Their customs. Issue number 5 (March 1-15)

In London, judged gang of eight teenagers, who for months had been tortured and raped 11-year-old girl.

Eighth in a row an American State — Maryland — has legalized same-sex marriage.

Foyer Latvian Television (LTV) to decorate the new panels, which posted pictures of staff, forming the shape of the Nazi swastika.

In the U.S. state of Texas killed one and wounded three, as a result of fire, arranged by the accused during a criminal trial.

In the U.S. Boston (Mass.) exploded transformer substation. Hundreds of police sent to the streets of the city is without power to prevent

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What is the dollar value of a human life?

What is the dollar value of a human life? It is interesting

It may seem cruel to evaluate human life in terms of money, but for security experts is absolutely necessary. They judge how certain safety rules will be cost-effective, drawing a parallel between the cost of the implementation of specific security measures and the cost of human lives that could be saved. "You can not just say that every life infinitely expensive. At least, the world is not built on such a statement, "- said political scientist at Ohio State University, John Mueller.

What is the price of human

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10 of the most absurd, paintings, sold for millions

Ten samples of the following painting — clear examples of how you can help out a fabulous price for any overt daub (painted five year old child, or bought at a flea market, for example), making up for its grandiose name, writing an incredible story of creation and putting on one of the most famous auction the world:


1. "The concept of space, waiting" Lucio Fontana — $ 1.5 million

"The concept of space, waiting for" the artist Lucio Fontana went to auction in London for one and a half million dollars. This work is

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The opening of the biological treatment facilities HimParka Tagil

The reconstruction was carried out by co-financing. The total investment amounted to 556 million rubles, including 281.1 million rubles — the federal funds, 28.8 million — regional, 28.8 million — the city. JSC "Ural Chemical", which is created on the basis of HimPark, invested in the project 217 million rubles of its own funds.

75% of the power data of biological treatment facilities will be used for cleanup of contaminated wastewater from the residential sector, one-third of the city.

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One in five American adults has deviations in the psyche.

According to Research Agency profile (SAMHSA) In 2010, nearly 46 million Americans age 18 and older mentally abnormal. About 12 million U.S. citizens have a serious mental disorder, being an obstacle to normal life. 9 million are thinking about suicide, 2.5 million have already made a plan of suicide, 1.1 million made attempts to lose their lives. Experts SAMHSA present data which suggest that the indicators of mental state of the nation is steadily deteriorating.

Small arms

Volume of trade with small weapon (SALW) have doubled over the last 6 years. This is evidenced in Switzerland issued a new survey on SALW in 2012 (Small Arms Survey 2012, SAS-2012). According to the review of the yearly volume of trade in SALW, its accessories and ammunition reached the 8.5 billion dollars (8.15 billion Swiss francs). It is almost twice the estimates made in the preparation of a similar survey in 2006. Hosted of the report that almost two-fold excess of the initial estimates SALW trade, forecast sales of around four billion dollars, came as a result of

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In York resumes flood

In York resumes flood Natural Disasters

UK government approved funding schemes for flood protection 400 homes and businesses York County. Water-end project — Limen Road will cost the country at 3.2 million pounds. Similar projects are engaged in Nortalerton, North Yorkshire, where 212 is taken under the protection of buildings. For this project is allocated 1.9 million pounds. Next in line repairs to locks and reservoirs on the North Yorkshire creeks and San Thacker.

Protective structures in Limen Road were built in the 1970s, but in 2000 had deteriorated due to another severe flooding. New protection circuit includes a brick

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In the world expected a new wave of price increases for cereals

Russian authorities announced an embargo on the export of grain in supplements to crop failures in other exporting countries will cause major fluctuations in the commodity markets and trigger a direct threat to food security in the "third world", warn researchers from Maplecroft.

Russian experts believe that now is in the country of such problems are expected, but do not rule out that the next year will be empty coffers. In the case of a new crop failures have nothing to cover the shortage, according to RBC daily.

In the world expected a new wave of

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With military bases stolen property in the UK? 280 thousand

"Over the last two years of military bases in the south-east of the kingdom disappeared property valued at? 230K missing property among the English army — four cars Land Rover, copper pipes, diving helmets and household appliances.

According to BBC, the British Ministry of Defense is "working hard to calculate the thieves and to prevent similar episodes in the future."

The MP Laurence Robertson, representing the town of Tewkesbury, near which is one of the biggest NATO bases, said the scale of theft shocking. In his words, "very sorry that the army is losing the property in such amounts."

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Modern breeding and seed production center opens in Leningrad region

The Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoy, the head of the Federal Forestry Agency, Vladimir Lebedev, the governor of the Leningrad region, Alexander Drozdenko together with the residents of the city of Luga landed on May 18, young pine trees in Cheremenetskom district forestry and opened a modern breeding and seed center, built by the regional forest management. Pine seedlings were planted in the area of 5.6 ha.

Construction of the center began in August 2011. Already in the early summer of 2012 laid the first batch of forest crops. In autumn they were

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