The results of the harvest — in 2011 in the Kuban!

Alexander Tkachev, the first results in the official twitter account governor of the Krasnodar Territory @ antkachev:

"Well, surely Kuban is on record of 12 million tons of grain! At the regional conference summed up the harvest-2011. The results encouraging. "

"We are expecting a record harvest and sugar beet — 8 million tons. Approaching and real-million tons of rice Kuban. In my opinion, not bad 😉 "

And it’s very cool!

Two of Krasnoyarsk won the competition Bortnik Fund

Two of Krasnoyarsk won the competition of the Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (Bortnik Fund). This is related to the Ministry of Investment and Innovation of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Remote resident of Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovation and Technology Incubator (KRITBI) company "RAINVEST" won the prestigious open competition "Energy 2011", which holds an annual fund Bortnick.

The project of "heat supply management system is an apartment building" was particularly noted for an integrated approach to system diagnostics, a recognized unique. The system can significantly improve the control of the heating system of an apartment

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The Russian film Apollo 18 took Hollywood

For the first time in the history of Russian film released in a U.S. release. The film was shot in English by "Bazelevs" Timur Bekmambetov. Most of the graphics for the film were made in Russia. On the first weekend the film debuted in third place with $ 8.7 million, with a budget of only $ 5 million Photo

MC KRU has commissioned its fifth processing plant in the Kuzbass

JSC "MC" KRU "put into trial operation processing plant" Krasnobrodsky-Coke "cost about 3.3 billion rubles.

The production capacity of the new plant is designed for an annual processing 3,000,000 tons of coking coal to further produce a high quality concentrate grade coals "KS". Marketable production of 2.4 million tons per year. The raw material will be used coals Novosergeevskogo field Krasnobrodsky cut.

Today, the share of processed coal, including the rich, is 82%. The company plans that by 2017 this will rise to 90%. This means that the "KRU" will refine and enrich all coals, the

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Grain exports from the Black Sea region: the records and antirecord new season — Ukragroconsult


Experts say Ukragroconsult, that the situation with exports in the 2011 to 2012 in the Black Sea region is not unique. If Russia reaches record level in its history, Ukraine will surprise lower shipments. In such a situation, the fate of exports from Kazakhstan remains a mystery and a lot depends on the neighboring countries, but if the trend of lower exports from Ukraine continues, Kazakhstan can realistically go global.

Doubt that Russia otvoyuet their own place in the world market has run out.

As of August 6, the country had exported more than

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Nanosintez will deliver to the EU and the U.S. biotech cosmetics for 30 million euros

The company "Nanosintez", the Russian manufacturer of innovative cosmetics and skin substitutes biocompatible, has signed an agreement to supply its products to the European Union and the United States in the amount of 30 million euros, the message of the company.

"Reached an agreement on deliveries to Germany, France and Italy, is the final stage in importing to the United States and obtain the necessary licenses. In real terms, the annual supply of 60 thousand packages of cosmetics, "- Said the agency" Prime "in" Nanosintez. "


The agreement was made between the "Nanosintezom" and the

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Krasnoyarsk region produces the most oil in Siberia

Krasnoyarsk Territory is leading oil producer Ranked Among the subjects of the Russian Federation of the Siberian Federal District. According Krasnoyarskstata. The volume of oil produced in 2005 was 55.1 million tons, and by 2010 had increased to 12,803 tons.

Growing production rates are provided by the commissioning of new production facilities, the use of advanced methods of enhanced oil recovery and increase the existing wells, explained Krasnoyarsk Statistics. As of 2010, enacted 83 oil wells from drilling.

Natural gas production in 2010 reached 2,125.6 million cubic meters, exceeding the volume in 2005 was 2.8 times.

Vostokgazprom launched a system to use APG in the Tomsk region


Tomsk, 25.08.2011.

JSC "Vostokgazprom" ("daughter" of "Gazprom") on Thursday launched its oil and gas complex of associated gas (APG) of Kazan oilfield worth 3.47 billion rubles, which in the future will allow the company to utilize up to 100% of APG.

Commissioning of the system will allow "Vostokgazprom" to use more than 95% of APG, the volume of commercial gas delivery through the use of associated petroleum gas in 2011 will increase by 200 million cubic meters, in 2012 — 380 million cubic meters. In the future, "Vostokgazprom" plans to bring the level of utilization

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How are liberal myths

The recipe is simple: a little manipulation, lies and a little more emotion. And — another "duck" of Russia is ready. After the conversation was about information warfare, not bad deal in the kitchen stryapaniya liberal myths about our country. Lie is always several steps.

Step One: "Reckless quote."

Radio "Echo of Moscow", Saturday, 1/15/2011, the program «Dura Lex»

In the studio, Michael Barshcheuski and Chairman of the Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin. Nice talking with each other Happy New Year congratulations.

Sergei Stepashin feel relaxed and comfortable. And he said the following words in a

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Magnitogorsk school students will purchase nanooborudovanie


Magnitogorsk school number 5 and the Lyceum at the University were awarded the grant on the basis of the regional competition for the right to create a laboratory subject. Two million direct educational institutions, regional and city authorities. In the five schools with the money to buy the equipment plan, which has no analogues even in many high schools.



No field of dreams, and a fertile ground for experimentation — as they say in five schools of his heart for working with gifted children. Agreed with this, and in the

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