In Adygea, increased the number of fires of dry grass


15.08.11.V August 2011 in Adygea were about 60 cases of the ignition of dry grass. This was a REGNUM on August 15 in emergency department in the country.

While in June 2011 there were only 13 cases of ignition of dry grass, in July was 47, and since the beginning of August — 57 cases. Overall, in the first seven months of 2011, in the Republic of the positive dynamics of the operational situation with fires. Since the beginning of 2011, the registered 188 fires, which is 8.3% less than the same period last year.

11.8% decrease in the

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In the Indian Ocean found traces of ancient lost continent

February 25, 2013. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote that one drop of water, a man who knows how to think, may infer the existence of the entire ocean. A team of researchers from the UK, Germany and Norway confirmed this idea with regard to the continent, instead of using the drops — the grains of sand.

The article (PDF), Published in journal Nature Geoscience, scientists have consistently developed the idea that Mascarene Plateau, were once part of the supercontinent Gondwana, and now? huge underwater elevated plain, parts of which rise above the water, forming islands, together with part of Arabian-Indian ocean

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Landslide in northwest China. Video


8.07.11.Trety day it rains in other provinces of China — Shaanxi. Flood victims there were 18 people, one person was missing and four were injured. All from the disaster affected about 100,000 people 25-counties of the province. Destroyed more than 2 million homes are damaged — over 7000. Suffered six thousand hectares of farmland. Economic damage to the elements, is estimated at 160 million yuan. The province has 12 monitoring groups, according to their reports of local governments shall take measures to combat the elements. Was launched a rapid response mechanism to natural disasters.

Zhao Zhisheng, deputy chief of

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A law on aquaculture

June 27 senators supported the law on aquaculture. Law introduces law that set the rules for the provision and use of water bodies for aquaculture and determine the ownership of cultured aquatic animals.

  In addition, regulated species fishery. July 2 Head of StateVladimir Putinsigned the Federal Law № 148 "On aquaculture (fish farming) and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation."

Branch was waiting for the adoption of the law for many years. The law puts all the points above i, related to the concept of aquaculture and its affiliation to

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The powerful impact of elements in Northern Europe. Video


28.11.11.Uragan "Berit" held in Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. In Estonia, left without electricity for six and a half million homes. Power failures were registered in Latvia and Lithuania. Suffered most Klaipeda and Kaunas, where the element is almost completely destroyed the beaches. Knocked down hundreds of trees, partially disrupted road and rail links.

Tallinn Town Hall Square squalls broke down and collapsed the main Christmas tree of the country. Meteorological Service of Sweden announced a third, the highest level of alert. In Norway, the 20-meter high wave washed away in a sea of

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Come to work in Russia (Centpapiers, Canada)

In Western countries, the graduates (and indeed all young people without exception) are experiencing more and more difficulties in finding employment. In most countries, the OSCE has achieved a high level of unemployment and still continues to grow. Such a situation is in France, Ireland, Spain and Greece, not to mention the U.S. …

Most of these countries control over immigration is becoming harder and get to them becomes more difficult, which clearly demonstrates the authorities' concern about the future, and the unemployment situation in the society. For all those in these states who want to go abroad, the

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Profit Antonov increased by 2.2 times

"Antonov" in January-March 2013 increased net profit by 2.2 times, to UAH 78.14 million, compared to the same period in 2012, the report said in the disclosure NKTSBF. According to the report, the net income of the company increased by 18.52%, to 949, 8 million USD, gross margin of 47.9%, to UAH 242.7 million and operating profit by 35.3% to 131.7 million UAH . "Antonov" specializes in the development of aviation technology. This year the company has planned to produce 9.12 AN-148 and AN-158.

Ladybugs arrived from Canada

In the Company "Krasotinskoe" Berezovsky District, engaged beef cattle, breeding cattle imported from Canada. Total — 108 goals, among them — 80 neletey and 2 bull breed "Aberdeen Angus", 25 heifers and one bull breed "Hereford".

According to experts, breeding stock was imported from Canada, has good genetic characteristics. Animal breeds Aberdeen-Angus and Hereford gain weight quickly and even when crossed with other breeds are transmitted to offspring good "meat" of the quality. They also tolerate Ural climate, may be contained in the open air, even in the most extreme cold. 

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Found the legendary Atlantis

British geologists, workers at Cambridge University made a sensational find in the Atlantic Ocean, specifically in the northern part. A layer of silt thickness of 2 meters, concealed beneath a huge-sized piece of land. Age of the strongholds defined as 56 million years, suggesting that it is sung in the legends of Atlantis.

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The President: Rosneft has produced an unprecedented contract for $ 60 billion

"Rosneft" has prepared a contract for $ 60 billion for the supply of hundreds of millions of tons of oil to China, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the First Deputy Premier of the State Council Zhang Gaoli.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and First Deputy Prime Minister Wu Yi Zhang Gaoli

"Prepared by the large-scale, without any exaggeration, the unprecedented contract with the company" Rosneft ". Shipments to China are expected volumes, which include hundreds of millions of tons of oil in total, it will be more than 60 billion

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