




Billionaire Paul Allen, who, along with Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has donated 13.5 million dollars to build a radio telescope, which will search for intelligent aliens in space. Allen, considered one of the richest men in the world, not for the first time spending money

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In China, the electronic passport. Video


15.05.12.S today in China began issuing passports to the new generation. According to the Ministry of Public Security of China, the documents contain a new type of electronic chip that will store the personal information of the owner, including the name, date of birth, digital photo and fingerprints.

As noted in the department, vysokotehnologiny manufacturing process will protect the passport from forgery. The data on the citizen will be available to read just the special services. According to statistics, in the mid 90's of the last century in China annually issued an average of about one million

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Work on Europe

The Russian pellet production has developed rapidly without government support, focusing on the growth of European demand In May, the company "Vyborg Cellulose" launched in the Leningrad region the world's largest production of pellets.

loading a ship with pellets

According to company president Alexei Kazmina until the plant produces 20-30 tonnes per month, but by October, will reach its design capacity — 1 million tons per year. For comparison, the largest operating company in the United States and Norway produced by 450-750 thousand tons of pellets per year.

Soon, in the North West will

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Putin decided to reconstruct the White Sea Canal


The White Sea-Baltic and Volga-Baltic canals will be rehabilitated until 2018. This RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin. According to him, as to the date of the said plan to upgrade the infrastructure of the Volga waterway, including the Volga-Don canal. What kind of work will be carried out within the framework of reconstruction of the channels are not reported.

According to him, the most important transport arteries also include the Northern Sea Route. The Prime Minister said that the importance of this route is increasing due to global warming

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Putin will launch Lada Largus

Today in Togliatti Vladimir Putin "bless" the launch of series production of the new model of AvtoVAZ (together with the alliance Renault-Nissan) — Lada Largus. The prototype of this versatile high capacity became Renault Logan MCV. However, it had to be adapted by the Russian roads and gasoline, as well as to protect the body from further corrosion.

Vladimir Putin, according to the established tradition, will start mass production of a new model of AvtoVAZ. This time it will be a Lada Largus. Lada Largus will be presented to the passenger (seven-and five-seat station wagon) and cargo (wagon) variants. Home

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How did the Globe. The birth and death of the first continent




750 million years ago, glaciers reached the equator

Christian Galya, Le Monde

Geologists have long been intrigued by the presence of traces of very ancient glaciers in many parts of the world, including at the equator. What is their age? From 800 to 550 million years —

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Poultry Farm Tomsk notes housewarming

In May, the renovated housing factory farming "Tomsk", which is part of the Siberian Agrarian Group after extensive renovation 11 poultry houses, began to settle in broiler chickens.

— Almost a year ago, we went to the farm. There was complete devastation. For the year scored core staff. Currently, the site is working Molodezhnenskoy 35 workshops for floor. Poultry population is 900,000 broilers. Eleven cases we are now equipped with a cellular content, and there are using the latest technology. For example, each cell has an individual LED lighting — examples of such technical solutions in the world not —

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Poultry North Caucasus in Chechnya on full power

Poultry "North Caucasus" in the Chechen Republic launches a second turn, transmits TV "Vainakh". With the launch of the second phase of the company will be able to grow to six million brolleyrov and produce about 15 million eggs per year.

So far there are only two poultry house, feed mill and slaughterhouse. Straight from the factory, cleaned carcasses arrive on store shelves. Avturinskaya produces exclusively halal poultry products.

With the launch of the second phase of the enterprise can deliver chicken and other regions of the country. 

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Poultry Bohr has introduced a new aviary in the Tyumen region

Tyumen. August 16. In Golyshmanovsky branch factory farming "Bohr" opened a new poultry house, which has no analogues all over the Urals region.


The new workshop, designed for 107 thousand bird places. According genedirektora poultry Alexander Gordeev, plant commissioning in 2012, will increase the total production of eggs up to 1 billion pieces per year.

The body of the poultry plant, "Bohr"


Video: About retooling in Golyshmanovsky branch Bohr poultry talked for a long time. And then came the long-awaited moment.


This aviary is unique. In

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Poultry Bashkir modernizing production

On the chicken farm "Bashkir" commissioned world's most powerful machine for sorting eggs. As part of a sorting machine — five lines.

A day machine can sort the 1.4 million eggs. Egg before you get the package, runs two kilometers. "On The Road" it goes flaw detection, surface disinfection with ultraviolet light and then automatically sorted into categories.

The company plans to launch later this year a similar car, but less power.


Poultry Farm "Bashkir" is part of the Ural-Volga agribusiness group. Construction of factory farming was started in 1976,

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