Brother Skrebtsov 10 million charge

10 million will be in addition to those amounts, which the brothers have to pay for the loan taken from the country and different penalties. In February 2006 Supreme Tribunal Belarus declared Manager deputy group "Respublika" House of Representatives previous convocation Skrabets guilty defrauding loans and sentenced him to two and a half years in prison. But in November, he was amnestied and released into the wild. At the trial in Supreme Court S.Skrebets pleaded not guilty and said that the verdict was politically motivated. Decision of the Commercial Court of the ex-MP described as "a continuation of political persecution

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People will have to pay 25 million rubles Proleskovsky

October 1 issued a verdict referee Leninsky district Tatiana Zhulkovskaya. In Last year it condemned the human rights activist Catherine Sadouskaya on two years bullpen.Oleg Proleskovsky filed a tribunal claim for defamation, the pros and goodwill after August 2 publication in "Narodnaya Volya" "Vladimir cold as before is on the loose."They reported on the former first deputy Vladimir Proleskovsky cold, which was accused of corruption. On the control of the ideological control in the article was only a few lines, including "But Proleskovsky at liberty."Chief Editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Joseph Syaredzich not advertise litigation and journalists invited to the process.As

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A day or figure: 7 million 435 thousand

But Academician Ivan Nikitchenko casts oscillation official data. In an interview with "Freedom", he said that Actually collected on pavtara million tones less: "Water was added as needed — because there is not as much grain as announced … The final figure will be announced before October 10 — as is always the case. Later we’ll see how much remains to January 1. And then we’ll see as assigned. "

EU plans to allocate to support the Belarusian media 7 million bucks

First project with a budget floormillion bucks will focus on support for the Belarusian media presence on the Web.The second is designed for countries bordering the EU. The total budget of the project, which will run until 2011, 7 millions of dollars. It will affect four sectors — television and radio broadcasting, training for journalists, publishing information products and research of public opinion.

A day or figure: 9,000,000,000 271,000,000 800 thousand

This figure provides the State Bank of Belarus. Since the beginning this yeart debt has increased by 37%, or in absolute figures — 2 billion 531 million bucks. In particular, rapidly during this period grew OUTDOOR debt of commercial banks — by 63% to July 1, number 2 billion 256 millions of dollars.

Where did the money?

It will be recalled that in August specifically Belarus makes a huge external payments: first month of "Gazprom" were transferred to 456 millions of dollars in debt for gas delivered in the first half, in the third week of August, "Gazprom" has been paid 145 million dollars for the July delivery. In the midst of a dispute with Moscow over gas debt payment Alexander Lukashenko stated that the debt will be paid from the reserves to the National Bank, but, him, these costs will be reimbursed within a month. Under the present to the bank and left. State Bank said

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Figure a day or: 2000000000 47 million bucks

In the trade in products from Russia for 7 months this year imbalance in favor of the Russian Federation exceeded 4 billion dollars. By billion (- 895 millions of dollars) Approached during this period and a negative balance of trade of Germany. Dynamics of foreign trade balance products January: — $ 362 million in January-February: — $ 855 million in January-March: — $ 659 million in January-April: — $ 1 162 million in January-May: — $ 1450 million in January-June — 1793 million $ January-August — $ 2,047 millionSource: Ministry of Statistics and Analysis Republic of Belarus

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Figure a day or 2 billion 100 million dollars

During the first half of the deficit in trade of Belarus with products and services zabugornom countries amounted to 1 billion 70 millions of dollars.It will be recalled that the first year Alexander Lukashenko claimed from the government, so he reached the in This year in the external trade surplus of 500 millions of dollars.In forecast 2007 laid lack of trade balance in the amount of 1 billion 400 millions of dollars.

Belarus had found the means to calculate with Gazprom

As spokesman said company "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov, the Belarusian side has fulfilled its obligations to "Gazprom", listing now required amount:"In accordance with the contract," Beltransgaz "one hundred percent paid" Gazprom "price delivered to the country in July of natural gas."Reporter: "Many agencies at all this point and the amount of payment …""That they seek out and find somewhere … certain figures I have. But we completely paid off — I I report to you officially."Citing sources in "Beltransgaz" for the acquired in the past month on natural gas bills "Gazprom" listed about 145 million dollars. Of which reserves continue to

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Figure a day or 210 million euros

Sidorsky stressed that Belarus has opened a credit line of 70 million euros, it gave "Belvnesheconombank" Milan "Media Bank."Italian Prime Minister also thanked the Ambassador for the fact that he helped obtain "Belagroprombank" loan of 20 million euros. • For what purpose Italy lend Belarus 210 million euros?, 21.08.2007

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