The country that has overcome the cold

Russia is often compared with Canada, which is not surprising — our countries are comparable in size and identical in natural conditions. So which of them is "north"? And as these two countries have managed to adapt to life in the northern latitudes?

Murmansk — city in the Arctic Circle, the northernmost ice-free port in the world

Area smaller than the area of Canada in Russia 1.7. Thus in Canada are 34 million people — 4.2 times less than in Russia, with a population of 143 million inhabitants. Accordingly, density of population in Canada is 2.4 times less

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British gopota

In Britain, more often there are young people who do not have good manners. The conversation is not about juvenile offenders, and of a new subculture — chavah. For several years chavy alienated society that prides itself on its tolerance.

Whom call chavami, and how they managed to achieve exceptional attention to British media? Chavy — is uneducated young white people who are different antisocial and aggressive behavior. Chavy live in poor areas, high-rise buildings in the municipalities. The word "chav" has a lot of versions of its origin, from the Gypsy «chavi», meaning "child" to the name of

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More and more Americans get food coupons

According to the latest report of the Department of Agriculture (USDA), the number of food stamp recipients (food stamps) in the United States continues to increase. In August and September, a million people have applied for food stamps. It is interesting that in the same period, the country was created 350,000 new jobs. This statistical fact, according to analysts Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), should confirm the exit of the country from the economic crisis.

In total, the number of food stamp recipients has reached nearly 48 million people. Expert organizations believe that within the next three months, this

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In the U.S. averaged 1,000,000 homeless students

The U.S. Department of Education released the official statistics: the number of homeless children in the United States reached nearly 1 million people. True, it is only those who attend educational institutions. By the way, even five years ago, homeless children and adolescents was 57% less.

How do I find the officials, most of the officially registered homeless minors living in special shelters, cheap hotels, train stations, as well as churches and hospitals. Some were allowed under the roof of the familiar. Many of these children are using drugs and become victims of sexual crimes. Some of them had

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A day or figure: 2000000000 644 million dollars

In the trade in products from Russia for 9 months this year imbalance in favor of the Russian Federation exceeded 5 billion (- 56 5000000000 million bucks). Exceeded billion (- 78 1000000000 millions of dollarsC) negative balance in trade with Germany products.Dynamics of foreign trade balance products:January: — $ 362 million in January-February: — $ 855 million in January-March: — $ 659 million in January-April: — $ 1 162 million in January-May: — $ 1450 million in January-June: — 1793000000 . $ January-July: — $ 2047 million in January-August: — $ 2.359 billion in January-September $ -2644000000

U.S. erase the memory of the American Famine

Nicolas Bonnal

We talked a million times about the Soviet or Communist genocide, the Holodomor of all colors and shades, which now serve only to blame Europe, the former Soviet Union and Russia as his successor. And America is against this background that looks like a holy land, to send all neighborhoods curse and unmanned aircraft. I will not comment on these facts.

However, I was surprised by the wealth of a fatal event-date — 1933. As my readers know, the number 33 has a prophetic symbolism, it is connected with Dallas, Damascus, Los Alamos and many other places.

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The British could not afford to eat healthy food

Supermarket chains significantly cut area that sell organic foods and eco-friendly accessories.

Explaining the reason for the reduction of space in stores, major retail retailers explain their position data statistics.

Analytical suggest that healthy food market volume decreased by 21% over several years. In 2008, the market for green and organic products amounted to nearly £ 2 billion ($ 3 billion). And last year, this figure fell to £ 1.5 billion ($ 2.4 billion).

According to opinion polls conducted in the UK, many people actually refused to buy his usual healthy food in order to save.

Buyers have suffered

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The Japanese are dying

Japanese Ministry of Health released figures showing that in 2012. experienced the most significant reduction in the population of all time record keeping.

According to authorities, the 12 months born about 1.03 million people, and died — 1.24 million, thus the residents of the rising sun over the year gone by was less than 212,000.

In comparison with 2011 the number of births per woman in Japan decreased by 18 thousand in the ministry make a disappointing outlook, to overcome the negative trend in the next 50 years is unlikely to succeed — one woman will have 1.35 children

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Dishwashing liquid «AOS» recognized the best in Test purchase on Channel 1

Dishwashing liquid «AOS with the scent of lemon"

Dishwashing liquid «AOS with lemon flavor" as the best in the "Test purchase" on Channel 19 June 2012. During the program, buyers and experts chose the best liquid dishwashing detergent with lemon fragrance. Competed for the title of winner of six brands of different manufacturers from Russia, USA, Germany and the UK. Won a means of production of "Nafis Cosmetics» — «AOS».

In the qualifying round of the regular customers at the store assessed the candidates on appearance, smell and test the degree of washing pollutants. Each participant can

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As many as three sports facility opened in Kabardino-Balkaria

On the main street of the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria — prospect to them. Lenin — open Universal Sports Palace. It is assumed that there will be competitions in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. The hall is designed for 1700 seats, but if necessary, its capacity can be increased to 3 million by the installation of additional structures. In addition, on the second floor will house the republican chess club, a press center and a conference room.

Also opened after reconstruction Children's stadium. Reconstruction of the building was provided for the expansion of the core sports from 4 to 6 years of

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