2011 in the U.S. starving 17 million Americans

The number of poor Americans, who in 2011 were short of food, increased by 800 thousand to almost 17 million compared to the same period in 2010.

This is according to the USDA, reports Reuters.

According to authorities, about 5.5% of all Americans in the past year suffered from "very low food security": they were missing some meals or starving all day, because they did not have enough money to buy food.

According to the ministry, which refers to BFM, a lack of food often have problematic levels of society: single mothers, African Americans and Hispanics.

According to U.S.

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Read and write can not 75 million EU citizens

High Level Expert Group for the European Commission issued a report which shows that about 75 million adults in the EU countries do not have basic skills in reading and writing, said European Commissioner for Education, Culture and Youth, Androulla Vassiliou.

"We are experiencing a paradox. While reading and writing are important and useful as ever in this digital world, our level of knowledge of them is not up to par. We urgently need to reverse this alarming situation, "- said Vassiliou, reports" Interfax ".

In her words, "to invest in raising the level of literacy of citizens of all

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More than 100 million people were affected in August by natural disasters in China

September 11, 2013. In August of natural disasters in China suffered a total of over 100 million people. This is evidenced by the official data published by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Committee on minimizing the effects of natural disasters.

According to reports, last month damaged nearly 140 million people, 367 were killed and 115 were missing. More than 3 million people had to be evacuated.

As a result of natural disasters collapsed more than 130,000 residential, 1,107,000 were in some damage. The area affected crop is estimated at 15.357 million acres. The economic damage of

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Rostov supported agriculture

In the Rostov region from the federal budget in addition received 2 billion 975 million earmarked funds. Most of the revenues (2,000,000,000 289,400,000 rubles) will be aimed at supporting agriculture.

The relevant amendments to the regional budget Don MPs adopted on the 44th extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region.

Earmarked funds be directed to the agricultural sector as a subsidies for reimbursement of expenses the payment of interest rates on agricultural loans. 35 million rubles will be spent health care workers, wishing to work in the countryside.

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Rostov Research onkoinstitut opened after reconstruction

Radiologic body Rostov Research onkoinstituta opened after reconstruction.

In fact, the body was not closed for repairs. The specifics of treatment of cancer patients is the ongoing monitoring and procedures, so stop treatment for a period of repair was not possible.

During the recently concluded RNIOI reconstruction of the main body, the cost of which amounted to 96 million rubles, for the first time in Russia were applied technology that enabled even temporarily resettle from the case-patients. For 8 months have been carried out all the reconstruction and finishing works.

The renovated

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What we eat?

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 Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

Map of NASA, the satellite surveillance of Americans the dynamics of plowing the land in 2004-2009.

Yellow marked "long-term arable land", brown — the territories are experiencing drought on record.

Expansion of arable land in the world stopped, and population growth continues. The most severely food shortages in the coming years will be felt in China — there is a person on account of all on 0.08 hectares of arable land. The only major reserve land is preserved only in Russia.

The largest

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Alrosa for the 9 months of sales, $ 3.5 billion!

ALROSA Group companies in January-September 2011. produced 26 million 238.1 thousand carats of diamonds. The implementation group Alrosa diamond production for the period was 3,000,000,000 555,100,000 USD mine "Peace" ALROSA Group

 Photo source:alrosa.ru

The last three quarters were characterized by uneven development of the diamond market. From January to July 2011. there was a steady demand for rough diamonds. Since August of this year, the global market has been a slight reduction in purchases of diamonds, which is explained, including the traditional decline in business activity in August-October, the volatility in the world economy, the fall of liquidity

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In the Kursk region have opened facilities AIC

 Photo source:kp.ru

November 18 in the Kursk region opened a milk processing plant in LLC "Demetra" and dryers in "Dmitrievsky Bread Factory". Opening items AIC was timed to the Day of workers of agriculture and processing industry.

Milk processing plant: Power plant — 5 tons per shift. Investment in construction and equipment amounted to nearly 12 million.

Grain-dryer operates on gaseous fuel. Generation — 50 tons per hour. Was spent on the construction of 80 million rubles.

In the port of the East will be built large grain terminal

PA "Dalport" (part of "Sum") and JSC "United Grain Company" (UGC) have signed a cooperation agreement for the construction of the Far East in the East port terminal for transshipment of grain, according to news agency InfraNews. The terminal capacity will reach 5 million tons a year to receive the imported cargo and 0.5 million tonnes per year. Investment could reach 5 billion. To implement the project will create a company that will begin construction in 2012 and complete it in 2014. "In the next 40 years, the demand for grain in the world according to all forecasts will grow.

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A new pool of TSU Sail

November 21 in Tver on the campus in the village of Sominka the grand opening of the pool "Sail" Tver State University. The pool was built as part of the federal project "500 pools."

 Photo source:tvernews.ru

In the words of the Rector of TSU Andrew Belotserkovskii:

— All doubts then, and I was afraid that in a year we’ll manage. In place of the pool a year ago was an open field. March 10, 2011, work began, the first bucket of earth was raised. That is over 8 months pool built from scratch, and it was possible

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